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I've Been Outed (Again!), Thanks To...

Doc here... Thanks to our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, Bob was able to grab the last known image of me in the real world...

And yes, that is the Lizardo 3000.

Thanks for having my back, Bob!


Field Report! Alex and Lauren on "Behind The Closed Doors Of A Couples Only Theater"

Doc here with a terrific expose' of sorts, coming from senior writers Alex and Lauren.  Long time readers of The Journal know that Alex and Lauren were one of the first contributors to The Journal.  Their reports are well thought out, very insightful, and very naughty when they need to be.

This reports peels back the covers on what goes on inside couples-only adult theaters. 

I suggest taking notes.


Hello Doctor,

With the couples room reopening at CVE (address info available in Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database), we are getting more questions about what really goes on in behind the closed doors of a couples only theater. The answer to that question is about the same as "what really happens in a porn theater?" We have been in several over the years and can tell you that sometimes nothing at all happens, other times it is everything you might imagine it to be (and more) and most times the amount of action lies squarely between those two. extremes.

Here are a few examples:

The Watchers - These are the couples who come in to watch. Normally, of course, it is the guy who wants to watch along with his patient wife or girlfriend. (Although we knew one couple where she was the voyeur) In some cases, they are genuinely curious and decide that their first visit(s) will be solely for gathering information so that they can decide whether or not they want to step things up a notch in the future.

The Entertainers - The absolute opposite of the first group. These are couples who want to be seen and get off on an audience. Usually, these couples prefer to "play the bigger room" and just stay in the main theater. But some like the relative safety and the different makeup of the crowd in the couples room. One woman at CVE used to have a different - sexy - outfit every time she came in. She put on quite a show for her man and the rest of us as she would slowly strip and then fuck him in the most sensuous way. Mid-40's, lots of time in the gym and plenty of pricey jewelry, she was the stereotypical "hot mom" and she knew it.

The Sugar Daddy - Along those same lines, several years ago there was an older gentleman (at least in his 70's) who would come in with a much younger girl (no older than mid-20s, if that). She was pretty, blonde, slim, firm tits and a firmer ass. They would go straight to the couples room where he would expose her and then watch as she would play with others in the room. Needless to say, most couples were eager to play with a young, unattached female. He would just watch as she was licked, fingered and fucked to one orgasm after another.

The Slut Wife - Many years ago CVE had a VIP room where couples could invite single men to join them. It was an ideal way for couples to easily add a third for wives who liked a little variety. One Saturday night a couple came in looking for that room. In fact, they thought that was the purpose of the couples room. Of course, when they tried to enter with a guy that they had picked up in the theater, the clerk explained why that wasn't possible. Upon realizing that it was only two at a time, she sent hubby back to the theater and came in with her new friend. He didn't last long, so 15 minutes later she walked back in with hubby. They played a bit and then went back to the theater where she found another willing partner and brought him in. I believe we watched her with four different guys that night, including a young black guy with a huge dick that got a fair share of attention from some of the other ladies in the room, too.

The Nervous Couple - One night a younger couple came into the couples room when things were fairly crowded. The night was early and things really hadn't started to heat up yet. As was often the case, there was a little light chatter in the room, jokes about the movie and few innuendos. At some point they said that it was their first time and they really wanted to go to the theater, but they were really nervous. We offered to go in with them. All of us! We filled about three rows completely with the newbies seated directed in the center of "our" second row, where absolutely no one was able to get to them. We watched the movie for a half hour or so. A few the couples got a little "comfortable", but all in all, everyone behaved pretty well. Needless to say, the guys in the theater were dumbfounded by this sudden "invasion". At a point, the young couple let us know that they had seen enough and we went back to the couples room.

