Monday, December 26, 2011

Coming Attraction! Want To Spend New Year's Eve With Gloryhole Nancy? (w/ 2 BRAND NEW Pics!)

Doc here with an announcement from the super-hot Gloryhole Nancy... Doing anything exciting for New Year's Eve?  I bet it won't be as exciting as what Nancy has in mind... And if you don't believe me, I have included two brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics to convince you of what a good idea it is to spend part of NYE with her.

Here is T and Nancy to explain what they have planned for NYE...


Hi there Doc,

Just wanted to send a few teaser pics your way. Been very busy with our families these last 2 days but I hope to get a new report to you by tomorrow evening.  In the meantime here are a couple pics of Nancy doing her thing:) 

We are planning on hosting a gloryhole party on New Years Eve at our hotel, as we have a "travel" gloryhole that we can set up in a doorway. It's wood and of good quality, and Nancy will be waiting behind the hole when you walk in and all you have to do is stick it through and let her work her magic with her mouth (LOL).

Of course, we'll be taking pics/video, now all we need are the cocks......if you know of any hung studs in the Detroit area who want to experience Nancy in a non-rushed and private location, send them our way!  Have a good one Doc, get back to you soon with the details of our last bookstore adventure.

T & N


Doc here again... Make sure you check out Gloryhole Nancy's Yahoo Group (the link is located on the right hand side of The Journal under "Link-O-Rama").  So kids, if you are in the Detroit area on New Year's Eve, hop over to the Yahoo Group and shoot them a message.

Party hats and noisemakers are optional.


Couple's Flash Report! Alex and Lauren Hit Theataire X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a fantastic way to start the post-holiday week: A Couple's Flash Report from friends of The Good Doctor, Alex and Lauren.  Alex and Lauren formerly ran an excellent website, "1PlayfulCouple", which chronicled their experiences in this thing of ours. Since the site has been shuttered, Alex and Lauren have been kind enough to send along both new and archived reports for The Journal to publish.

This recent Flash Report is another candidate for report of the year... Keep reading and you will see why.

Here is Alex and Lauren and their recent exploits at Theataire X in Clarksville, IN (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database)


Happy Holidays Doc,

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and here's hoping you can find a nice warm chimney to slide into!

Now, on to the long-promised recent exploits...

We hit the Theataire X in Clarksville Indiana while passing through that part of the country. It gave us a great chance to play out a little fantasy that has been simmering for a long time. We have talked about going to a theater "separately", as though we didn't know one another. We had worked out a variety of possible outcomes, based on the crowd and the circumstances. We may get to play out another of those scenarios in the future, but we can safely say that at least one of them can be checked off the list!

Lauren was dressed fairly conservatively in a knee-length pencil skirt with a slit up one thigh. Not too high mind you, just enough to show some leg. On the top she wore a fitted blouse, unbuttoned to show a little more cleavage than a girl can get away with in the office, but not enough to create a real scandal. As always, she was in heels and thigh highs.

We took our time pulling in, making sure there was no one else in the lot. I jumped out of the car and she pulled away circling around the area for 5 or 10 minutes. As I browsed in the store, my heart was about to pound through my chest. Yes, we have played for a long time but, like I said, this was something new and a fantasy that ran all kinds of ways in my mind.
The Real Lauren

When she finally walked in, only a couple of guys seemed to notice. The longer she browsed, however, the more attention she got; particularly as she lingered in the dildo aisle! By the time she worked her way to the DVD's the boys were getting a bit more bold, moving closer, making eye contact. She returned the smile of one of the younger guys in the room. That told me where things would be headed.

Eventually she struck up a little conversation with him. Claiming to be a little ignorant, she wondered what movies he might recommend. He stammered and stuttered something incomprehensible, but she just smiled and kept chatting. The others in the room were now beginning to join in as well, but she focused her attention on the younger guy. I knew the fact that he was nervous was a turn on for her.

