Thursday, March 7, 2013

Special Announcement! Maya at The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA Friday 3/8 @ 5pm

Doc here with a special announcement of an upcoming visit Friday March 8th by the very hot Maya.

Here is Maya's announcement:

Tomorrow (Friday 3/8) I will be visiting around 5-6 PM at The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA, and for a cpl hrs only servicing guys in the GH booths only.

The address is:
1162 Pembroke Rd, Bethlehem, PA (also called Pembroke Adult Books)

Maya is a very naughty girl. How naughty?  Here are a few reminders...

Doc here again... Make sure you head out and support Maya at The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA. As you can see from her pics, she is full of trouble (the good kind). 

Tell her Doc sent you!


Reminder! 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa Weeklong Special Runs Through Sunday 3/10

Doc here with a quick special announcement concerning one of the top adult theaters in the country: 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL (in Chicago's western burbs).
The first week of every month showcases their "Weeklong Special", and it's a doozy.  Starting Monday, March 4th, and running through Sunday March 10th. Couples (boy/girl), single gals, and T-Gurls are free all week (including the spa)!
It's The Good Doctor's experience that this weeklong special is a great time to visit 15th Avenue! It is one of the premier adult theaters in the country, and possibly the cleanest!  The spa area is unique to this thing of ours, and provides a great way to relax and stay warm. 15th Avenue also has private rooms for rent that provide some privacy for you and maybe some of your newest best friends.
I cannot recommend 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa high enough! Enjoy the "Weeklong Special"!  Tell them Doc sent you!

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre in Portland 3/1/13 (w/NEW PICS!)

Doc here with an exceptional Couple's Flash Report from the insatiable Hawaiian Eyeful.
Fasten your seat belts for this one folks...
Hi Doc,
After spending Friday early evening listening to jazz, we ventured to the Paris Theater a little after 8:50 pm. I walked in wearing a sexy short black strapless dress with a midnight blue bodice accentuated with black high heels.   Upon my arrival, I instructed Jackson to put out the flag alert, “Hawaiian Eyeful”.  
As we entered the theater, I noticed one other couple in the couples room with about 20 men scattered about.  Some were viewing the action playing on the screen, while the last majority were watching and waiting to see if any of us would engage sexually. Could it be that the sight of sheets and towels beside me was a dead give away?  We began conversing with the crowd and our conversation led to which dessert I liked better, chocolate or cocks?   That was an easy answer: chocolate covered cocks!
This was my second visit on a Friday evening and was happy to see that there were many men already in attendance.   Although we don’t frequent the Paris as often as I would like, I noted that Brent was in his normal spot.  I figured since the couples room is not where we normally stop, he would not notice us right away.   As we settled in, my better half pulled the top of my dress down exposing my tantalizing breasts for all to view.   As he began to stimulate me by pulling and twisting my tits, I could feel my pussy getting wet with anticipation.  
The Real Hawaiian Eyeful
He then stood up, unhooked his belt, pulled down his pants and let me begin enjoying his hard cock. If two things get me more sexually turned on is to have my girls manhandled and sucked while I enjoy a nice size cock in my mouth.   As I continued to suck his cock, I was than commanded to get on my knees.
Not long thereafter, I moved over to the rail, laying the sheet on the cushion and made myself comfortable for all to enjoy.  It wasn’t long before the men began to fondle me in every place imaginable.   One cannot describe the sensuality one possesses while enjoying the so many hands stroking my inner thighs, fingers fucking me , hands twisting my nipples , making me squirt as if  there was no tomorrow.  It was then I realized I was ready for some more aggressive sex and agreed to head on down to the arena table. 
Once the word was given, the men moved quickly down to the front.  It is a good thing they all exited quickly as it saved me from embarrassment.   You see I almost landed face front onto the floor as I had forgotten the cushions are not affixed allowing someone like myself to fall with any quick movement. LOL
As I gained my composure, I left the couples oasis and headed down to my favorite place – the arena table.   I was the trophy entering center stage as the arena table was left wide open for me to sprawl my body out so they could enjoy my now ever wet pussy.  I was excited beyond anticipation knowing that I was going to be fucked into depths unknown.   There were many men stroking themselves waiting their turn for me to suck their cocks and to mount me.   As I continued to stroll down, I overhead someone say they had read about me and was looking forward to enjoying me personally.   I would of never imagined before I entered into “this thing of ours” that I would become the slut I enjoy being.
The Real Hawaiian Eyeful (Pt. 2)
Being the cock whore I am, I laid myself missionary style with my head hanging to I could enjoy a cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand.  As I was enjoying the cocks, I felt someone thrust their hard cock into my wet cunt.  With each deep thrust, I felt his breathing became heavier and in just a few passing minutes, I felt him release his load inside of me along with his moans of enjoyment. 
As he dismounted, another began licking out my pussy. Ahh, there’s nothing like someone licking and sucking the sweetness of my cum.  He must have been enjoying himself immensely as I squirted on his face and he continued licking me out.   It was then I realized my better half had left me. 
Well, not exactly, as I was quickly rest assured that he was in the back conversing with a few gentlemen.   After fucking and sucking several men, I requested a short rest period.  Unfortunately, as some men continued to play with my girls, it kept me pussy wanting.  So much for my rest.    
It was then I realized Brent was down below sucking and licking me out.  He then continued to pleasure me with his magic fingers – finger fucking me to intense pleasure. What whore would deny themselves of the sexual pleasures I was enjoying?   I then noticed one nice size cock that I knew I wanted to enjoy.  I then got into a doggy position where I could enjoy sucking his cock with the hopes that someone would mount me and fuck my pussy from behind. 
Unfortunately, there were no more men available.  Everyone had already been fucked, sucked or had released their loads onto my tits.
Realizing I was beginning to fade, we decided it was time to call it a night.  You see, usually after a night of many men, we get home so sexually charged that my honey and I continue on into the night.  I than got myself dressed and said good bye to the 20 plus men who allowed me to pleasure them as well as pleasing me.    
The Hawaiian Eyeful
p.s.   We plan on making a trip to the Oregon Theater sometime in the near future to partake in videos and pics.   We’ll let you know when this happens as I hope to see many of you there J 
Doc here again... Many, many thanks to Hawaiian Eyeful for this HOT report and new smoking hot pics from the front lines of The Paris Theatre in Portland.  The people of Portland really need to give her the keys to the city...or least to the theatre itself.
Keep the reports coming in, Miss Eyeful!