Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day: Katie X in the UK

Doc here with The Pic of the Day.

Today we go international with the very hot Katie X from the UK.  She will always hold a soft spot of The Good Doctor's heart, as her report was the first international report submitted to The Journal.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Here we go... Enjoy

Thursday, August 29, 2013

House Call! Charlie's Angels Private Investigator's Party: A Gathering of Dicks

Doc here, a man who is unlicensed in 45 states, with 5 pending, with something a little different for you, the good readers of The Journal.

As is the case with 99.9% of the reports here at The Journal, we (OK, my trusted steed Barky Lizardo and myself) focus on the adult theater and associated ABS scene. But what would happen if I grabbed my reporters notebook and took it to a private party? A private party full of private investigators? A gathering of private dicks? Well, it's your lucky day folks. 

The Good Doctor was extended an invitation (and you know how much I appreciate invitations) to attend such a party in the northern suburbs of Chicago this past Saturday night. And the host for such an exclusive party? Why none other than Charlie himself (thank you again, sir).

The prospect of going to a party attended by Charlie's three angels (the voluptuous and scrumptious Farrah, the tall, leggy, and sexy Jacklyn, and the very naughty chocolate loving Kate) had your old friend in the white suit's head spin. Add in several more PI's, their dates, and two suit cases full of sex toys, and you have a party my friends.

It's 79 miles to Chicago's northern burbs, I have a full tank of gas, half a pack of condoms, it's dark... and I am wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.


The Report
The Lizardo 3000 and it's sunglasses wearing driver arrived at 8:30pm to the party location, a nice discreet hotel suite with enough room and horizontal surfaces to do the job. There were at least 15 people already there, and the first one to greet The Good Doctor was our host, the awesome Charlie.

A quick word about Charlie... He did an incredible job organizing this party of PI's and Angels. He was making sure every one's needs were taken care of, greeting guests, and working the crowd.  And frankly, his Angels are a handful (in a good way). It's not an easy job, but Charlie made it look easy.  Kudos sir!

After exchanging pleasantries with Charlie, the first person I see is none other than sexy and sassy Farrah, in red lingerie and fuck-me heels that had her towering over your white suited friend. I had to resist the urge to motorboat her, as I just got there and didn't want to scare any of the other couples or private dicks. That would come later.

There was so much going on at this gruppo di organi sessuali that I will need to point out the highlights from my perspective of the evening.  I will also have a Deep Thoughts piece from Angel Jacklyn later on. Stay tuned.

After some chit chat and introductions (Me: Hi, I'm Doc! Them: Are you a real Doctor? Me: No. Them: *Look of disappointment*), I made my way over to my statuesque blonde haired friend Farrah. I know the look in her eye when she is ready to get nude and rude, and she was ready to get this party started. She looked great, and I could not keep my hands off of her.

Working our way through the crowd that was growing and now filling with lingerie clad ladies, I escorted Farrah to the back bedroom area that was darker, candle filled, and quieter. Quicker than you can say "mon dieu, who is the guy wearing under-roos", our clothes were off and I was standing on the side of the bed, with Farrah crawling towards me. She took me in her soft wet mouth, and gave me a toe curling BJ.  Grabbing her hair (just the way she likes it), I proceeded to fuck her mouth and spank her tongue with my hard cock, rubbing me all over her soft lips. This was all sorts of awesome.

While this was happening, I could get the sense we were being watched, which is typical at parties of this sort.  Among those was a shorter curvy brunette in a snug black dress, and she was definitely soaking it all in. The Good Doctor really likes being watched, as does the lovely Farrah. In talking with the brunette later, she was just there to watch tonight. Too bad. She was a cutie, and my mind was in a bad place.  But I digress...

I threw Farrah down on the bed (she is not accustomed to her guys being demonstrative, so I hope she gets used to this one), and wrapped my arms around her thighs. It was time to return the oral pleasure back to Farrah... And it was delicious. 

When I came back up after she had cum all over my goatee and mouth, we kissed (one of Farrah's favorite things, I learned). It was time to take this girl, and be watched in the process.

After suiting up, I slid into her warm, wet, and very tight pussy. With a small gasp on her part as I hit deep inside her, we began our solo fucking show.  It wasn't long before I felt a familiar tensing of her muscles around my hard cock, followed by the feeling of her squirting all over my cock, balls, and mid-section. Love that feeling, and can never get enough.

After a little post-squirt talk, one of Farrah's other private dick friends came over sporting a weapon that needed to be holstered. Jesus Christ, this guy was blessed. We spun Farrah around so that he could take her mouth while I continued pounding that cute pussy. In all honesty, I don't know how she could be getting any air. 

During this time, people were poking their heads in watching the action. Another couple that I had noticed earlier had come in and positioned themselves on the other side of this enormous bed. We will call them T (the guy) & JJ (the girl). JJ is a cute, shorter, curvy brunette with curly medium length hair with a great set of boobs on her. She was giving T a blow job when another guy (we will call him C) walked over and lent them a hand penis for JJ.

It was at this time that I suggested to Farrah's howitzer packing friend that we switch so her could fuck Farrah. With the rotation complete, I looked back at JJ and she was now on her back, with a cock in her mouth and C was finger banging her. I also overheard her say some thing like "I promise not to squirt...I hope". Of course, to me it was like Charlie Brown's teacher saying "wah wah, wah, squirt, wah wah". I was intrigued.

I felt as though I was being greedy with Farrah, so I moved over to the other side of the bed and introduced myself to JJ and T. C had moved over to Farrah, and JJ was back to sucking hubby's cock. I asked hubby if it was OK if I went down on JJ, and I got the all-clear.

I ran my tongue lightly over JJ's clit, and noticed she was soaking wet.  While she was enjoying the tongue lashing I was giving out, I got the distinct impression she wanted something harder. And who am I to a girl down?

