Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pics of the Day! A Double Shot of the Gorgeous Bambi (from Bambi and Thumper)

Doc here, a man who some say can make an origami model of several classic adult theaters of the 1980's, with today's Good Doctor's Pics of the Day.

Today I am featuring the extremely hot Bambi, of Bambi & Thumper fame here at The Journal. This hot couple from the Pacific Northwest has traveled that neck of the woods extensively, in search of fun times at the top adult theaters.

These two pics (and shout out to your old friend in the white suit) from late 2013 are morsels to wet your appetite for this very hot blonde, and hopefully some new reports to come in 2014.

Flash Report: Mr. and Mrs. Moe at Route 35 Adult Video in Pliny, WV

Doc here, a man who some say is uni-lingual, with a Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors Mr. & Mrs. Moe.
This report dates from 2012, but it's a goodie!  They visited Route 35 Adult Video in Pliny, WV, and this is their report.
Take it away...
Far away from home, MrsMoe and I were visiting family nearby, and needed to tear away for some "us" time on a Friday night. We scanned Craigslist for indications of ABS or theater activity, and stumbled into info about an ABS with a "back room" in Pliny. Not expecting time for fun on this trip, she hadn't brought play clothes, so we dashed to the mall and found an easy on/off sun dress for her.

Flash Report! One Shot at 15th Ave Adult Theater's Valentine's Event on 2/8/14

Doc here, a man who some say can hit 'em from way downtown, with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor One Shot.
Inbound the ball, sir...
What’s up Doc?
Ol’ One Shot went to the 15th Ave Adult Theater Valentine’s Day party in Chicago. I parked the team bus outside, paid my fair share, and headed straight into the dark theater. The game had already started. It was shirts against the skins. And the skins had a sexy lineup. Starting for the skins at point guard was a very attractive Asian lady, riding a cock in a theater seat and sucking the gents semi circled around her to completion. She drained one after the other, moaning on their pulsing manhood. The shirts had to keep calling in substitutes for this one, and she took them all, guy after guy.