Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flash Report! Enzyte Bob @ Fantasyland in Tampa, and a Naughty Alysha Encounter

Doc here with the return of senior reporter, Enzyte Bob.  Enzyte Bob covers the Tampa scene like a glove for The Good Doctor, but for the past few months has been MIA.
Until now...
And what a report he has to share with you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.
And to top it off, he also runs into a amateur porn celebrity at Fantasyland I and gives her the Enzyte Bob treatment. 
Do I have your attention yet?  Thought so...
Enjoy Enzyte Bob's report...
Dear Doctor Lizardo,
First, let me apologize for being MIA.  Between work, a new relationship, distance and just plain limited time, I have not had the opportunity to go over to Tampa and have had nothing to report.  However, a break in the schedule allowed me to get to Fantasyland I and II last night and have a very special experience.  So, on with the story….
I drove over to Tampa and paid my way into Fantasyland I at about 8:00 pm.  As is their policy, you can go in and out for twelve hours.  This makes it easier to check out other places, like Fantasyland II, and then go back anytime.  I did go over to Fantasyland II, but it was absolutely dead and I never bothered to go back.
Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
There was nothing going on at the time.  A kind of super-size BBW in her 20’s was there with a black FWB.  She would later take a few guys into the small theater and lock the door.  The “show” was really the amount and volume of noise she made while obviously taking a serious fucking.  It was obviously a religious experience for her based on her prayers of “Oh God, Oh God”, along with the “Oh Shit and Oh Fuck” which could be heard down the hallway in the main theater.
I ate some pizza which was provided at the buffet while waiting for things to liven up a bit.  It was not long before I was rewarded.  A white couple, common to FL I, arrived.  He was a tall, kind of grungy-looking guy, very tall with the sides of his head shaved and a pony-tail.  She appeared to be an EMO chick with pink and purple hair.  She was dressed in a leopard-print mini-dress and black boots.  She is very tall and thin and after using the restroom, went with her boyfriend directly to the couples gloryhole booth.  She was taking as many loads as were offered and, as is usual for her (she has given me a blow job before), she asks if you can cum and cum in her mouth.  This was no exception, and I was asked.  I replied yes (I had a good week’s worth of spunk saved up) and she proceeded to give me a nice, wet and effective sucking.  She took every drop of my cum.  I do not know if she swallowed or not.  I was second in line and there was a long line of guys behind me.  Judging by the amount of time she spent back in the booth area, she probably took care of most of the guys in line.
A couple of BBW black girls in their mid 20’s came in together and walked around for a while, followed by the usual train of guys.  They eventually left.  A few couples came in walked around, then left.  I was about to leave and begin the long journey home.
I walked into the parking lot, got into my car and drive out of the lot, but as I was leaving, I saw an absolutely beautiful blonde in the front passenger seat of a white SUV.  I could see this because the inside of the SUV was very brightly lit.  I was to discover later that it was because the guy in the driver seat was taking video-tape of the woman.  I decided to turn around as the woman and two guys, really big, body-guard-type guys, got out of the SUV to go into FL I.
I turned around, parked and, when I went back in, found out that the woman had gone into theater area and told a group of a half-dozen guys, “I’m working the hole, perfecting my technique;” and invited these guys to join her back in the gloryholes.  She and her cameraman/bodyguard/husband(?) had gone into the couples booth and the line formed at the rear.   I was number eight and she decided to change locations at seven.  She walked to the main theater, being filmed the whole while.  It was at this time that I recognized her as Alysha Morgan of naughtyalysha.com a self-described “Fetish Queen”. 
She took up a position in the second row of the main theater and made the announcement that she was going to take on all cummers…literally!  The only catch was she was not giving blowjobs, but was only taking loads all over her from guys who jerked off on her.  She wanted a complete glaze, a cream candy coating, obviously for her website.  There were well over a dozen men ready, willing and able to oblige her.  I watched as three men jerked off and coated her face and incredible breasts with thick baby batter.  I was third in line and, because of my prior experience with the EMO chick; I did not have the biggest load left.  Guy number two, however, must not have cum for six months.  He blasted rope after rope of cum over her face and breasts, all from well over a foot away.  She looked each directly in the eye, her mouth open, tongue extended to entice each load.  She talked dirty and nasty to get each man to give up his man milk and give her the creamy coating she wants.  Alysha took each load gladly and thanked each man for their contribution. 
I left having exhausted myself and took the 2 ½ hour trip home, sighing a time or two recalling the evening of spunk spewing.  I invite anyone to join Alysha’s site and check out this beautiful cum slut.  I am number three in the group scene, assuming I don’t get left on the cutting room floor.
Best to all,
Enzyte Bob
Doc here again... It's good to have Enzyte Bob back reporting for us!  Tampa's scene is important within this thing of ours, and I am looking for more great stuff.  Thanks again Enzyte Bob.
And, by all means, check out Naughty Alysha's awesome website, naughtyalysha.com   She has been long been one of my favorites with this of ours, and knowing that her visit this past weekend will be eventually on her website is a real treat.

Thank you Enzyte Bob, and thank you Naughty Alysha!