I moved away from her sweet tasting pussy, and replaced my tongue with my fingers. When I slid my two fingers into her pussy, they were gripped tightly as I began finger fucking her.  I sensed her begin to tighten quickly... Was she going to squirt as she mentioned a few minutes prior?

My question was answered as she squirted all over my fingers, hand, and forearm.  She was thrusting her pussy onto my fingers and hand, and it was time to do this the right way. I asked her if she was ready, and I think I heard "God, yes", or something like that. Still worked up from my initial tryst with Farrah, I suited up and entered JJ.

My scene with JJ was intense... It was raw, unbridled fucking. While I was taking his wife, hubby moved mover a began fucking her mouth. At times I had JJ's legs over my shoulders; other times I had her wrists pinned above her head as my balls were slapping against her ass while driving into her. 

It was getting extremely warm in this room, and I was sweating big time, as was JJ. One of the guys watching threw us a towel (thank you sir!), as we needed it!

As JJ came again, I told her I wanted her to go down on me. I laid down on the bed, and she moved on top of me, sliding my throbbing cock between her DD's. I began titty fucking her as she flicked her tongue over the head of my cock. She then took all of me down her throat, firmly working me until I came hard all over her boobs and chin.

We gathered ourselves, & I noticed Farrah was now gone from the room.  I wonder where she was hiding? Was she getting her next assignment from Charlie? Were the Angels gathering intel from the other private dicks in the room?

I got my answer when I walked into the first bedroom, and saw Farrah on all 4's, with a big cock pounding her from behind while she had an equally as impressive dick in her mouth at the same time. She was having a blast, and I tried to blend into the woodwork while trying to cool off and start forming syllables again after banging JJ.

I saddled up to Jacklyn, and discovered she was suffering from a headache. Not your typical headache mind you, but a moonshine-infused headache. As we were watching Farrah being taken by her harem of boy toys, Jacklyn and I talked about variety and uniqueness of the people there that night. She then paused, and gave me this passage from her own "Deep Thoughts with Jacklyn" writings:

I will take your word for it Jacklyn, since I try not think of wieners except my own. That lovable rascal gets me into enough trouble.

Farrah at this point was getting rambunctious. She grabbed Jacklyn and pulled her down to the bed with her, with her head at the foot of the bed, alongside Farrah's. I knelt down and began massaging Jacklyn's head and arms, hoping her headache would go away.  Others had a different idea of how to make her head stop pounding.

As Farrah was mounted by another member of her boy toy ensemble (BTE), Jacklyn's tight jeans were being removed from the other end of the bed. It seemed as though her pounding headache was soon to be replaced with her smooth pussy being pounded.  A solid remedy if I ever heard one.

As things heated up, I stood up, positioned to the right of Jacklyn. Another member of Farrah's BTE, a nice guy by the name of "M", was on her left, and Jacklyn was stroking both of us. What a visual this was, as Farrah was getting her pussy filled again while Jacklyn was entertaining The Good Doctor, M, and another BTE member who was now suited up and fucking her.

Grabbing Jacklyn's ankles above her head, she was fucked hard and this guy did last too long before finishing and being replaced by The Howitzer Dude. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. After the third guy had finished with Jacklyn, she got up and composed herself. What a visual this was!

A few highlights, as this report is slowly turning into Moby's Private Dick:
  • The Good Doctor finally met Charlie's third Angel, Kate. She was fresh from her assignment in a sweat lodge in Utah, and came back with an insatiable hunger for chocolate. Curvy, with long straight black hair, large boobs, and a no-holds-barred attitude, she is the perfect third part to Charlie's 3-piece puzzle of Angels. During the night I saw her take on a thin black guy who was also packing a wallop between his legs, making her scream filthy things that would make a sailor blush.
  • Jacklyn took the hand of an attractive woman (we will call her "L") who was in see-through black lingerie, but had not played as of yet (Sidebar: She and I had a long discussion about her nipples earlier in the evening. This girl was hot folks). Jacklyn through her on the bed, then grabbed a young guy in unusual underwear to come over and take L. She started giving him a very hot blow job, and it progressed nicely.
  • A voluptuous dark haired beauty (never got her name) was very active all night, and was always in the middle of some of the hottest scenes that night. She liked her guys young, and showed her appreciation accordingly.
The evening was winding down, and Farrah and I were getting all handsy again. We went back to the back bedroom, and again began fucking and sucking each other. As this was going on (I can never get enough of Farrah, FYI), someone new came to the party.  We labeled this guy the White Unicorn, since he was the only "white-exception" Angel Kate would make.

The Unicorn and Kate made their way over to the vanity area of the bedroom, where he proceeded to bend her over the sink, bury his face in her ass, and finger bang her until she squirted all over the floor. As this was going on, Farrah re-positioned herself on the bed so she could suck my cock while watching this scene unfold. Watching this sexy and naughty blonde watch them with my cock buried in her mouth was almost enough for me to cum again.

As if this scene could not get any hotter, enter Jacklyn.  Somehow she became swept up in this vortex of sex between The Unicorn and Kate. Jacklyn lost her clothes (sans bra), and an explosive three-some took place that was the grand finale for the evening. In the other bedroom across the suite, there was a lot of screaming going on. Word was that a toy demonstration was in full force...Your front line reporter missed it, unfortunately. However, it sounded like an extraordinary exhibition.

On my last walk through the back bedroom, Charlie was finally enjoying the spoils of the evening as the voluptuous dark haired beauty was sucking his cock enthusiastically.  Good for you, sir.

It was now pushing 3am, and this gathering of dicks was officially going limp. The room was now almost empty, as I bid farewell to the sexy Farrah, Jacklyn, T & JJ, and the rest of the PI's. This one incredible party thrown by Charlie, and I am positive the investigative skills of the PIs in attendance were now sharper than ever. I know mine were.

