Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Couple's Field Report! XXX Barn in Amarillo, TX by Steve E.

Doc here with a Field Report from the XXX Barn in Amarillo, TX by first time contributor, Steve E.

If you have an address for these locations, please e-mail me at I will then add it to the database.

In the meantime, enjoy the song stylings of Steve E, and his Amarillo report...



I wanted to let you know I have been reading your posts and have been to many of the theatres that are in your directory. My wife and I went to one in Amarillo (that you do not have listed), and it is on the outskirts of town.  I do not know the address but the name of it is called the "XXX Barn". Its a little seedy, but awesome, if you like your theatre's dark and a little spooky.  It has many private rooms that my wife and I have played around in and one theatre showing straight movies.

There is one big private room where you can actually remove part of the wall (facing the theatre and the movie playing in it), revealing a huge glass window where everyone in the theatre can "enjoy the show you and your lady want to put on" and we did put on quite the show. My wife and I love an audience, and the more that watch the better she gets.

In any case,  I thought you would want to know so you can put it on the list. By the way everytime we have gone there. There are always couples there. The other one that is on your list in Amarillo is cool too, with balconies on all sides of the theatre, and very friendly to couples that play or put on a show.

Steve E.


Doc here again.... Keep up the great reports, Steve E!


Flash Report! Asslvr @ Swing Shift in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Doc here with report #2 from new reporter Asslvr. His reports are terrific, and he offers insight into being relatively new to this thing of ours.  You will see in his report how being patient and taking your time will reap many benefits in an adult theater. 

Being impatient will not.

The important thing here is that Asslvr recognized what was happening, adjusted his game plan, and in the end had a great time inside Swing Shift in Toronto's suburbs.

And a special hello to the couple familiar with The Journal who are the focal point of the report!

Here is Asslvr and his terrific report from Swing Shift Theatre...


Hey There Doc,

Two Saturday's ago, I met up a with a couple familiar with your blog at Swing Shift Theatre in Richmond Hill. We've been chatting on and they had advised me to show up on Saturday afternoon for some fun.

Got there a bit early and waited for an hour thinking they were a no show. Initial numbers where sparse but as we got closer to 3:00 more showed up. Was something up other than the stiff cocks? Just after 3:00 in walked a sex looking blond in a white dress and her tough looking hubby. They were very friendly and talked with the owner for a while. Blondie got changed into a tight black dress with exposed panels on the sides and no panties. She was ready for action.

I decided to sit in the hall and wait until they made their way into the theatre. Upon entry, they immediately sat in the front how of the back theatre with hubby to her right and an open seat to her left. There was a big trucker looking dude one seat over. I tried to sit next to Blondie but trucker dude slid in before me and I was being too eager. My rookie over aggressive move would work against me later. Blondie immediately pulled out hubby's cock and started to give him a blow job. The gallery of cocks started to crowd around her with me in the front row.

Blondie's second cock was trucker dude and she finished him to completion cumming in her mouth. After he came she said that's number one!!! She then turned sideways and started to blow lucky number two in the row behind her. At this point I was hoping to be number 3 standing directly in front of blondie jerking my cock with the others but hubby had other plans. I think he was concerned about how aggressive I was and asked me to give her some room. He then brought up two from the row behind and gave them next shot literally.

"Ok Asslvr (I'm thinking to myself) what would to good doctor advise?"  After Blondie finished number 3 and 4, I politely asked if I could be next and she replied yes. Yipee, Happy Days are here again!!!

She proceeded to give me an outstanding blow job with lots of ball sucking. Being a bit older, it takes me a bit longer to cum but she was very skilled. Her eagerness to please, accepting my cock and follow instructions got me harder the more she sucked and licked. At one point my Alpha male tendencies came out and I took off my shirt, shorts and wanted to take a higher position standing on the chair fucking her mouth. Both Hubby and Blondie both said the management would stop this type of action. I'm thinking to myself, "Down boy, down boy, don't fuck this up again". Once I refocused and got the "statue of liberty play" out of my mind, Blondie licked my balls on my request until I was ready to cum. At which point she engulfed my cock and swallowed every drop.

Boy was the theatre hot both physically and metaphorically and Blondie needed a break. I got dressed, thanked the couple and went outside to get some air. Chatted about our experience with one of the guys inside who got waved up then the couple came out and joined our conversation. What a great couple and as we talked we both commented how much we love your blog. Hubby asked if I was going to write a review and here I am on my computer trying to get published. My day was done but I think they went back for more fun. Hubby mentioned earlier they planned to be there for a while.

Well I am still making rookie mistakes but getting better at holding back the Alpha Dog. Heading to Seattle later this week and hope to have some fun at HEB.

As Always Your,



Doc here again... Thanks again to Asslvr for both a great report, but a peak inside his thought process on the mistake he was making, and the correction made to right the ship.

And to the couple who are familiar with The Journal... Please drop me an e-mail and share your couple's perspective on this afternoon at Swing Shift.

Keep up the solid reports Asslvr!