Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flash Report! SixFoot4 at the Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a terrific Flash report from senior reporter, Sixfoot4.  He ventured to The Berlin News Agency, and this is his report.

Take it away, sir...



A quick, down and dirty flash report for you this evening. I was traveling in the den of iniquity, south Jersey, on Friday....heading back to the homeland for the weekend. My GPS told me I wasn't going to make it until the wee hours of the morning, so I decided to stay the night somewhere in Maryland. I figured what the hell, it's Friday night, something has to be jumping at Berlin News Agency, right? Well, it was....sorta.

I decided if it was good, I could stay as long as I wanted....otherwise I'd limit myself to about an hour or so. Unfortunately, it was the latter.
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

On a side note, I did pass the Red Barn on my way, and the parking lot looked full. I haven't seen or experienced any reports on RB, but knew my odds at BNA were probably better, so I skipped RB despite a promising parking lot.

I pulled into the parking lot at BNA, and, lo and behold, it was jammed packed. If I were a newbie at this, I might get my hopes up....but I knew better. You just never know with this thing of ours.

Shuffled in, change for a 20, and decided to pay a dollar to check out the booths first. It was full of guys wandering around. Damn, I was hoping for a little service (from a woman mind you) while watching a grainy porn flick. No such luck.

The door to the theater gladly sucked up my 10 spot, and in I went. Holy shit. I see a crowd of swords big enough to fill Giants stadium during a Rolling Stone concert...and all of them packed into the first "table section" of the 4 section play area. I nudge my way through the crowd and find One (1) woman on the table taking on anything that would come near, on, or in her. Now, to be true to the slut....she had a great body. Probably 45 years old, fake tits, flat stomach, some tattoos, and long brown hair. I heard she came in alone. She took on any guy with wood, multiple positions, and was constantly asking guys to cum in her mouth. I watched for a while, ran my hand across her ass, because it was fucking tight, and I love a woman's skin as much as her holes...but I wasn't about to be #15, or 16, or whatever on the night.
Given my short attention span, I started counting heads (the kind with hair on them, not around them).... And at one point I counted 43 guys in the vicinity of the slut. Anyone seen a fire Marshall? And only 2 tits in the room. Makes a guy wanna cry.

At one point the clerk brought in a couple on a tour...showed them the theater, and then moved several guys away so they could view the slut getting hammered doggy style with another guy in her mouth....and 7 other guys jerking hard, waiting their turn. I watched the woman's face as she was exposed to this carnival, and she couldn't get out of their fast enough. 30 seconds maybe? I hope they weren't scared away forever, cause she was good looking, and had tall boots on and a flashers coat...a hopeful combination.

And that was it. I waited around for a while and then decided the drive was calling me so I could get some semblance of sleep before the remainder of my drive on Sat morning. Not as spectacular a night as I've ever had at BNA, but my streak is clear....there is ALWAYS a woman there ready to play. If anyone else was there later than 11:30pm, I'd love to know if the action changed....

Happy Holidays to you and yours!




Doc here again... Many thanks to Sixfoot4 and this, his latest report.  Keep up the great work, sir!