Sunday, January 6, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Yogster Couple @ Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from The Yogster Couple.  In a previous report from reporter Asslvr, he detailed nicely The Yogster Couple's first visit to Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Now it's time for the couple's perspective, and who better else than the stars of the show that night, The Yogster Couple.

You are going to like this report...


It is now New Years Eve Day and we're re-living our great experience of our first Adult Theatre GangBang after reading ASSLVR’s report on The Good Doctors blog! Maybe a little history is required here...

We have been wanting to visit an adult theatre for quite some time now to explore our interest in both glory hole fun and anonymous group theatre fun as well (we have now cum to know it as “this thing of ours”). 

We had heard about Swingshift Theatre and decided to drop in one early Saturday afternoon.  That was a short visit due to a lack of guys, however my wife did get to suck 2 cocks before we left.  We realized we needed to plan better if we wanted a good crowd (and we certainly wanted a good crowd) and found out that ASSLVR was the man to contact for such planning. 

After a few e-mails back and forth the event was planned for 1pm on Saturday December 22nd 2012.  ASSLVR was amazing and communicated with us very well.  Being new to “this thing of ours” we were nervous and it was very reassuring to have such a great guy helping us out and looking after us.

When we arrived ASSLVR was already there and got us a private room to get us situated and give us a place to get comfortable.  We chatted a bit with him as guys started arriving.  It was looking like a good group of guys with a couple of nice looking black guys (another one of our fantasies).  I decided it was time to start the festivities so I stripped my wife down right there so she would have to walk to the theatre naked and make it clear to the guys that things were about to get going! 

Mrs. Yogster
We sent some pictures along that we know have been posted, but I will describe my wife for you all.  She is 5”2 and between 95-100lbs soaking wet (and she was most certainly soaking wet lol), long blonde hair, small a-cup tits with nice hard nipples, a nice little ass, flat tummy and creamy white skin!  Now back to the event....

We were the only couple there with about 15 guys (didn't get an exact count) and I told her to start off by thanking ASSLVR the right way, so she dropped to her knees and showed him her appreciation for all his help!  I then instructed her to take on her first ever BBC as he was a very respectful man from the start.  He sat down and I have to say her small white hand looked even smaller trying to wrap itself around his very large and very black cock.  She took what she could in her mouth for a bit, but the urge to ride that monster took over and after sliding a condom on she climbed on board.  She didn’t think she could take all of him, but she was so wet, in no time she had him balls deep and with her arms around his neck road him like a champ till he exploded! 

That seemed to light a fire in her that created a cock hungry slut who did NOT want her pussy or mouth to be empty for even 1 second!  She climbed off that BBC and took the next cock in her mouth while 6 hands started rubbing all over her tits, back, ass and pussy (She just loves to have hands all over her and it made her even wetter and hornier)!  She was moaning and begging for guys to fuck her and cum in her mouth. 

A young stud took his place in her pussy followed by another BBC who couldn’t believe just how wet she was!  All the guys kept commenting on how tight she was and how wet she was!  Try as they might, none of the guys were able to last too long while fucking her, but that second BBC could recover well and he got to take her on 3 times throughout the 2.5 hours.  Her earlier fears about not being able to take all of him were put to rest as she ended up begging him to fuck her harder, so she is now a BBC lover :))))!  

One by one she took on almost all 14-15 guys (I'm thinking she fucked 11 of them and sucked 12 or 13 of them)! She was such a cock and cum slut when one guy would finish she was begging for more cock to fill her and for any guy to fuck her (she never had to wait long I can assure you of that)!  Once the crowd dwindled down, we thanked the guys that were still there (all of them satisfied) and she took me into the private room and showed me how much she appreciated me bringing her there and giving her so many cocks and so much cum by fucking my brains out!! 

We didn't do any glory hole play as we started in the theatre and never left, but I guess that means we have more to explore.  We are currently planning our next visit to Swingshift with ASSLVR and another couple, so stay tuned for more reports from us...we really are big fans of “this thing of ours”!

~The Yogster Couple~


Doc here again... That was all sorts of terrific, guys!  Many thanks to The Yogster Couple for a great Couple's Flash Report, and I pray to whatever God you hold in reverence that this is just the first of many reports from this hot couple.

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