Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cathy Report #2: Hartford's Art Cinema on Friday 7/27

Doc here with Report #2 from Hartford's Art Cinema, and the juggernaut that was Cathy (from Cathyscraving.com) and her visit.  Regular contributor, Incognito, has the details on the visit. 


Hello Doctor,

Went to see Cathy on Friday night at The Art Cinema. She showed up right on time and headed upstairs first.

There was a few couples up there already including a gorgeous blonde who was getting fucked over the side of the balcony. Cathy finally came down and the group of men quickly swarmed around her. But only a 2 brave guys started out with her, I couldn't get to her, so I made my way around the seats up behind her.

I quickly pulled out my cock to get it hard and she turned around and started giving me head. I was was ready to give my load and let someone else step in , so I asked her if I can shoot it on her tits, that's when I heard her Aussie accent saying, "Yea shoot it on my tits."

I shot a huge stream on her tits then quickly moved to the back to let others in, surprisingly most of the guys were too scared to step up. I waited about 20 minutes, watching, when the crowd finally thinned out. Cathy was craving more cock and was asking who wants to give her more cum. I stepped up again and put my cock in her mouth and stroked and let her stroke me finally pulling out to shoot another spurt of cum on her tits. I then fell back and went to another group that was playing with a cougar in the middle of the theater. The hot blonde who was getting railed upstairs was back there watching too. I was playing with my cock watching as she pulled down her top to expose her tits while her man fingered her pussy from behind.

The smaller group finally broke up and I looked down the aisle to see Cathy looking for more cock and the crowd had thinned considerably. I was happy to oblige and try for round 3. It was hard to make it cum again, within a span of an hour (but I was gonna die trying). Between Cathy giving me and another guy head and me jerking off, I see out the corner of my eye the hot little blonde watching us.

I started playing with Cathy's pussy, and a few minutes later I see the blonde reaching out for Cathy's pussy too. She started playing with her clit, then slowly sliding her finger in her. She was saying "I've never done this with a woman before", so Cathy helped her by taking her hand and helping her pump her fingers into her.

After a minute of watching this, I was ready to blow . I pumped another load onto Cathy's thigh as she was getting her pussy worked on by the hot blonde. They finally finished and it was almost time for the theater to close. We spent some time talking to Cathy in the front lobby before leaving. It was an awesome night. I cant wait until the video goes up on her site to relive it.


Thanks again to Incognito for getting his report in quick!  In the coming days, Cathy will have her own report on her first adult theater visit of this year's Road Trip 2012.

Also, remember to check out her awesome website, Cathyscraving.com. Dirty pics and video await you...


Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from 2nd time contributors Bambi & Thumper. This awesome couple first reported from Airport Video in Everett, WA, where Bambi had her hands full.

This report focuses on Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Lake City section of Seattle (address in the adult theater dB), and this visit went MUCH better.

On a personal note, HEB is one of the most unique adult theaters in the country, and Bambi and Thumper do a nice job setting the scene inside Seattle's top adult theater complex (in The Good Doctor's opinion).

Here are Bambi and Thumper...


Hey Doc,

Thumper here reporting on our visit to the HEB on Lake City Way in Seattle last night (Saturday 7/28). Sorry for the length, but there was a lot going on. After dinner out we had planned on dropping by the APV, but after reading updates in the Yahoo group we belong to, Bambi agreed to pop into the HEB. Our first and only visit had been a little unnerving for the reserved Bambi and we had not stayed.

There are four separate theater rooms inside HEB, showing the standard variety of fair, with little to none in the way of furniture. This night Bambi was willing to travel further out of the forest as other deers would be in attendance. Wearing a Grey tank top, tight black skirt, dark brown stockings, black high heel mules and her always present anklet we made our way into the theater after several attempts at finding a parking spot. Not easy.