I walked the last Angel standing, Kate, to her car and bid her good night after a nice little conversation. I turned to the Lizardo 3000, parked in the darkness, and hopped inside for the long trip back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college). I popped a 5-Hour Energy I had stashed away for such events, opened my moonroof, and let the air flow in on the drive home.

Charlie, and your sexy Angels... Thank you.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flash Report! Brent from Portland on Last Friday 8/23 @ The Paris Theatre

If You Like Blow Jobs You Would Have Loved Last Friday
The couple that actually got things started at The Paris Friday night
was the older swinging couple who always comes in loaded for bare.
They set up The Arena Table like they were on a sexual picnic and she
was the main course. They spread out lotions, dildos, flashlights,
clamps and lubricants. She lay naked on the bed, peaceful and still,
until the right combination of fingers and penises awakened her
dormant libido. She was vigorously fucked by a couple of picnickers.
She really enjoyed the rogering one young fellow gave her. I could
hear her cries of pleasure as he pounded her pussy and I was happy to
see her having a good time.
A second couple was in the couples section. He was a fit, older
gentleman who was dressed in conservative western attire, like an
Arizona rancher. He even rocked a bola tie. She was an Asian woman
with long dark hair and a sad, earnest, yet attractive face. She looked
like the kind of woman you would see in a painting of ladies washing
clothes down by the river. When she had a cock in her mouth, which was
all the time, she looked a little bit like Sandra Oh ,vibrant and beautiful.
They were sitting in the couples section. He was stroking her
through her pants legs. I'm not sure how far up he was
reaching. I felt it was kind of an awkward way to get to her pussy. The Arena couple walked into the couples section. They were
both still naked. The lady who had been on The Arena table started
talking too The Asian woman. Before long she was also naked and they
were trading intimacies. The Arena table lady’s husband started rubbing the Asian woman and then started fingering her pussy while she lay on her stomach. It was a pretty hot scene. I was happy to see The Asian woman naked and enjoying herself. I was happy to see The Arena woman having a good time at The Paris with her new friends.
Another couple walked in. She looked like a combination of Betsy Brandt and Anna Gunn from “Breaking Bad”. She also looked like Courtney Love with dark hair.  The scene she walked into turned her on and pretty soon her clothes were more on than off  and she was sucking her old mans cock and getting felt up, pussy eaten in return. So now there were three couples playing. I think all of them interacted with each other to some degree. I know that the Asian woman sucked both guys’ dicks. The only dick she didn't suck the three days I saw her at  The Paris was her husband’s.
The crowd was thick and horny around the rail. Bambi and Thumper walked in. Bambi is a beautiful blond and loves to play. She looks a little bit like those 50’s glamour girls like Marilyn Monroe or Kim Novak. She was dressed elegant and sexy, nothing better than stockings, garters and black panties to accentuate  a beautiful ass. They played a little by the rail. I think a few of the guys got to reach in and play with her a little, but I’m not sure.
The Arena girl and the Courtney Love girl both left with their husbands. The Asian woman and her man came down to  the front of the theater. She was still naked. She was surrounded. Dicks were flying everywhere. Men were reaching over her and stroking her tits.  Her old man was keeping hands away from her pussy for the most part. I think he let a few sneak in. Perhaps he was afraid that with too much stimulation down there, she would go berserk and start fucking as many as she was sucking. That would have been okay by me.
Bambi and Thumper were now in The Arena and she was entertaining a steady stream of gentlemen cocks. One fellow stayed an extra long time, giving her a sensuous massage. I hope they write about their trip to Portland for Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s Journal Of Adult Theaters. I’d love to read their opinion of the action at The Paris on Friday night.
Here are some of the other couples who also played at The Paris, Friday:
A beautiful young girl with long blond hair. Her naked ass bouncing up and down on her man’s thick cock was picture perfect.
A voluptuous woman who put on a great show in The Annex. She screamed like a demon and squirted like a fire hose when her boyfriend fucked her G spot with an oddly shaped dildo.
A hot 30s something, middle class mom type with short dark hair wearing a white shift dress. She started out with her husband, standing by the bedroom watching the Asian woman suck cock. Her husband was trying to play with her and a few guys were lurking around her like wolves. It wasn't long before she was back in the couples oasis, staring out at the audience, bewildered by all the attention she was getting. But she was a sport and before long her husband had pulled up her dress and was fingering her through her thin white panties. Eventually she got completely naked and he fucked her while she was facing the penis gallery. She may have been the most popular woman of the night, even though she didn't play with anyone except her husband., she seemed to have a certain accessibility.
An educated, upper middle class, pretty,  young woman in a black dress. She had put up her hair so it wouldn't get in the way. She looked a little bit like Kristen Stewart. They were the only couple in the couples section. She was in the corner, near the entrance. He lifted her dress, pulled out her tits and started fucking her. I was watching from the other end of the couples section so I couldn't see exactly what she was doing but soon  a guy had climbed over the chain and she was either sucking him, jacking him or both .After he was done, another guy came in and deposited a load on her face. Her husband was shining a light on her so I could see each cock as it exploded white rain down on her lovely face. All this time her husband continued fucking her. I could see his big dick pumping in and out of her big, swollen cunt. She must have been doing something special to to the guys who were spunking on her face because none of them  lasted very long. I think she sucked- jerked a total of eight men. All of them either came on her face or in her mouth and she was just as pretty and poised at the end as she was at the beginning. It was as if she had read “Emily Post On Theater Sex Etiquette.” After her husband finished fucking her, on the bench facing the gallery while some of the boys reached in and played with her tits, she said “I don’t know who I played with, but thank you all very much. I had a great time.” This was at a time when her face looked like  a bowl of Bisquick had exploded on it. Even in the lobby, after she had washed her face with soap and water, and a  crowd had gathered because everyone wanted to be a part of the moment and perhaps get a phone number from them, she was polite and appreciative. And I was right about them being  well heeled. They drove away from The Paris in a 50 thousand dollar, late model SUV.
It was another great night of theater sex at The Paris with plenty of attractive new couples playing or watching and the single guys doing a pretty fair job of  helping them .

