Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! M&S Visit The Art Cinema in Hartford on 4/28/12

Doc here with another outstanding Couple's Flash Report from senior correspondents, M&S.  As usual, M&S are at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Along with this great report are 6 HOT high resolution pics from that night (remember to click to ENLARGE them - The detail is amazing).  This is always one of my favorite things about the M&S Flash Reports - Always a great report and pics from that specific night.

So sit back, pop open a Fanta, and enjoy this HOT report from one of the go-to adult theaters in the country, The Art Cinema.  Here is M&S, and their report.


Hi Doc,

Another HOT night at the Art Cinema in Hartford. We got there about 8pm, and as we paid we asked the manager if any other couples were already upstairs(in the balcony). He said 1 couple was up there.

We got upstairs and took our usual seats up under the lights and found the couple in the lower seats just watching the movie (maybe a little playing couldn't tell). Within a half hour, 4 other couples arrived, all sitting under the lights with us. All got some sort of naked, and the women all started sucking their man's cocks.

It didn't take long for 2 of the women to start sucking more than their mans cocks. At different times during the night, 3 of the couples went downstairs to the so called Bullpen so the ladies could get their fill of strange cock.1 guy actually left his wife down there alone and came back up to the balcony to watch the fun up there.

Eventually all couples returned to the balcony to watch or be watched except the woman left alone by her man. At one point we heard her getting a round of applause downstairs but couldn't see why! LOL. My wife and I enjoyed lots of sucking, fucking, watching, and being watched. We hung around till almost closing and called it a night. One of the couples we had seen there before offered to help taking pics, even got in the pics too. So here are some of the great pics of the night.

Hope this helps put The Art back in the Top 5 - LOL (ed. note: It did!).          


Doc here again... A huge thank you to M&S for a great report, plus outstanding work behind the camera.  In a note I sent to M&S, I told them I am trying to fit in a trip to The Art Cinema this summer, for a House Call Report.  I will keep you in the loop as to how that is progressing.

The Good Doctor still needs Flash Reports!  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with what you have, and I will edit, format, and drop in some pics for you.  You provide the pen name.