Friday, June 29, 2012

July Preview! DC Private Gloryhole Club Report (w/PICS!) by Riddick

Doc here with a preview of a two-part report that will go live on July 1st @ The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Second-time reporter Riddick has really stepped up to the plate, and has submitted the reports, along with 25+ pics AND a video from a Washington DC private gloryhole club.  The action there looks all sorts of crazy, and the media looks fantastic.

So as a way of saying thank you for the busiest traffic month in the history of The Journal of Adult Theaters, I am providing you with three preview images from the two-part report.

And, as always, click on the images to ENLARGE them.



You are welcome.  See you on July 1st with the first of the two-part report!


Flash Report! BBCHotboy Reports On The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from new reporter BBCHotboy. He visited the Lido Adult Theater in Dalls, TX last Saturday in the early morning hours, and struck paydirt.

His story is a good one folks, so I suggest keeping hydrated, replenish your electrolytes, take your vitamins, and say your prayers.

Here is BBCHotboy and his debut report:


Saturday June 23, 2012 1:00am:

I was on my way home from a nightclub in Dallas, when I decided to pass over to one of my favorite places for adult fun, The Lido Adult Theater. The parking lot was overflowing so I figured it was a great night to stop.

Walked in the store, greeted my friend Moab, the cashier. Asked him if it was a nice night, he nodded with a smile. That meant there were a few couples and VIP guys upstairs since its couples night. So since I usually don't do VIP, I went into the downstairs theatre usually reserved for the single guys on couples' night.

To my surprise, there were 2 couples inside having fun with about 12 guys total. That made me lucky no.13!!! Couple 1 are regulars to downstairs on couples' night. He's a big hulking latino guy and his wife is a small (5'4")BBW with 36C tits and a nice ass. They're in their late 40's. She was already bent over with one guy fucking her doggie style and a cock in her mouth.

Couple no. 2 was from out of town, here for a teachers convention. They're a 40's white couple, guy small thin, woman fits the "I wanna fuck the teacher" profile: 5'5" small BBW w/DD tits and a really nice ass. She too was bent over fucking from behind and jacking off 2 cocks simltaneously. She was extremely hot, wanting guys to cum on her tits and on her ass. She especially loved the 4 BBC's including myself, banging her pussy like it was going out of style! Then out of the blue, she wanted to do a lil girl on girl play with couple 1's girl.

This was my opportunity to get a 2nd hard on (I blew my 1st wad on No.1 in a condom) and bang the teacher while she was bent over eating out girl one. And girl one had a cock in her mouth and one in her hand, going back and forth swapping dick licks. My dick was working teacher overtime, each time I thrust hard forward, her tongue thrust forward in that sweet pussy! And believe it or not, we all three (me and the girls) came at once. I shot my load so hard on her ass & back that a couple of spurts landed on girl one's face and tits. Really a great night of fun, about equaled to the visit from Robin (of CT's fame) earlier this year.

But that's another story!


Doc here again... Now that is an excellent Flash Report! Time stamp? Check. Set the scene? Check. Detailed the couples in attendance? Check? Showed both ladies a great time? Check.  Many thanks to BBCHotboy, and we look forward to your next reports, sir.

The Good Doctor needs your reports!  Just send Billy Batson The Good Doctor your report, and I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline!  Rookie reporters please note: I will need a pen name from you for your reports.