Couple's Flash Report! Hotwife Tara @ Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta (w/PICS)

Doc here with a tremendous Couple's Flash Report from the very naughty Hotwife Tara.
On Saturday 8/17, Tara made an afternoon appearance at the Buford Twin Highway Theater just outside of Atlanta. The Good Doctor had promoted the visit so that Tara would have many options to play with should she so desire.
And play she sure did!
Here is her report, courtesy of her hubby K.
Greetings Doc,
This is Tara's hubby reporting on her recent visit to the Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta. Since we were pressed for time this visit, we almost had to cancel, but since there was a "Upcoming Visit" posted by you, Tara did not want to disappoint any guys that showed up expecting to see her.  As always, Tara dressed in one of her sluttiest outfits. This time, it was a micro tight blue jean mini skirt with a coral top that was very accessible. Along with a pair of very high heels. 
We got to the theater about 4:30 in the afternoon and made our way to the theater. Entering and letting our eyes adjust a minute in the back of the theater. Tara immediately caused a stir with the way she was dressed. After a couple of minutes, she decided to walk down to the front of the theater by herself so the guys could get a good look at her as she defined the term "HOTWIFE" in her walk. She had planed on coming back to me, however as she started her walk down. A parade of guys followed her to the front.
The Real
Hotwife Tara
When she turned around, she was already in the middle of a swarm of guys. Being the every polite s southern belle she is, she graciously engaged them in some discussions, and quickly the guys started feeling her up. Being the protective hubby, I made my way down and positioned myself behind her close to the wall of the theater as she was in an larger open area where there were some missing seats. Once she knew I was there, she turned up the teasing and played with one cock after the other for awhile.
The swarm had grown to about 20 men and someone mentioned that they knew who she was from the Doc's website. I asked the guys how many were there because of Doc's flash report, and about 8 or 10 raised their hands. Tara dropped to her knees and continued to play with one cock after the other blowing many of them and allowing all who wanted to rub their cocks on her and feel her up. As a finale, she moved to the front row, took a seat and invited all who wanted to unload their cum on her. The picture taken was sent to us by one of the guys there.
Unfortunately, due to time, we had to leave after about 45 minutes, but Tara has promised a longer stay next time. After leaving the Buford, Tara had to get ready for a gangbang for 4 gentlemen who properly used her at our suite. There are some pictures of that on her blog.

All in all, a fun trip!

Personal note from Tara:
Hey Doc, I wanted to thank you for posting my visit on your site. Many of the guys were there just to see me because of your post. I do love showing off for the guys and plan on many more exciting visits to the Buford, as well as other theaters in the Atlanta area. As a side note, I wanted to also say a special thanks to the little Asian guy who ran to the front to bring back some paper towels and graciously wiped me down after the finale. He didn't speak English but was such a sweet guy.

Till next time guys, keep your cocks hard, I will see you all again soon.... 
Kisses.. Tara


Doc here again... Many thanks to the incredibly hot Tara and her hubby Keith for a terrific report and pics from the Buford Highway Twin Theater!  And to the lucky guys that were there that afternoon, I hope you played a Lottery ticket on the way home, since you already hit the jackpot once that day.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Newbie & Lady at Hometown Video in Terre Haute, IN

Doc here with a terrific first time Couple's Flash Report from Newbie & Lady. They hit Hometown Video in Terre Haute, IN, and while they did have fun, it was a baby step for them. More on that later in the epilogue.
Put your hands together and give a nice Journal welcome to Newbie & Lady...
Well, I'll call myself "Newbie", since this was my Lady and my first "active"  trip to an adult theater (we used to go back in the old days when you actually watched a movie... lol).
We have been getting somewhat adventurous lately and were looking for something exciting to do. I found the Doctors site on the web, and the listing of adult theaters...we wanted someplace a little ways off from our hometown but not real far and Terre Haute Hometown Video fit the bill.   l did a little research before-hand and all I found was an article claiming that it was turning into a "gay" hang-out!  We decided to check it out anyway, so we made the drive on a Friday afternoon, went out for dinner, then drove by the place a couple times.  The neighborhood seemed a little seedy but it was still daylight..we thought  "What the hell, let's at least go in and look around". 
We went in and the front is a video/adult toy store. We looked around some, then asked the clerk about the theater.  He let me open the door and look around first, and we decided to go in. It was $8 for me and free for my Lady.  
There were four or five single guys (mostly older) sitting in there watching a porn with a guy and gal getting it on.  There are maybe twenty seats and a bench that goes around the perimeter, the screen was pretty good size (as was the guys cock on it!).  We sat right in the middle and watched for awhile.  We didn't really have a plan or know what we should do, but we made out & she started rubbing my dick through my shorts. 
There was a guy sitting even with us a few seats to the right, he had his cock out stroking it, the others were behind us, not sure what they were doing.  I asked if she would suck me if we went to the bench and she said yes...we moved over and I dropped my shorts.  My Lady is a beauty and she took my cock in her mouth while I  began fingering her pussy. This went on for awhile and I eventually took her jeans off and turned her towards the audience with legs spread so they could enjoy. 
The one guy with this cock out came over and sat by us, I told the guys they could touch, but they either didn't hear me or really were gay because he was the only one that did and he just barely rubbed her pussy and leg for a second.  She was really hot though, showing of her pussy and long legs like that...I had two fingers in her and played with her clit til she came.  Then she got on hands and knees on the bench to finish me off with her ass pointing at the guys.  After I came like a cannon, we dressed and left.    When we walked out I did notice one guy had a cell-phone out, I really hope he didn't take pics or video.  If it turned up on the internet I would have to hunt him down!
All in all, it was very exciting for us. I know it's not much of a story compared to some that we read on here,  but at least now you have a report on Hometown Video.   We may or may not go back, don't know. I don't think it will be our last visit to an adult theater.  We talked about it for some time afterwards, like how we both thought about her sucking the guys cock or fucking some one. She said she wanted to fuck me in front of them.....At the time we were a little scared of going that far.  Maybe more later!
Bye for now,
Newbie and Lady
Doc here again... many thanks to Newbie & Lady for their first Couple's Flash Report. We are looking forward to your next reports as you venture a bit further into this thing of ours.  
A bit about Hometown Video, direct from their website:
Hometown Adult Video has a clean, neat, and modern facility with an arcade and new theater in Terre Haute, IN. Our arcade (used to be called "peek booths”) has 60 channels that play all types of movies/categories. People can come in to the store to watch movies/adult movies while we ensure total privacy.
  • Plays different types/variety of adult movies each night
  • Every Saturday for couple's night
  • Every Friday we play gay movies
  • Open 10am / 7 days a week (same as store business hours)
We have new theaters with 120 inch projected screen with crystal clear quality and have 26 seats. You won’t get bored in our selection of movies as we play different types/varieties of adult movies each night. We cater to different types of movies for different group (variety of movie).