With the ice well-broken, we asked the couple what they thought. They said they had a good time and were turned on by what some of the other couples were doing. They had talked about doing that, exposing her, playing, maybe even letting some other guys touch, but weren't really sure that they were ready to "go for it". I suggested that we all get quiet and watch the movie as though we were in the theater and just see where things might go for them - and for the rest of us. It seems to have been a good idea. 15 minutes later, she was topless, sucking her man's cock, enjoying the fact that we were all getting a good view. 10 minutes after that, she was enjoying several sets of hands on her, both male and female. She even tasted a few other cocks (I can tell you that she was a talented young lady from my own personal experience!) and let a couple of women rub her pussy and suck her tits before she turned her attention back to hubby, lying back so that he could pound her deep while the rest of us occupied ourselves in other ways. The next we saw them, she was letting some of the boys play with her in the theater.

The Big Mouth - Winner of our "most irritating" award goes to a guy who showed up one night with an attractive 30-something blonde. It was her first time. He - according to him - was a seasoned veteran. At first they were quiet, watching the movie and staying to themselves. There were 3-4 other couples in the room in various stages of undress and carnal pleasure.

I was taking my time with Lauren and noticed that they had begun watching us pretty carefully. I did my best to make sure that they had a good view as I exposed her tits and began to play with her shaved pussy. At some point, we made eye contact. That was the beginning of the end. He said that she was enjoying the show and thought that Lauren was beautiful. It became hard to... umm... continue AND carry on a conversation with them. Actually, I should say with HIM. She said very little. She couldn't. Nor could we. The man just wouldn't shut up. He felt compelled to tell us his experiences, observations and theories on all things sexual. The more he talked, the cooler the room became. A couple of couples actually left. I was trying to figure out how to get his lady between Lauren and myself (he had said that she was curious about another woman). At one point, he went to the restroom and we tried to engage her in small talk. She slipped us her number and said that maybe we could work something out for another time. About then he came back in and she asked if they could leave. Like the other couples, she must have had enough.

And, yeah, we called her later. That's another story, but it is safe to say that her "curiosity" was satisfied.

The Fantasies -  Some couples hit a swingers club, porn theater or couples room only once or once in a while just to fulfill fantasies that couldn't happen otherwise. Lauren and I once stopped by a couples room really early in the day. We were traveling, horny and figured it would be a cheap place for a quick, but heated, fuck session. We got more than we expected. When we walked into the room, two couples were playing naked twister in the middle of the floor. They didn't bother to bring the game. They didn't seem to need it. They had pulled most of the seat cushions on to the floor making a big, soft area for play. At the time of our arrival, one of the ladies was on her back, legs spread, being eaten by the other. While she was being serviced, she was tending to both cocks, one on either side of her face.

We settled in and watched for a few minutes, then began to get a little comfortable ourselves. At a small break in the action on the floor, one of the men introduced himself and his wife (the center of the attention). He explained that they were there looking for something very specific. Wifey had always wanted to have all three holes filled at the same time, and thought that maybe they could find some willing volunteers in a porn theater. So with the kiddies safely at school, they had made the drive to a not so distant house of smut. They had come into the couples room to gather their courage and, much to their surprise, found the other couple there. Names were once again exchanged.

Now, it seemed to them, that perhaps their fantasy could be fulfilled without ever going into the main theater if we were game. That is how I found myself on the cushioned floor, being straddled by a complete stranger while her hubby took her from behind and another lucky SOB prodded her willing throat. I even had a nice view of Lauren and the other girl taking care of each other as they watched the show. I have to confess that the tightness of very tight pussy, combined with all the friction and the amazing spontaneity of the whole thing caused the experience to be a good bit shorter than I would have liked. It also meant that Lauren couldn't have the same fantasy fulfilled on that very afternoon.  Don't worry, she has since made up for it!


Doc here again... A fantastic peek inside what goes on behind the often closed doors of a couples-only theater.  Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for a great report!  Keep them coming, as this thing of ours needs more Alex and Lauren.


Flash! Two New Gloryhole Nancy Pics!

Doc here with a little something to tickle your fancy on a Tuesday morning... Two never before seen pics of the lovely Gloryhole Nancy, this time not doing what she is usually doing in front of a camera. Enjoy the eye candy... I did!  (Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them!)