Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flash Report: Kitty's Tails - Another Hot Saturday Night At The Paris Theater (with HOT Pics)

Doc here with that naughty feline herself, Kitty in Portland and her latest report from The Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  This Kitty has a itch that needs to be scratched, and The Paris is the ideal place for scratching.

Also with her report, are some pics of Kitty taking a few facials, as only she can (remember to click on the images to ENLARGE them). And yes, they are the real Kitty.

Enjoy Kitty's latest tale...


I know it's late and I have to be awake in 5 hours (DOAH). But I knew I would be too busy this weekend to report the visit and action while there. So hold on tight and go along for the ride! We posted we would arrive by 10:30 at The Paris, but damn, we did not account for the ultra crappy parking with Rose Festival kicking off. YIKES! But I think you all will forgive me for being late.

There were three orange flags that popped up shortly before I got there. And I am sorry that these ladies did not stay to watch the action or better yet be part of the action. I personally would have been happy to show them around, LICK, LICK. I was packin' (strap on) tonight (MMMMMMMMM, wet dream thoughts).

After we arrived and mingled some I went right to the lockers and got naked. I took note of the many gentlemen that were there, I would guess 15ish. I went right to the Annex and have not had a swarm of guys like this in some time surrounding me (LOVE IT). It was no time before I hit my knees (with pillow) and began sucking cock after cock. They were all around me...What a wonderful life!

After awhile I see a woman (Riverdog's guest) pop her head thru the group of cocks and asked if she could help. Oh gladly, there were SOOO many cocks around and a line, so we were going to busy little cock suckers. It was no time before it was real apparent that this Annex was not large enough for all the cocks that needed our attention. The gentlemen were happy to follow us to the Arena.

The lady who joined me in the cock sucking fest seemed to be new to playing much there (she stated) and sought direction. So I took one end of the table and she took the other and then . . . it was on like Donkey Kong! So many men that I could not see over to the glory holes or lockers. HEAVEN, sea of cock everywhere!
It wasn't long before this woman was between my legs licking my pussy while getting fucked by a nice black cock. She did a nice job licking because she made me cum all over her face while several jacked their loads. By this time I had already received several loads up in the Annex and a few before she licked Kitties Kitty (has a nice ring to it). About the time she got me off I got another load on my face, which alone was HOT for me. I took several more facials, I counted 7 in all, not my personal best but I will beat that on July 15th for the Bukkake Blast kick off (see notes below).

After the fun in the Arena, there were several gentlemen that approached me and chatted some or thanked me. I got dressed and did a head count. I counted about 25 guys, two women together in the couples section (Oasis), and I believe it was 4 other couples in the Oasis also. I am not sure if I seen it right as my eyes were burning from cum (not complaining just saying) LOL.

Anyways, there was another couple that walked in as we were leaving and one of the couples that watched the show at the Arena was in the lobby and fixing to leave. I gave them a quick tour and tear off strips to the two yahoo groups posted (ones my group). They went back in and headed into the Oasis, this section was the fullest I had seen it in a long time. I do hope that everyone enjoyed themselves in there, played well and put on a helluva show.

It came time for me to leave, you know I have to get home and report for you guys and gals. And need my sleep, as sucking cock takes a lot out of a Kitty. Thank you everyone. It's so refreshing to play with respectable guests that are polite, NOT cock blocking and clean.

I just love the fact that most of the last visits I have had have turned out to be impromptu bukkakes. God I love a good facial!

OK SOOO . . . this is the event that I am all jacked up about. I met with Ray the other day to put the plan into motion (look for his post soon). We are hosting a Bukkake event on Friday, July 15th at 9:30 PM at the Paris Theater in Portland. Keep watching for more information.

Here is the link to my Yahoo group:  groups.yahoo.com/group/blastbukkake/


Doc here again... This Kitty has been very bad, and it's all coming to a head on 7/15 with her Bukkake Blast event at The Paris Theater.  I will keep you, the good readers of The Journal up to date on this sure fire/sure to be messy event.