I think it's important to note that Newbie and Lady were taking it slow, and that is always highly recommended to couples dipping their toes into this thing of ours. I strongly suggest gradually working towards your comfort level, a bit at a time. I have guided many couples using this strategy, and have been thanked many times over. Trust me on this, folks.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: A New Gloryhole Princess Shoot with a Journal Twist

Doc here... A paranoid man is a man who knows a little about what's going on.

This weekend, my good friend (and extremely naughty girl I might add) Piper, the Gloryhole Princess, is shooting a special video and set of still images.

We all know how adorable Piper is, with that contrast of her innocent girl next door looks juxtaposed with her love for anything naughty and perverted. What's so special about this new video and stills shoot?

Here are Piper's own words:

Hi Doc!

I am going to a gloryhole just for you this weekend. Really, just for
you. I won't have any fun sucking cock through a gloryhole dressed as a
newswoman with a Dr. Emilio microphone next to my face. ;)


Doc here again... This could be one of the coolest things to happen to The Good Doctor since The Journal began in 2009. 

Here is a video of Piper from a past report with a Good Doctor intro by her... Listen closely:

So kids, stay tuned for a teaser video and a few stills of Piper, in her newswoman outfit and Journal of Adult Theaters microphone, right here at The Journal.

Thanks Piper!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blasts from the Past! The Innocent Novice @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a first time report from new contributor, The Innocent Novice.
Like a good student of the game, he read through The Journal, picked up some important tips, and then executed them while visiting 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs.. That's how it is done.
Take it away, Innocent Novice...
Hey Doc!

I stumbled upon your blog about three years ago and quickly made my way through the archives! Wow, is all I can say about that! I quickly realized that I lived on 20 minutes from one your top 5 theater, 15 Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  I did not, however, have my first experience in this thing of ours until one year later, in the Fall of that year (2012) . I have had several incredible times since then that I have been building up the courage to write about since then. So here goes nothing...I think I'll label my experiences 1,2,3 and so on.
15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
My job does not allow me to play that often, so my first trip to the 15th was on a Tuesday afternoon. I knew from the blog that daytime play in this thing of ours is extremely hit and miss, but it felt the most comfortable for me at the time, so off i went. Although I was extremely nervous, the excitement in my pants was hardly unnoticeable. Unfortunately this first trip was fairly underwhelming besides an ok blow job by an older lady in one of the back rooms. I was the last of about 3 guys she sucked off. Not knowing exactly what I was doing, I just patiently waited for my number to be called. This first trip only wetted my appetite to what the atmosphere was like at the 15th at night. I promised myself I would return another time, during prime time!

Don't turn me off just yet, trust me, the best is yet to cum!

My second encounter occurred on a Friday night in September of 2012. Again, I pulled nervously into the parking lot around 10:30 pm. My excitement only grew when I saw the back parking area almost completely full. I anxiously parked and made my way into the store. I nervously purchased my ticket to the theater and spa area and quickly made my way into the theater. I had zero idea of what i was about to encounter!
I walked into not just a full theater but a standing room only theater. As my eyes adjusted, I quickly got the lay of the land. I attempted to count the number of single guys and couples but after a minute of frustration I stopped. I could not believe my eyes! Was this really happening?
I encountered at least 25 singles and 6 couples. I might be new to this thing of ours but I felt like an expert because of this blog. I pride myself in how I look and had showered and made myself presentable for the occasion. My eyes connected with beautiful women at every turn. I would smile nicely, giving them a nod of approval and patiently wait for them to make the move. This happened a handful of times until I exchanged smiles with an absolute stunner in the back of the theater. Ill call her K to assure her privacy. I was currently standing against the side wall. K was the type of woman I never expected to see at a place like 15th, but here she was and exchanging provocative glances with me. Let me first just say that my description will not do K justice. K was an absolute stunner, most definitely the class of the evening!

She was roughly 5'8" & no more than 115 with gorgeous long slender legs. She was wearing tight jeans with sequins on the pockets. I remember because I could hardly take my eyes off that ass. She was wearing a soft black top that was covering what appeared to be an incredible top shelf. She had long curly blonde hair, a true Milf! She was the whole package top to bottom and I would never have dreamed up what was going to happen next.

