Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I-Team Report: Part 10: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut

Doc here with Part 10 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, we learn (among other things) that Nina is a very big tipper. 

Take it away, "B"!
We arrived in Portland at our usual late night/early morning arrival time and headed straight to the Paris. We parked at the parking lot behind Dante’s right across the street from the Paris. The Parking attendant was immediately at our window to collect his money, I paid him and asked him if he could accept a tip, he said “he always appreciates tips” I told Nina give him a tip and she promptly showed him her tits, he said “that was the biggest tip he had all week”.

We walked into the Paris and were greeted by Ray (what a guy), and not only does he let us in for free, but offers to pay for our parking. I always tell him the free admission is enough but the offer is greatly appreciated.

The three guys who were in the lobby hurried into the theater to get ring side seat and to pass the word that Nina was on her way in. One of the guys was so excited that he played like he was Paul Revere stopping at each row shouting “The Nina is Coming, The Nina is Coming”; of course this kind of reception is always appreciated but really makes her nervous. Nina always needs a little time to transform from Mrs. Straight to “Nina the Bakery Slut”.

I usually ask her to get out her tits and spread her legs to give me access to play with her pussy and get her over her nervousness. I have a little trick that I’ve learned over the years that enables me to make her attain orgasm rather quickly(when you are a bald headed old fat man you have to know some tricks to keep a women like Nina happy). After performing this tricky little maneuver, she was ready to receive invited guests.

I asked the boys who were assembled in front of our section if anyone would like a blow job, and of course they all raised their hands. I invited two guys to come on in and receive a little of Nina’s kindness. They hurried into the roped off section and without breaking stride had their dicks in hand waving them in poor little Nina’s face. By this time she is no longer nervous and ready for action and quickly starts to give these lucky fellows what they came in for. Nina has this ability to suck two guys at once by alternating back and forth between the two and get them both off seconds apart. It is a wonderful sight to witness.

To the delight of the seven or eight guys who were standing in front of the couple section, I took Nina by the hand and walked her out into the middle of the crowd. I usually let them molest her for a little while and then proceeded on down to the front of the stage where the bench seats are. She could have been the Pied Piper with the throng of merry dick waggers following close behind or should I say “close to her behind”. When she laid down on the bench and spreads her legs The guys knew they were in for a gang bang treat.

I always have to control the situation, making sure they are wearing condoms and sending the guys with poor hygiene to the showers. She really likes doing this as long as everyone conducts themselves as gentlemen. She is surrounded by horny men doing all kinds of naughty things to her. By this time there was only about eight or nine participants left but I can assure you they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We said goodbye to Ray and went next door to Voodoo donuts and ordered up a dozen donuts. I paid the man and told Nina to give him a tip, she promptly opened up her coat revealing her big beautiful tits hanging over her corset, no panties and stockings and garter belt. He was embarrassed but very happy with his gratuity, so much so that he followed us out the door thanking Nina all the way. She told him he was quite welcome and when we reached the sidewalk she turned around and Titted, I mean tipped him again. Another great day at the Porn theater.