Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: "Back To Business"

When we last left The Good Doctor, his acrobatic dreams had been shattered. He was loaded onto a commercial flight, his tights and codpiece removed from his bag, and he was sent packing back to The Valley near the giant super highway.Yet, he forged ahead…

“This should be agony. I should be a mass of aching muscle — broken, spent, unable to move. And, were I an older man, I surely would... But I'm a man of 30 — of 20 again. The rain on my chest is a baptism. I'm born again.”

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea.  The Good Doctor is here, right where belongs, bringing you the latest from “this thing of ours”. My white suit is pressed, my stethoscope is at the ready, and it’s time to light this candle.

Let’s get started, shall we?

In the 7+ weeks I was away from the news desk @ The Journal, I tried my best to keep up with the incoming reports from this thing of ours. In my darkened room adjacent to the “Academie de Groin”, I was able to get a weak internet connection.  If the planets aligned, and the woman next door to me didn’t turn on her toaster, I could crank out the stray Flash Report.  But that was about it.  Flash forward to now… I’m back in my luxury office, my trusty dog (Barky Lizardo) at my feet, and I’m ready to push The Journal to new heights.
First of all, I am reviewing all the incoming reports received since late February.  All unpublished reports are now being edited, and will be up within the next 7 days.  If you have submitted a report, and have not seen it on The Journal yet, drop a quick e-mail to I will confirm with you that I have it or not.

A big thank you goes out to you, the loyal readers of The Journal for hanging in there during my bout of self-indulgence.  But fear not, a lesson was learned: Middle-aged paesans should never be in the acrobat business.


  • One of the more pleasant surprises in this thing of ours in 2012 is the reimagining of The Colony Adult Theater (& Cocktails) in East St. Louis, IL. The home turf of my esteemed colleague, MajorVoyeur, he knows as well as anyone that The Colony almost went the way of the do do bird and Tiger Woods’ game (on the course).  However, in stepped a couple involved in the adult scene in St. Louis, and they have injected some new life into marketing this throwback adult theater to make it even more couples friendly.  Theme nights are now common at The Colony. Check out this recent Flash Report for a few details on this new era of this thing of ours at The Colony.  The Colony is on The Good Doctor’s must visit list for this summer.

  • Portlandia is still the go-to place for this thing of ours, but there continue to be reports of the overly aggressive guys at The Paris Theatre (and to a lesser degree, The Oregon Theater across town).  Brent in Portland has a nice report on this, and I myself have seen this in person more than a few times.  Last weekend’s actions by aggressive younger guys at The Paris (as reported by both Brent and a couple’s own report) resulted in Portland dropping to #2 in this week’s Power Rankings. 

  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL continues to do well on both weekdays and weekend nights.  Their “Couples, Females, and T-Gurls Free” weeks at the beginning of each month create a lot of traffic on all sides of the fence.  Adding to the scene there, their huge party room gets opened during select major sporting events.  This provides a nice warm-up arena prior to hitting the theater, video booths, or the ever popular spa/steam room.

  • The Art Cinema in Hartford is right on top for The Good Doctor as a place to visit in 2012.  A look back at reports from M&S, a regular couple that attends The Art will show that its balcony is still the focal point of much fun and frolic. 

  • Comments are OPEN! The Good Doctor has opened up the “Comments” section with each new report on The Journal.  You can post anonymously or use a name, your call.  Comments will be moderated, but only for spam or flaming.  The rest flies

Call For Reports
The Good Doctor needs you!  Since all of this acrobat crap is over, we need to get to the task at hand: Adult theater reports.  And this is where you can and will shine.
Regular readers know we have 3 major varieties of reports:
  • Flash Reports – An accounting of an adult theater scene within the last few days or weeks.
  • Field Reports – A review of an adult theater itself, with a description of the layout, seating, video area, whether it’s couples friendly, etc.
  • Blasts From The Past – A report of a past classic experience at an adult theater.  Moaning Lisa had a great one recently about an adult theater experience in Hawaii many years ago.
The lifeblood of The Journal of Adult Theaters are your reports, and I need them pronto.  The public is hungry, and you have the ingredients to make dinner.

Send your Flash, Field, or Blast reports to me at I will edit, format, drop in the photos, and make you look like a champ.  Oh, and you get the byline.  If you have a photo or two of the outside of the theater you visit, that would be great!  I need new pics from this thing of ours to illustrate your (and future) articles at The Journal.  New reporters, this is for you… Please provide a pen name you wish to use for your reports moving forward.  Be creative. And remember, with your 2nd report submission, I will design a custom logo for your reports. Cool, eh?

Coming Soon!

  • A slightly revised layout to the web version of The Journal
  • New calls for special reports (like the “Top Adult Theater Woman” essays from two years ago)
  • More polls
  • More updates from adult theaters across the globe
  • And more photos of The Good Doctor in a public place
It’s good to be back folks…Thank you to the dozens of e-mails I received from readers welcoming me back to the fold.
Be safe out there.


Flash Report! Knight Brings A Friend To The Summit News Theater

Doc here with a report from one of my favorite field reporters, Knight.  His scope is wide, and he has a great following...In this report, Knight visits the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH with a lady friend. 

This is a good one folks...Fasten your seatbelts.


