Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flash Report! Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi - 3/26/11

Well, America can breath a little easier now... The streak of bad adult theater luck encountered by senior Journal field reporter Bob in Biloxi that was entering it's sixth week is now over.  And it looks like he had fun in the process of breaking the curse.

Here is Bob's report  from Saturday night in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

Well after a very slow almost non-existent one and half months of no playing couples, last night finally broke the ice. There were 3 couples in the Gulf Coast Theater, none of those were playing however. But it’s a start!

The ABS just down the street has been the same for the above described period of time, but last night saw a few couples coming in “rubber dick” shopping. With a couple of them venturing back to the booths. One couple would go from booth to booth but never did anything. “still can’t quite figure that out”.

Bob in Biloxi

One couple however that made the trip back took up residence in the 2nd booth with the 1st booth having an adjoining a glory hole. She was in her late 40’s short hair wearing a T-shirt and blue jean shorts. At first I thought they were just “rubber dick” shopping, but she kept looking toward the back, so I had some hope. Patience paid off, and they soon came on back. She never did take off her clothes, but she gave one hell of a blow job.

I was unable to be first in line so I had to wait for the number one booth to open up. Apparently the guy that was occupying number one had talked them into letting him come over and join them. As soon as I was able to shut and lock the door the dude that vacated number one was in their booth, as I observed through the hole as he was shaking his cock at her while she sucked her guy. Soon however they changed positions her man sat in the chair facing my hole, the lady standing to my right bent over sucking him in the chair while jacking the other dude with her right hand. I figured her left hand was free so I struck my cock through and was greeted by her, yep left hand !

As she was jacking me, soon that became boring and I said in a rather loud voice “suck it I can jack it myself” LMAO! It worked and she started sucking me and well too! I didn’t last that long and blew a load down her throat. Thank you ma’am!

As I was getting ready to leave my booth, I had some others waiting their turn of course, I looked into the hole and she was about to take the other dudes load, so I left and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I was coming out, they were coming out of their booth and left. I asked my friend who had taken my booth if he got anything out of the deal, he replied no, that they had finished their adventure quickly and was about to leave as he stuck his dick though, so he was just fucking air when he heard the door open.

Doc I know some couples in the region read your blog and visit your site, we need more couples to come back and play !! So if any of you guys out there are reading this, please feel free to head down to the beautiful Gulf coast and get your freak on!!



Doc here again... Thanks Bob for the outstanding report (as usual).  America's nightmare is over.  Bob is back on track, and hungry for more...

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Couple's Flash Report! John and Allie Report on 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a new category to the various reports here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.  In the past 2 months, we have received several couple's reports in regard to this thing of ours'.  Thus the new category of "Couple's Flash Report".

First time contributors John and Allie have a great story to tell about their recent trip to what is arguably the best adult theater/ABS/and private spa in the USA, 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.

So welcome John and Allie and their first Flash Report...


Good Evening Doctor,

 My girlfriend and I went to 15th Ave. last Wednesday and wanted to give you a report.  We arrived around 4:15 and the place was fairly busy as we had posted that we might be stopping by.  We purchased a spa room and decided to go straight there.

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
2125 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL
The spa rooms are decently sized and equipped with a flat screen TV.  We had no intention of using the TV, so we opened the door and the line was around 10-15 people deep.  We let in two guys and started the festivities.  It is interesting that there is always a slight awkwardness before things officially start.  The first guy came on her chest in about 30 seconds while she was busy with the other gentleman.  He never took off his dress pants so they will require some explaining when he gets home. 

The next two arrive and one comes all over her chest and stomach with quite a shot.  The fourth guy decides it is time that she gets some penetration and she enjoyed the ride.  We continued this for a little bit longer which involved her squirting and taking a filled condom in her mouth.

We decided to find out if a gloryhole was indeed back open.  It was!  She has never done anything like  that so it was quite exciting.  She took four guys in her mouth and three of those got the pleasure of her tight pussy.  It was incredibly hot!

John and Allie


Thanks John and Allie for a terrific first report.  Hopefully there will be many more to come from you two, and we can make this a regular running feature.
Doctor's Note: The spa area at 15th Avenue is not in the general public theater area at all.  It has separate private area which you need to be buzzed into, with a separate admission.  The fun takes place behind closed doors.  The spa also has a locker room, shower room, and a very nice wet sauna.

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