Thursday, December 5, 2019

Art Cinema Update (Hartford, CT) - 12/5/19 - We Still Need Your Help!

Doc here, with an update on the project to re-open The Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. 

A quick primer on what happened at The Art Cinema back in January, 2019... 100 Year old buildings have 100 year old problems. The Art Cinema opened in 1919 as The Rialto Theater, and over the years has been a fixture on Franklin Ave. in Hartford since then.  It is the 2nd oldest adult theater in the US (the oldest is the Strand Theater in Kansas City, MO), and is in dire need of some very necessary upgrades to be code compliant. 
The Rialto Theater (now The Art Cinema)
Far left border midway up.
This list of work to be completed is EXTENSIVE, and even more than that, EXPENSIVE. 

This isn't The Good Doctor's first rodeo when it comes to watching an old theater being brought back to life by installing the elements that bring it up to 2019 building standards.  It's a painful process, and needs to be planned & completed hand-in-hand with the city. City Hall can work very slowly, and in the case with The Art Cinema, one could say this. 

Earlier in the year, this task looked daunting. But slowly, with the help of some dedicated individuals, the project found it's footing, and punch-list items are being completed.
The Art Cinema
It's important at this stage of the project, to let the good people who have patronized The Art Cinema in the past just how the old girl was doing.  And I am happy to say, the prognosis for The Art is now EXCELLENT!

Even with this encouraging news, the biggest and most expensive punch-list item with the overall project is dead ahead. Quote requests are out to the installation contractors for this latest infrastructure element, and Ernie is waiting on the numbers.  The numbers will be scary, according to Ernie.  And this is where The Art Cinema needs your help!

Running in parallel, a core group of Art Cinema enthusiasts started a GoFundMe page to assist Ernie with the tremendous cost of the infrastructure upgrades: STACO: Save The Art Cinema Organization ! 

I urge you to stop by the GoFundMe if you’re in a position to be financially supportive.

I've donated. If you are interested in helping preserve one of the last remaining classic adult theaters in the United States, please donate too!
Please Click Here: STACO: Save The Art Cinema Organization and please do your part to help Ernie and The Art Cinema rise up and head into a bright, new beginning!

Questions? Please e-mail me at

Thank you!