Monday, June 4, 2012

Flash Report! Eye of the Eagle Touches Down From The Opressed Midwest

Doc here with a great report from one of the longest tenured reporters here at The Journal, Eye of the Eagle.  While he may be cagey on the whereabouts of his reports (I'll never tell), the credibility of them is never in dispute.

So, without futher delay, pomp, or circumstance, here is Eye of the Eagle and his latest report.


Greetings from the Oppressed Midwest...

Saturday , May 19, started out slowly as usual here at our local theatre. A few of the regulars were hanging out (pun intended) in the singles theatre and no couples had arrived yet to play in the "couples only" theatre. It was early and my internal sensors gave me a feeling that it was going to be a fun evening. It was a feeling that didn't disappoint.

About an hour after I arrived, a college age couple came into the lobby. She was slender, blonde, very cute, and dressed to play. Her guy was a typical "frat rat" and she could be the cutest gal on any cheerleading squad in the country. As a veteran of this "thing of ours", I could tell that she wasn't gong to perform for the masses. She made no eye contact with others and looked nervous. They asked a couple of questions about the layout and then went to the booths for a quick look around. They came back and bought a ticket for the theatres. Unfortunately, they were the first couple of the evening and didn't stay very long. As they left I told them that it was early and that within an hour more couples were sure to come in. They promised to be back, and I wasn't wrong. Within a half hour 3 couples came in and retired to the couples room.

I had seen two of these couples before and the other couple were newbies. I decided to text one of  my gal pals that I hadn't seen for months. Amazingly, she was free and said she would be there in an hour. Her text appeared on my phone  just as the young couple came back and went into the couples room.

In this game, timing is everything. My friend arrived within the hour and as we entered the theatre, the young couple were just leaving. Damn....I would have loved seeing her. My friend and I played while we watched the other couples. Mostly the gals were giving BJ's while the guys watched the movie or the other couples. I think the ladies really enjoyed having the other couples watch them suck dick.

About an hour after my friend arrived she got a call and had to leave. I still hadn't had a happy ending to the night, so I sat in the lobby, chatting with the clerk and a couple of regulars. One of the couples left around 10:00 and another couple was constantly going out to their vehicle for smokes and beer. I was sure the night was over, but I was wrong.

T&L, a very fine looking couple  in their 30's,who used to be semi-regulars came up to the lobby. I hadn't seen them since our laws were changed. She is so sweet and innocent looking. She has the HOT soccer mom/school teacher look. I had played with her a couple of times in the past and I was elated to find out that she remembered me. They bought a ticket and the three of us went into the couples theatre. Luckily nobody objected to our 3sum, and we wasted no time in getting our cocks out for her to play with.

She rolled a condom on me, then sucked us alternately, but giving me the vast majority of attention. I really loved it when he told me that whenever I was ready to shoot to be sure to take off that condom and shoot on her tits. "She loves that" and coincidentally, so do I.

After I glazed her natural and gorgeous big breasts, she cleaned them up with an couple of big wetnaps and sat back on the couch, spread her legs and her hubby climbed on board. As I sucked her newly sanitized nipples her man plowed her to a couple of loud moaning orgasms. The other couples were watching and really appreciating the show.

Memorial Day weekend is usually good for couples and I do have a tentative date set for Saturday evening. I'm hoping it works out! Sorry I can't mention the name of the theatre as I don't want to bring any LE attention.


Doc here again... Eye of the Eagle is one of my favorite contributors here at The Journal.  His reports are well-written, easy to edit, and his descriptive powers are solid.  Thank you sir for another great report from somewhere in the flyover states.

The well is starting to run dry once again for adult theater reports.  Please send your reports to Kurt Wagner The Good Doctor at, along with a pen name if you are a first time contributor.  I will edit, format, polish, and drop in a pic or two.  You provide the report.