K followed her man to the booth areas and as can be expected a throng of men followed them, myself included. You could tell K was a little nervous and not quite comfortable with so many men right in top if her. They planted at the very last booth on the right. K leaned against the side & watched the movie on display, leaving only her covered ass for us to see. Her partner (D) was the obvious guarder of the situation. After a few minutes, it appeared they had given up and returned to the theater much to the chagrin of the penis gallery. At this point I thought the game was over, but decided to follow them back into the theater.
Once back in the theater I again exchanged glances with K, as she continued to show her approving smile. I wasn't quite sure what to do at this point, but all I could remember was doc talking about bring patient, so that's what I did. After a few more minutes of these smile exchanges, D & K again made their way back go the booths. Not many men followed, probably mostly because they figured nothing would happen. Because of our previous non verbal communication, I followed them down the hall trying to keep a healthy distance. I was joined by a handful if guys. We all gave a sigh of disappointment when they walked into the last booth and closed the door behind them.

My disappointment quickly vanished as K emerged from the booth. She bypassed several men ahead if me and with her sexy finger seductively beckoned me into the booth with them. My heart began beating faster and the hard on in my pants was throbbing. We exchanged quick pleasantries and before I knew it K had put her hair up in a pony tale and was unbuckling my pants. Because of the less then enjoyable encounter before, my expectations were minimal.
I attempted to help her undo my belt, but K slapped my hand away, not in a forceful way but in a "this is all part of the fun for me" way. I gladly stood back and enjoyed the view from up top. What happened next is a complete blue. K proceeded to give me to most incredible blow job I had ever received. Some women just get in there and go to town. Not K. She slowly began kissing my now throbbing cock nice and slow, working my hard on from side to side. At this point I could not believe what was happening. It was surreal.
My hands began to wonder and K did not seem to mind one bit. I have fairly long arms and large hands (you know what they say) so I quickly found my way down K's shirt with D's approval. Her beautiful DD breasts only intensified my throbbing hard on. D told her to remove her top to reveal the incredible breasts I had only felt before. Over the next several minutes, K rotated between me and D sucking us both almost to completion. Her soft sensual lips and mouth were almost to much to bear. I kept pushing her away, wanting this fantasy to continue and not end. She bent over and revealed gorgeous lacy panties. D gave me permission to feel her other worldly ass. This did not last long as K could not get enough of our cocks & she swooped in for the final blow! I respectfully asked her where she wanted me to cum. She replied "in my mouth," and seconds later I was exploding my man juice into her mouth.

Having a little more experience now, I should have asked her if I can return the favor but hey, you live, you learn, right! We changed goodbyes and I stumbled our of the booth only to find a throng of guys waiting outside. They all asked me how it was and treated me as if I had won the lottery & good grief by the looks of her, it felt like I had.

Well Doc, I have a few more stories in my personal archive. I had planned to share them with you today, but they will have to wait for another day. Do all the reports make the cut or do some of them reach the cutting room floor?

Until next time, may your luck be looking up in the world of this thing of ours!
The Innocent Novice
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Innocent Novice for his first report.  Nicely done, and keep them coming.
To answer your question, no, not all reports submitted make the cut.  If a report comes in and doesn't get published, it usually falls into one of three categories:
  1. Is not on topic. For example, The Journal focuses on the hetero adult theater scene, so if a report comes in regarding The Bijou Theater in Chicago (which is a gay theater), this is not the right forum for that report and it will be rejected. I once received a report about a nudist camp in Indiana. I like nudists. Honestly, I do. But The Journal is not about the nudist scene, and thus didn't get published.
  2. I can't correct the grammar in a timely fashion, or make out what is trying to be said. I'm not a psychic folks, just a paesan trying to make a living.  Run your reports through spell check in your e-mail editor before submitting, and it will save all of us a lot of time.
  3. The report has nothing to say.
This doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  But I will always write back to the author of the report and explain why it didn't run and give them the option to fix the issue.
Great question, Innocent Novice.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flash Report! floyd Hits The Paris Theatre in Portland for a Daytime Double-Header

