Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Feature: A Few Miniutes with Dr. Emilio

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters..."A Few Minutes with Dr. Emilio". The purpose of this new feature will be to update you, the good readers of The Journal, as to new happenings inside the world of "this thing of our's".  Whether it has to do with my travels outside The Valley near the small women's college, or in regard to the blog itself, you will read it here first.

With the introductions out of the way, I'd like to talk about some exciting news within the adult theater social media universe.

All of us inside "this thing of our's" have longed for a way to find out in real time when there was fun and frolic inside our favorite adult theaters. Whether you are one to participate, or you are one who enjoys viewing the show more than acting in the show, it has always been an educated guess as to when and where this is happening.

In the pre-internet age, those of us old enough to remember when we had nothing but instinct to go on would head to our favorite adult theaters on Friday and Saturday nights between 8 and closing.  Those were the best odds of finding what we were looking for.  The other 5 days of the week were long shots, if one were to gamble on a visit.

Fast forwarding up to 2005, the internet has provided a vehicle to either announce visits by couples/single females via Yahoo Groups, or by announcements by the actual theaters when a couple/single female entered the establishment.  Credit Ray @ The Paris in Portland, OR and Pete @ CTs in Gary, IN (ironically the top 2 ranked adult theaters in our Power Rankings section) as taking the lead in this area.  These systems are still in place, and provide a great way to know when and where the fun is happening.  We only wish more theaters would practice this (15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL is now getting on board with announcements within the last few months).

Tina at
CTs Adult Theater, Gary, IN

Right here, right now, we have begun the next phase of letting the good people within "TTOO" what is happening inside our favorite adult theaters in real time.  The Good Doctor launched his Twitter feed ( earlier this year, and was highlighted by "Live Tweeting" from a Tina gang bang inside CTs in Gary in July.  I even conducted a "Question and Answer" interview with Tina during a break in the GB that was transmitted back to the Twitterverse. 

Velvet Skye at
15th Ave Adult Theater,
Melrose Park, IL
I also live-Tweeted the appearances of our good friend Velvet Skye at the 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL during a 4 day visit this summer. Those who read the alerts certainly had a great time with her at the theater.

To date, I will transmit or re-Tweet any adult theater info I get as soon as it comes across my smartphone.  The Journal has experienced terrific growth in viewers in the last 3 months, and hopefully this real-time info has provided a good experience for you, the readers.

Within the last 3 weeks, two of my colleagues within "this thing of our's" have joined The Good Doctor in providing real-time info. 

First up was MajorVoyeur, my esteemed associate from the St. Louis area.  As he mentioned in his blog entry from last week, that he is now posting timely alerts via his Twitter account. The two adult theaters in his geographic area, The Colony and The Hustler Club Theater, are the focal points of his alerts and two great places to enjoy the adult theater experience.

The Good Doctor found himself in Portland, OR this past week visiting patients, and was able to break bread with my esteemed colleague, Brent. His Yahoo group, Brent's Theater Tails, is the gold-standard of Yahoo adult theater groups.   During the dinner, Brent told me of his desire to direct message to his Yahoo Group what exactly was going on with each "flag" that is posted by the Paris Theater crew.  To test his new service, we went to The Paris on Wednesday evening (which will be written about in the next day in a separate "House Call" report).  He was able to comment on some very hot girl-on-girl action from that night as it happened.  Mission accomplished.

Brent has then since reported on Friday night's fun at The Paris in the role of color commentator. It worked great, as it fleshed out the action going on in real-time.  An example of his commentary was:

Re: [brentstheatertails] Red Flag (9:19 PM)
2 couples one active with the boys We could use more people.

Nicely done, sir.

So there you have it, dear readers of The Journal.  The next step in adult theater reporting now has a foothold in Portland, St. Louis, and in the Chicago/Gary area.  Hopefully more field reporters will follow suit and join the next wave of social media.  If you one of those people, please e-mail The Good Doctor at I will get your link up, and I will do my best to spread the word.


I-Team Report: Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut, Part 15

Doc here with Part 15 of Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, Nina sticks close to home and heads to Airport Video in Everett, WA for some monkey business, as well as an encounter with a Sybian.

Here is "B"'s latest essay on Nina...
We decided to make the trip up to Everett to visit the Airport Video just for a change of pace. We like to arrive there after midnight to avoid the asshole manager. The guy has been there forever and has done his best to run off their couples business however that is a whole other chapter. We have gone up there off and on for several years and for the most part really enjoyed ourselves. It isn’t near as safe from the local authorities as Portland. We have never seen the authorities in the theater before, however I read in Brent’s group a couple said that the deputies did come in and harassed them pretty good. If you play in Washington you need to be careful.

Airport Video
Everett, WA
This night there was a new guy on duty, a very pleasant guy, who had heard about us and was very glad to see us. It is always nice to be welcomed in and treated well instead of like a criminal. Nina was in her usual provocative costume so she felt comfortable wondering around through the sex toy area doing a little flashing before entering the theater. It wasn’t long before she had a couple of guys checking her out. The clerk encouraged her to show a little more than just a little flash now and then, so it wasn’t long before she was only wearing her garter belt stockings and high heels and as word traveled at lightning speed into the theater, all of sudden she has a entourage of 15 following her around. This made the friendly clerk nervous and suggested we go into the theater.

We entered the theater with her posse close behind, or should I say close to her behind. We picked out a seat in the middle of the room and on the entrance side, so if the boys in blue happen in, the first place they look is on the right side of the room and in the back were the gay’s hang out. Nina was quickly surrounded by a bunch of horny guys who had just witnessed a naked women parading around in the front of the store. I usually tell the guys to give her some breathing room and approach her slowly. I was seated on Nina’s right next to the wall. The guy seated next to her was playing with her pussy and another guy quickly positioned himself in front of her with his cock out and of course she started giving him a blow job. Then a guy got down on his knees in front of her moving the guy who was getting a blow job over just far enough so the guy could still get his cock sucked and far enough away so he could squeeze in and eat her pussy.

Several guys rotated in and out of the seat next to her and several guys got blow jobs. Finally one of the guys that was seated next to her leaned over and whispered something in her ear, then Nina leaned over and whispered in my ear that the guy said he had a Sybian machine in his car and asked if she would like to try it. Nina has always wanted to try a Sybian but never had the opportunity before. She said let’s take him to our motel room and give it a try. She leaned back over and whispered in his ear “let’s do it”.

We told him to give us a half hour and then come on down. He showed up at the motel in fifteen minutes with his buddy and the machine in a carrying case. The boy’s set the machine up on the floor and set up chairs to watch the show. Nina never leaves on a sexual foray without her toy bag so she had her own personal custom made dildo for the machine.

The boys were anxiously awaiting Nina to come out of the bathroom to proceed with the show and maybe some possible one on one action with Nina. The boys were not disappointed when she came out wearing a see through baby doll nighty and the usual garter belt and stockings. She walked over and let them fondle her a little, lubed up the dildo already attached to the machine and proceeded to ride the Sybian. She started out on the lowest setting and soon after had it turned up to high swift, she rode that thing until she had at least three orgasms and the machine was starting to smoke. She thanked them both by fucking them until their eyes bugged out. The machine was still hot enough that they had to use towels acting like oven mitts to load the machine into its case.

It just goes to show, you never know what good fortune you may encounter while visiting your local porn theater.

End of Part 15
Thanks "B" for another great tale from Nina.  The Good Doctor has had the great fortune to see Nina in action at the old Jefferson Theater on Portland, and she is as advertised. Hot, sexy, and very naughty.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor at I'll get your report all shined up and read for prime-time.  It's easy.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.