Once inside the store we mingled with another couple who we knew was going to be there. Since I am not sure about using their names I will refer to them by one letter only. "V" was a tall, pretty brunette wearing fishnets, black pumps, and a trench coat! We learned at this time there were already two other couples down stairs. Heading down stairs, feeling brave in the numbers, we made our way to the last theater in the back. Bambi was taken back as there was already one guy walking around buck ass naked, something she had never seen in a theater before. This is not the "Paris" or your favorite haunt Doc, so to see four (including Bambi) women in a theater at the same time was a first for us!

The two others "M" and "K" were surrounded sitting on two chairs in the corner. "V" and her partner did not waste anytime, off came the trench coat to reveal a hot body and a little black number of sorts. "V" sat down on one of the few chairs and took her partners  love weapon into her mouth. They then disappeared from our sight, as we wearing standing off to the side still getting over the decompression . Soon all three returned to our sight, as they were standing in a huddle kissing and fondling each other. It was hot.

The Real "Bambi"
Bambi at this time had a few admirers of her own, so I lifted her skirt to expose her garter belt and stockings. She started kissing me, and then "K" came over to introduce her self. Tall and blond she stood towering over Bambi, and started to fondle her breasts through her tank top. With my prompting Bambi's top was up and "K" started sucking on Bambi's big tit, while the other one was being licked by a guy standing to the other side. Bambi then returned the favor to "K".

We then became distracted by the other two women bent over in unison taking on guys front and back. It got quite loud. We watched a for a bit, while a number of guys stroked Bambi's nylon covered legs, rubbed her ass, played with her tits, and one gave her a back rub! Bambi then turned her attention back to me and one neighbor, he and I enjoyed Bambi's very talented hands.

The room was getting very hot, as in "where the hell is the air conditioner?" hot, so I guided Bambi to a near by chair and stood in front of her. I did not last long as her mouth worked its usual charm. We said our good byes and headed out. Bambi said that there was safety in numbers and I agree.


PS I will try and send you some outfit pics of Bambi as cameras are strictly verboten in the HEB.


Doc here... Thanks again to Bambi and Thumper for another terrific Couples Flash Report!  Thingsccan get hot in more ways than one at HEB, and this report illustrates why that happens!

Keep the reports coming, B&T!


Flash Report! Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood FL by Richie Rich

Doc here with a great Flash Report from new reporter here at The Journal, Richie Rich. I meant to get this report up much sooner, but it somehow got buried in the list of pending reports. 

My apologies, sir.

This is a good one one folks... Enjoy!


Dearest Doctor,

I must say this is a long time coming but I finally have put my fingers on the keyboard and figured I would give you a south Florida report.  I have traveled the entire country for business and have visited many stops in "this thing of ours." When I have some real time I will sit down and go through them all.  I have reports for Berlin News Agency, NJ.  Red Barn, NJ. Dream Theater, Philadelphia Pa. Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA.  CVE in NC.  Fantasyland in Tampa.  The list goes on.  I'm in the recycled time machine business and I'm stationed in Miami for the mean time.

Very close to my fantasy factory is a spot called the Pleasure Emporium at 1321 South 30th Avenue Hollywood, Florida.  Its a very large, clean, pink building right off of 95 South.  It has large booths, no gloryholes, a straight theater, gay theater and small couples only theater.  The straight theater is where most of the action is at and just like any other place it is hit or miss as far as couples action.  I must say after all the visits I have made to theaters in this country, there is one I will NEVER forget and wish I could repeat...though I'm sure it will be pretty unlikely.

I had stopped in on a whim on a Tuesday afternoon in January- right around noon.  As I pulled up I noticed two cars parking.  Both very high end cars.  Out of one came a very heavy set man, dressed in business attire.  Out of the other was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen outside or inside of one of the stores.  She was about 5'7", Latina, jet black hair, in amazing shape but wearing yoga pants, running shoes and an athletic top.  The two walked towards each other, hugged and kissed and proceeded to walk in together.  My initial reaction was that they had stopped in to buy a toy or lingerie as the store sells a ton of that stuff and you will frequently see couples in there just shopping as management is very friendly, their store is very clean and they sell all new things.  Some of the stores you go in aren't much more than toys from the 80's and gaudy outfits.  Not at Pleasure Emporium.