Doc here, a man Indian's have a name for, with a Couple's Flash Report from our good friend floyd. floyd specializes on the daytime scene at Portland's Paris Theatre, and boy howdy, he hit pay dirt with these two visits.
Take it away, sir.
A Daytime Double-Header
Methinks it’s about time for you to spring for some high-test aviation fuel, gas up the Lizardo LearJet, and make tracks for PDX.  This summer’s action at Portland’s world-famous Paris Theater has been hot enough to peel the paint off those venerable walls, and yet Portland is still ranked fourth on your list. Perhaps you need to experience some of what goes on here in person, no? In any case, I’m sure Brent and I would be happy to host you for night and daytime visits, respectively.
Anyhow, here’s my take on last week’s daytime action. It’s kind of long but it’s all action and no filler! I was out of town for the first half of the week, so I didn’t get to experience the numerous Red Flags (signifying a couple in the theater) that flew.  Thursday was another matter entirely. 
The first Red Flag went up just ten minutes after the theater opened at 11:00. This reporter saw it late and didn’t make it into the theater until just after noon.  There was a couple still in the couples’ area at the rear. After my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could see that it was a regular couple, the one that I used to call the Strange Ones. That moniker came from their odd behavior: he would drop his drawers and slowly jerk off while watching the movie, and his older lady friend would sit next to him, fully clothed, and watch the movie. The first half dozen times I saw them that was all they did. All that changed one afternoon when she got completely naked and sucked and fucked a slim black dude until I thought he would have a heart attack.  I chronicled this in the second part of this report back in April.
So there they were, back to their old ways. Since the wild fucking episode I stopped calling them the Strange Ones, so now I’ll dub them Jerk Off Guy and his Lady. This day she was topless, with her huge natural tits on display, and she would periodically bend over and suck him off while he continued his slow stroke and watched the screen.  After twenty minutes or so, they appeared to be packing up to leave, but instead moved to one of the couches in the main theater. Let me leave the main plot for just a moment. This was one of those weird times in this thing of ours, specifically with daytimes at the Paris. There were only about four or five guys in the whole place, and all but your faithful scribe and one other old jacker had grown tired of the half-action that Jerk Off Guy and his Lady were providing, and were either in the small gay theater or up front where they couldn’t even see what was going on.
It was at this point, 1:10pm to be exact, that a single lady entered the couples’ area that had recently been vacated by JO Guy. She was a blond BBW with a cute face and her hair in small ponytail. I was literally the only guy who really even noticed her.  She sat on the back bench, made strong eye contact with this reporter, and started to slowly strip, first removing her sheer dark blouse to reveal huge natural tits encased in an industrial-strength bra. In minutes the bra and her skirt were gone, and there she sat, naked but for a tiny pink thong, playing with her big nipples, even lifting one massive breast to her mouth and sucking it. Well, I thought I’d see if she was interested in some company, so I walked around and stood in the doorway to the couples’ area. She now had one leg up on the couch and was fingering her pussy under the thong. Eye contact the whole time.
After watching her for a few minutes, she said something I didn’t understand, so I walked in and leaned over and asked what she had said. She pointed to her crotch and said, “You can touch it if you want to.” I asked her if I could help with her titty play first, and she answered in the affirmative. Soon I was licking and sucking her big hard left nipple while she had the right one back in her mouth. I moved over and stuck my tongue in her mouth, and we commenced a combination tongue kiss and nipple lick.  Extremely hot. This got her going, and when I put my hand on the one she had in her panties, she quickly replaced hers with mine, and I started diddling her clitty. She was getting hot and bothered when I calmly suggested that she might want a bit of a lick on the pussy.
“Yes, I would really, really like that,” she said.
 She then lay down on the bench, pulled her thong completely to one side, and presented me with a wet, bald snatch. After just twenty seconds of licking, she began to thrust her hips at me, rubbing her whole pussy up and down my face, HARD. Since she was going up and down, I made the decision any cunning linguist would and started thrashing my tongue back and forth, left to right. This combo action did it for her and she soon put a noisy wet cum all over my face. I looked up to see that the other jacker had been pulling her nips while I was lost in the pussy palace. Not another soul was even watching. I was late, so I cleaned up and headed out, as did Big Blondie.
After that wild, virtually unwatched scene, I was thinking that maybe there would be a couple in on Friday too, as Friday’s are usually above average for daytime action. What an understatement that turned out to be! Starting at just a few minutes past noon, there was a Red Flag, followed within minutes by another and an Orange Flag (single lady) on top of that.
When I arrived about fifteen minutes later, I noticed some action in the couples’ area that I couldn’t quite make out in the gloom. One thing I noticed was Big Blondie sitting in the middle in just that pink thong. As my eyes adjusted I could see a white ass going up and down but still couldn’t make out into whom (or what.) After about five minutes I realized that he was indeed fucking a beautiful, very dark skinned black girl while her thin black guy knelt on the floor next to her stroking her tits and face. She was so dark she practically blended in to the black covering on the back bench. He fucked her for a while, then hopped off and put on a new condom and matter-of-factly moved over to Big Blondie. 
Blondie flopped on her back with her legs in the air and he proceeded to fuck her too. I neglected to mention that Jerk Off Guy and his Lady were the other couple. They had moved to the same couch as the day before when Blondie started fucking, and she was topless with several guys standing near.  Turning around from the super-hot scene in the couples’ section, I saw a guy drop his drawers and start receiving an expert blowjob.
It was game on at the Paris, with three girls, all playing!
The guy fucking Blondie eventually finished and left, and a Hispanic dude who is a Paris regular walked in and started stroking the gorgeous black lady’s thighs. After a few minutes he went over and whispered something in Blondie’s ear. Her answer was a simple, “Condom.” He gloved up and proceeded to bang her hard with her legs again pointed at the ceiling. He only lasted a minute or two before groaning out his load.
The next sequence was one for the Adult Theater books. BBG (Beautiful Black Girl) was lying on her back with her head facing a now seated Blondie. Her guy was stroking her legs and Blondie was stroking her tits and simultaneously pulling on her own nipples. BBG then turned on her side, which gave us at the rail a spectacular view of her perfect round ass, and started noisily sucking Blondie’s tits.
After about ten minutes of this, BBG sat up and turned around, then lay back down on her back with one leg draped over Blondie’s. Blondie started stroking her inner thighs, and in no hurry at all very slowly started moving up. When she reached the pussy, BBG gave a little shudder and started slowly rotating her hips. Blondie diddled her for at least ten minutes, and then what every red-blooded male was hoping for happened: Blondie lay on her stomach, put her face in between BBG’s thighs, and started licking her pussy. Hot was not an adequate word for it.
After a good long licking, Blondie sat back up and greeted two guys who apparently had played with her earlier in the week (there were Orange Flags every day, and I’m pretty sure they were all Blondie.) This reporter had moved into the couples’ section for a closer look at the girl/girl, and Blondie had recognized me from Thursday. I was indulging in a little titty play when the two guys came in and took out there cocks. She took turns blowing and jacking both of them like a porn star.
Feeling left out, I asked BBG’s guy if I could touch. He said sure and I moved on her tits first. Spectacular. I asked to touch her pussy and he said sure. She was so dark that I assumed she was shaved smooth. What a surprise it was when touched a full thick wiry black bush! Carefully peeling her pussy lips apart, I proceeded to play where Blondie had eaten. After A bit I couldn’t resist, so I knelt on the floor and leaned over and started licking her. My first-ever taste of black pussy, and she was absolutely delicious! She started her hip rotation thing again so I’m sure she was loving the oral attention. I looked up from the pussy licking just in time to see that Blondie had both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Turning around, I could see that JO Guy’s Lady was in the process of taking her third load all over her big tits.
The action didn’t even begin to wind down until just before three when Jerk Off Guy and his Lady cleaned up and split.  Blondie finished the guys off a little later while BBG was still getting stroked and fingered, and things wound down from there. Doc, it was three solid hours of multiple fucks, swaps, blowjobs (even a double,) loads on tits, and boy/girl and girl/girl pussy licking. Gets my vote for hottest daytime action of the summer due to the sheer quantity, variety, and longevity of the action.
For the link to my previous report “this report” above.:
Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend floyd for another terrific report.  We are standing by for more daytime reports from you down the road, sir. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter @ Summit Street News in Warren, OH on Saturday 8/17/13