I have a friend who I've known for some time with whom there has been sexual banter.. I'll call her Ruthie. I sensed a deeper perversion in her (truly a 6th sense that only members of this thing of ours can discern). So I threw caution to the wind and asked her in a text "have you ever been to an adult theater?" She said it was funny I asked because just a week before she was thinking that it would be fun to go to a place like that to witness anonymous sex in the open. Of course she had no one to help her with that desire... until now. 

I gave her general info about what goes on, hoping to entice her but not scare her off. My sense about her perversions was correct and she jumped at the chance to go. Just a little background on Ruthie... she's in her mid 20's, about 5'2", 105lbs, a true spinner. She's a brunette with shoulder length hair and creamy skin with no need for makeup. She also has an unshaven pussy with wonderfully silky and soft hair. She's a ringer for Rooney Mara. She also has a penchant for submissiveness and loves male strength and extreme sexual atmospheres.. basically a dream come true for men of our tilt.

I organized a little tour for her.. first we would go to an ABS with gloryholes (on 422 near the PA/Ohio border) , then over to Youngstown to Fosters Art, then to the Summit in Warren.

The ABS was barren with only one guy who was more interested in me.. so we played around in the booths for a few minutes and left.  I didn't know that because this was a weeknight, Fosters was closed.. (Take note that they close at 6ish on weeknights and midnight Friday and Sat).

The Summit News was packed. We entered the theater and all attention turned to her. We sat on the back couch and after our eyes adjusted, I pulled out Mr. Happy and pushed her head down into my lap. This was a cue for everyone to crowd around with their cocks out hoping to be next. I told them to back up..

I stood Ruthie up and striped her of all her clothes (there were multiple gasps and comments about her physical perfection). Then I took out my rope which I had fashioned into 'prisoner cuffs' and secured her wrists. I then lead her naked around the theater a few times so all could get a view. I bent her over one of the front row of seats, wrapped up and entered her while instructing her to stroke a few of the cocks that were being presented to her. I grabbed her hair and had her take a few into her mouth. This went on for about an hour with us taking breaks and going to the booths then back to the theater. I was careful not to let anybody cum.

Then I had her kneel down at the back of the theater and invited anyone to step up and finish on her face and tits. Needless to say, she spent a while in the bathroom cleaning up the mess. Since it was her first time I held off having anyone fuck her, but clearly this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She said she was hooked on being a theater slut. Now I must come up with different devious things to challenge my submissive.. oh the work that comes with this thing of ours.



Doc here again... You can unfasten those seatbelts now....  It's fun like this that makes The Summit News a Top 5 Adult Theater in the weekly Power Rankings.  A huge thank you to Knight for another OUTSTANDING Flash Report chronicling this thing of ours.

The Good Doctor is still in need of adult theater reports.  Just e-mail your reports to I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and you get the glory and the byline.

Not a bad trade off.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Report for 4/7/12

Doc here with this week's Bob in Biloxi report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.  While most of us were waiting for the Easter Bunny, Bob was taking care of another bunny (this one of the professorial flavor).

So grab your jellybeans and enjoy this rousing report from our good friend Bob.


Hi Doc,

Hope this report finds you well... We haven’t heard a peep out of you since you resumed your practice back in your home town.

Last night was not quite as boring as last weekend, but it was very close. The only player that showed up was our English Professor Lady at the ABS. On the bright side, I was able to not only confirm and use our new and improved glory holes, but I can testify they work superbly! (ed. note: Episode IV of "This Old Porn House")

Last night, she was dressed in a print summer dress with black high heel boots; she always wears her blonde hair in what I would call a librarian bun. She wears gold wire rimmed glasses and really looks the part of maybe a professor type or quite librarian type. Underneath you can see the simmering kinky behavior she wants to unleash.

Bob in Biloxi
She started out as she always does, sitting in the chair next to the glory hole. She will wait until a hard cock is presented. It has to be hard, as she will rebuff any flaccid cocks. Seems she examines the specimen for quite awhile before she touches it.  However, when she does begin to touch, its amazing soft and delicate, and she takes her time before she begins to lick and engulf your cock.

Last night was no different; she must have sucked my cock for 30mins. Slow and deliberate as if she had all the time in the world. It really seems like she enjoys the hell out of sucking cock. I can’t confirm her husband was videoing, but there was a bright light coming from their side of the booth. In her favor, I can say she’s an expert in edging you to the point of no return then stopping and giving attention to another part of your anatomy (balls). It seems she can detect when you’re about to unload, and she will stop and do something else (like a sixth sense - she sees ready to pop people). She will then come back to her talent and finally after she’s sure she’s coaxed your very best to the top she will let you release. And release I did, damn!

Bob's Vanity Plate
She is very gentle during the aftermath as well, until she’s sure she’s got the last drop, as she continues to hold the base of your cock until there is no more to give her. Only at that time will she release you from her grip.

We concluded our playtime at 2200hrs (10:00pm). I said my thank you, "you were awesome "and departed. The next couple of fellows did not fare well as I understand, as she simply turned her head and refused to play with them. I did learn that they closed the place down however, so I don’t have an estimate on now many patrons succumbed to her talent. But the supply must have been well enough for them to stay until closing.

That’s the events that took place this Saturday night. Not much but worth the trip. Otherwise it was a gay and non lesbian convention at both places. Throw in a herd of confused folks and you have the total picture.



Doc here again...Thanks again to Bob, for both an excellent report and also his handyman skills in retrofitting the gloryholes at the Biloxi ABS.  He is certainly a hard worker.