Thursday, August 18, 2011

Call For Work! Your "All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience"

Doc here with something we have not done in quite awhile.  Last year, The Good Doctor ran a series of reports on Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women, and the results were spectacular!  I asked you, the good readers of The Journal, to submit who in your opinion, were the stars in your adult theater past or present.  We had close to 20 submissions, and we had a vote at the end of the submissions as to who was #1.

So here we go again... This time, I am asking for your All Time TOP Adult Theater Experience.  An experience can be an encounter you had at the adult theater or ABS, or a scene you witnessed at a theater or ABS.  I am open to interpretation as long as you keep it on point.

Details that should be included in your submissions:
  • A pen name you wish to use for the entry

  • Year it occurred

  • Name of theater or ABS

  • City

  • State

  • Is the theater/ABS still around?

  • Explain the theater/ABS set-up if possible.

  • And obviously, the experience.

  • When finished, e-mail The Good Doctor at Put "TOP Experience" in the subject line if possible.

I will give you an example of one of mine to help jar those carnal memories loose...


In 1987, The Good Doctor (while in pre-med) made a rare Saturday night visit to Good Time Charlies, one of the first adult theater/ABS I had ever visited.  Charlie's was located in the sleepy town of Wheatfield, NY, between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY.  From the outside, it looked like a camping goods outlet store (after it was closed by the feds in a tax evasion case in 1990, it did indeed become a camping goods outlet store before they moved out of the facility).  Plain gray building, with only one small sign by the entrance, and a huge parking lot, & was open 24/7.

The Former Good Time Charlie's Theater/ABS
(now Bits N Bytes PC repair)
The theater/ABS set-up was unique... When Charlie's originally opened in the mid to late 1970's, it hosted full-time strippers and porn stars who stripped. 

The adult videos in the theater arrived in the early 80's.  The theater had 6 rows of seats, but there were 25 seats across.  The 7th row was a partial row (interrupted by support columns) of maybe 10 seats total.  There was ample standing room at the left side of the theater, and also a narrow area behind the last row.  The ABS included two different sections of 8mm loop booths, that eventually were converted to video booths with many, many glory holes.  The main store had almost a bar feel to it, with a 40 foot counter that housed the oils, lotions, dildos, fur-lined handcuffs, and popper cylinders. 

My experience on that Saturday night was as a witness, not a participant.  I know, odd for The Good Doctor.

I walked into the theater area about 10:30pm, and the place was packed.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that the second row was shoulder to shoulder.

In couples.

In perfect order I might add...Boy, girl...Boy, girl. all the way across the row.  I counted 12 couples.  I stood in my favorite place at Charlie's, against the wall, about 1/4 way down towards the back.  The screen was bright, and my observation point was excellent.  Little did I know I was about to be rewarded with a sight I won't ever forget.

I don't know which couple started the sequence, but God Bless them.  One couple who was in conversation with another couple, were getting handsy (in a good way). Soon, the guy had his hard cock out, and the girl of couple #2 started giving him an enthusiastic BJ. And then, like dominoes, the BJ parade began.  Women were going down on the strangers next to them, and so on. As the last domino fell, every woman (with the except of woman #1 at the far end, who was helping woman #2) was sucking on the strange cock next to them.

12 simultaneous BJs. 12 heads in semi-unison, bobbing up and down. Now The Good Doctor has seen up to 3 BJs going on, side by side, at The Paris Theatre in Portland. But 12?  That was a once in a lifetime event to witness.

And almost my Top Adult Theater Experience.


Ok, get the idea?  Please keep in mind I am a long-winded Sicilian.  Your's can be much shorter and focused just on the main points if you wish. Or, be long-winded like your old buddy in the white suit... Your call.

At the end of the entries, I will set up a poll for voting, and an index of all the stories so you can review them.

Again, please send your submissions to The Good Doctor at Put "TOP Experience" in the subject line if possible.  I will publish them as they come in, and I will keep entries open for at least two weeks (depending on the # of entries).

This is going to be exciting, so have fun with it!