Doc here with senior reporter The Oral Reporter, and his report from the sin-sational Summit Street News in Warren, OH from the past Saturday night.
Take it away, sir.
Hi Doc,
This report comes from the Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio.  I had the evening off, so last night Saturday night I drove the 30 miles to Warren, Ohio arriving at about 6:45PM.
I had seen on the Summit Street Group page that several couples had been in earlier, and that one couple was in and looking for young couples.  Not being young or a couple I thought well maybe later it will be better for us single older guys.  When I arrived I met the two clerks Jake and Eric, I introduced myself, as I had been in the main theater previously and in the booth area before. 
I had never seen the private theaters, so Jake gave me the nickel tour of the private theaters.  There are now three private theaters with plans to do a fourth one.  Each has either one or two couches, large screen TVs and one is a Dungeon, with all the goodies you would expect to find in a dungeon.  They also have a portable glory hole wall that can be put into any of the private theaters.  So if we have any glory hole girls who want to enjoy themselves in one of the private theaters, this is the place for you to have a party.
Summit Street News
Warren, OH
Jake told me that there had been five couples in earlier, and one very sexy young couple had just left.  I told him the night was young, so I went into the main theater to see what the night would bring. 

There was a couple who had posted on Craigslist that they would be in around 8PM.  At 8:07 they arrived, and started playing almost immediately.  The lady was doing was oral and hand jobs to the penis gallery.  After the first round, I asked them if they had heard about the Dr. Emilio Lizardo blog, he said yes and she said no.  I told them I was a field reporter and they had seen my posting on the Summit Street group and said are you the Oral Reporter, I had to confess that yes I was.  I told them I would be writing a report and asked how I could identify them.  She said call her SS in the report.
This couple stayed in the theater playing for quite a time, and were experienced in this thing of ours.   Many hand jobs and a few blow jobs were given to the guys.  I have to commend the Penis Gallery, they were not too pushy, and were very respectful during the night with all of the couples who came in.
Couple number two came in while I was getting something to eat just down the street.  The Summit Street News does what the Paris in Portland does, they post when a couple comes in and if they are going to the main theater or the private theaters and what they are looking for. (Ed. Note: Do not ask the Good Dr. for info on Summit Street News' Yahoo Group. You need to go to the theater in person to get the info to join. Thanks.)
Summit Street News
Warren, OH
Couple number two was in the main theater when I got back, and sitting at the end of the couch on the left next to the theater screen.  She was a lovely lady with dark hair down to about the middle of her back, wearing a red or Pink top which allowed her to let the girls out too play, and a very short denim skirt.  Her guy had a bald head and was an average size guy.  They only played by themselves, but were putting on a great show. 
I had taken up residence on the same couch with them so I could get a birds eye view of the on going action between them.  They were in the theater for about 1 hour and there was constant interaction between them ending in a wonderful blow job she gave him  He was allowing her to slowly suck him off, then he would grab her hair and face fuck her for awhile and holding her head down on his hard cock , until she started to gag.  Once the blow job was complete, they got up and left the theater. I later found out from Jake and Eric that this was their first time in a theater like this! I think with a little time and a few more visits they will be playing with the Penis Gallery and other couples.  
While they were in the theater couple number three came in and they also only played with each other. She was a tall slender beautiful lady in her twenties, wearing a very nice sun dress, and red thong panties on.  He was wearing a Cleveland Browns football jersey with number 31 on it, so lets call him #31.  During their first trip of the evening she gave him a great blow job, and he got down and licked her pussy until she had an orgasm.  I looked on licking my lips wishing it was me licking her pretty pussy (again all the guys were not pushy and gave them room).  After that they left but came back later, this time he was finger banging her with a lot of gusto, probably the hardest and fastest finger banging I have ever seen. Part of the time she was giving #31 a fantastic blow job, he was at times face fucking her while finger banging her.  They put on a very good show for us guys in the penis gallery. 
When they left at about 11:30PM I walked out and asked them if they had heard of the Emilio Lizardo blog site, she had not but he was a reader and had seen my post of being there looking for a story.  I told them they would be a part of this report so watch the blog to read about themselves.  I talked to Jake and Eric and found out they were not complete newbies, but had only been to the theater a few times and were getting more relaxed with each visit.  I think they will start allowing some interplay with the couples and with the Penis Gallery.
She has the body that everyone of us guys in the Penis Gallery would like to explore, lick, get a blow job from, and maybe even have a chance to fuck.  I guess that will be dependent on how well the guys behave themselves when they do start to play with others.  So guys - no crowding and don't be pushy.  Let them initiate the play, your patience may be rewarded in the future.
So to recap, thank you SS for the hand job, and thank you to the other two couples for the show you put on.  This is a very clean theater, the couples and single ladies can feel safe in both the main theater and in the private theaters.  Eric and Jake are very friendly and give each of the couples, single ladies, and even the single guys who have not been there before a tour of the place and tell them all the things that are permitted and not permitted. The one big rule is no photography
Hope to get back here often when in the area.  Ladies and couples, lets get out and patronize this place! You will have a great experience!
Bye for now
The Oral Reporter
Doc here again... Many thanks as always to The Oral Reporter, as well as to the couples in attendance that night.  It's awesome to hear that of the couples, two out of three knew about The Journal of Adult Theaters.  That is exactly what The Journal is all about.  Opening the minds of couples looking to try out the adult theater scene.
Lastly, thanks to Eric and the crew at Summit Street News for having a great place.  I will have an updated profile of Summit Street News (w/new pics) coming soon to The Journal.  Stay tuned.