Pleasure Emporium
Hollywood, FL

I followed right behind them and they went immediately to the front counter and asked for a ticket to the "couples theater" which is basically a small locked room where couples sometime get together but if it is empty and a couple goes in, they can sneak anyone they want in and management doesn't care.  So I paid my admission for the theater and booth area and watched as they both used their respective restrooms before entering the straight theater.  The guy was eyeing me up so I kinda knew I stood a chance.  I found my seat in the theater and they stood in the back, often glancing over at me and whispering as she stood in front of him rubbing his cock over his pants.  There were about 4 or 5 other mongers watching and finally I saw they exited the theater but not without eyeballing me to follow.

The large gentleman went up to the front desk to ask them to remotely unlock the couples theater.  When he came back he asked me quietly if I wanted to join and of course I said yes.  I followed them in and they locked the door behind us.  The couples theater has leather couches lining the wall and a large flatscreen tv in the corner playing new porn.  Again, very clean tile floors and towels on the wall to clean up.  I finally got to see his woman up close and personal and WOW she was amazing.  It was clear to me he was her sugar daddy and was living out fantasies with her.  She had not a flaw on her body- not an ounce of fat, no stretchmarks and a really beautiful face.  I was so hard already I didn't know how long I would last.

Immediately after entering, the man said to her "take off all your clothes and suck his cock."  So I unzipped my pants and and watched her undressed.  Wow she looked amazing naked.  She had a fake set of C's that I didn't even notice because she was wearing a sports bra.  She left her socks on and nothing else.  She obeyed his command and he just stood next to us and watched.  She took my whole cock in her mouth, played with my balls and licked everything.  I looked down at her watching her work my pole and she kept glancing up at me, with her as bent over it was an unbelievable view.  Anyone who has seen a Latina ass before knows what I'm talking about!

He proceeded to sit on the couch and he unzipped his pants.  He ordered her to come over and suck his cock.  Then he asked if I had a condom.  I said no I am so sorry as I totally forgot to bring one in with me.  He said "well you could of fucked her if you had one.."  I sat down on the adjacent couch and watched him do his thing.  She stopped sucking him and started sucking me while he stood up and fucked her from behind.  He fucked her for about 10 minutes and the whole time she was slobbering my cock.  I politely asked where I could cum and she he said cum on her face so I pulled my cock out of her mouth she got on her knees and I came all over her pretty face.  She smiled at me THANKED ME and said with the sexiest accent, "next time bring a condom so you can fuck me, Ok?"  I promised I would and asked how often they come there and he said once every three weeks or so, during their lunch break around noon.  I shook his hand and they escorted me out of the room as they got dressed.

Dr, I can't even tell you how amazed I was with this spur of the moment experience.  I left feeling like I had no legs.  I walked out got into my car and waited as they both exited and entered their cars. As she got into hers she smiled at me and sped away.  I have popped in there a few times around that time during the week and have never seen them again.  I guess it was a once in a lifetime experience.  But I try to take some time to visit there whether at night or day and this place does have some good action.  I'd say out of 15 trips to the back area, couples have been playing back there maybe 10 times.   But none of these wives that come in look even close to as good as this one did...  I recorded this memory into my spank-o-vision and it may go down as my best ever!

As a side note, I'm a younger guy- I keep my body in shape, don't smoke and I dress well.  That makes the world of difference because you will be attracted to the wives and girlfriends that enter the place.  Some of the people you see walking around creeping haven't showered in a week and have never read an issue of GQ magazine to see that the cut off jean shorts they are wearing would be better suited for Halloween rather than everyday use.  My advice to all fellow lurkers:  Shower, brush your teeth, take care of your body and wear decent clothes.  If you do, you will be successful at times.  Be patient and it will all be good!

I'll have more reports to come when I get some more time, I'm dying to have my own picture and nickname.


Richie Rich


Doc here again... Thanks to Richie Rich for this great Flash Report from Pleasure Emporium.  RR plays it right... Be the best looking guy in the theater, and be patient.

Keep the reports coming Richie!  Terrific stuff, sir!