Finally, she mentioned the theater, suggesting that if she could see a little of a movie it might give her a better idea in making her choice. He nodded. But, she said, she was a little apprehensive about going in alone. He seemed nice, she pointed out, and wondered if perhaps he would mind escorting her inside?

By now I - and four other guys - were in line to pay for the theater. As we went in, most of them hung toward the back or the aisle, waiting to see where the couple might place themselves. I went straight to the front row and sat in the seat on the far left, pretty sure I was going to get a good view.

Theataire X
Clerksville, IN
A minute or two later they walked in and Lauren inconspicuously led him to the row right behind me. He took the aisle, she took the first seat in. As you might expect, a couple of guys joined me on the front row, a few others sat behind them and one guy sat two seats over from Lauren in the same row. They settled in to watch the movie for a bit.

As they did, a couple of the guys had their dicks out, grabbing quick peeks to see if Lauren was up to anything. She asked her "date" about that, wondering if they weren't going to get into trouble. He told her that most guys did that in porn theaters. I heard her ask him if that is what he did when he came in. More incomprehensible speech. As I turned to look from time to time, I could see that she was watching both the movie and the guys jerking off. This, of course, encouraged the boys and soon every dick in the place was exposed, except for her date's.

"This is starting to get to me", I heard her say. I turned around to see her beginning to squeeze her legs together while her hand pressed toward her crotch. Then she smiled at her young friend and moved her hand to his lap. He jumped. She had picked well.

"Do you mind?"

"Uh uh."

"Your hard. Why don't you take it out?"

It only took a little coaxing for this college-aged kid to pull his dick out so that my wife could stroke it for him. She turned toward him, leaning close and opening another button on her blouse. He took the hint and began to play with her tits while she continued a nice, slow rhythm on his cock.

While she jerked him, the guy in her row moved down, taking the seat next to her. She didn't blink. She sat straight in her chair again and took his cock in her other hand. Being older, he was more bold than her young friend. He began to open her blouse to get better access to her tits. Clearly, she didn't mind. She stopped stroking long enough to pull her shirt and bra off.

That was all the signal the other guys needed. Hands moved in from everywhere. She slid lower in her seat, spreading her legs, giving them access. I watched as guys squeezed her tits and ran their hands up her thighs. She spread her legs, letting them see her smooth panty-less pussy. I could see that she was wet, enjoying the show she was putting on.

At some point, she bent over her young friend and began to lick his balls and shaft, stroking faster, coaxing his load out onto her tits. Soon she was leaning the other way, draining that second cock. A guy asked if he could taste her. She agreed, but told him he could only eat her.

She was so hot that she came almost as soon as his tongue hit her clit. Not a huge orgasm, but one of those "quick, I have to have it" releases. The second guy took her further.

I watched as she stroked 7 guys to completion, then declared that she needed something more. She pointed at me and asked if I had a condom. I nodded.

"Then put it on and come over here and fuck me - if you want." I wanted. She bent over the seat and I slid in from behind, banging her doggie style while she entertained yet another guy with her mouth.
After a few minutes she was cumming too hard to concentrate on a second cock. I blew my load into the condom and we both collapsed. She kissed me, thanked me and said she needed to clean up.  She kissed her young friend and thanked him for a great time. Then we all watched as she left the theater with her blouse loosely wrapped around her.

I asked the guys how often she came in. None of them had ever seen her before (of course), but they all hoped that she would be back soon and that they would get to fuck her next time.
Who knows... that may be sooner than they think!

Alex (and Lauren)


Doc here again... Thank you to Alex and Lauren for a terrific report from Theataire X.  Leave it to Alex and Lauren to take their theater play to the next level with some hardcore role playing.  I hope some of the guys who were there that night read this and have one of those "a-ha" moments.

Keep the reports coming in A & L!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Drippy the Elf The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You supply the raw report and a pen name (if you have not submitted before).