Monday, July 16, 2012

Tour Of Duty 2012 With Old Marine Corps Guy : Chapter 1

Doc here with the first of several special reports from senior reporter and Marine Corps vet, Old Marine Corps Guy

The Tour of Duty 2012 will cover OMCG's visit to 16 adult theaters in Southern California and Las Vegas.  Along the way, he has taken new pics of each venue, and will provide a quick Field Report on each adult theater.

Old Marine Corps Guy has hit this one out of the park, folks.  Great reports, terrific photos, and a no-nonsense recap of each location.

One can expect nothing less from OMCG. He was on the scene in the 70's in LA, during the golden age of adult theaters.  And he is the only person I know who had an adult theater encounter with a 80's A-List celebrity (mums the word on who it is... But I know).

Look for new reports every day at 3pm CDT

So, teeing off on the first hole, I present to you Old Marine Corps Guy and his Tour of Duty 2012...


Adult Superstore at 3850 W. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV
$10.00 entry fee, no in and out.  2 theaters, 1 str8 and 1 gay.  Seating is regular movie seats.  About 40 seats in the str8 theater, about 25 in the gay theater.  Loud buzzeer announces new arrivals into the theater so you have time to square away.  24/7  Large parking lot.

Used to be good action there years ago, but nothing at all when I was there and the few players I talked with said the town has died as far as action goes.  It's a shame.  Vegas used to be great action.

Check back Tuesday at 3pm CDT for Chapter 2 of Old Marine Corp Guy's Tour of Duty 2012.

Field Report! Father G Hits The Summit News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a nice Field Report from first time contributor, Father G (as in Father Guido Sarducci).  If you have ever thought about hitting one of the top adult theater/ABS locations in the midwest, The Summit News in Warren, OH, then you need to read this report.

Everything you want tor need to know about The Summit is in this report...

Here is Father G, and his Field Report on The Summit Street News...


Hey Doc,

Just wanted to reach out and share some information from your suggested advice for myself and my lady, who have never been to a theater. 

Everyone loves to log on and get right into the hot, gooey stories and picture reports...  This is not one of them, but I feel, a good read for the good folks out there who are lurking the blog, considering a visit like we are, have little to no experience and are thinking of dipping a toe into the shallow end of "this thing of ours".

Last weekend I had the opportunity, while traveling on the road, to  visit one of your suggested theaters, The Summit Street News in  Warren Ohio.  It's not difficult to get to, and the parking is ample.  Unfortunately I arrived there quite late on a Saturday night, around 10:45 PM.  The Summit is open from 8AM till midnight. 

As I pulled into the lot, I noticed a couple standing near some cars having a chat.  I'll get to that later.  As I came upon the entrance, there were a half dozen or so gents outside smoking and keeping a watch on the couple.  I entered and approached the counter in the center hall.  Some lads were chatting through the opening in the wall to the clerk on the other side. The clerk immediately said hello and asked me to step around to the store side, introduced himself as Erik and was extremely cordial and welcoming.  He asked if it was my first time at the Summit (guess I was screaming newbe), so I admitted I was and here to do some recon for my lady and I.  He asked how I found out about the theater. I mentioned the good doctor's blog here and he crinkled a smile. 

He jumped at the chance to be even more accommodating and offered a personal tour of the establishment.  He was open, honest, thorough and I couldn't help but feel like I wish my lady was there to witness how friendly the staff  was.  Erik took me through a tour of the booth area. I asked if there were holes, he mentioned the authorities suggested not to include them and because they
didn't, do not come around to hassle at all.  The booths do not have doors, but are semi private with a labyrinth type of entrance.

There were perhaps another five or six guys trolling around the booth area, mainly a sausage fest.  We continued to the "public" theater and I was surprised to find it rather small but cozy with
long couches along the wall and in rows as well. There was no couple action going on, only some fellow seated comfortably taking in the porno playing and a couple of gents in the back corner
smokin' the Jayhawk. Erik wanted to show me the "private theater", however it was occupied. 

The clerk explained how it works and suggested for a new couple to call in advance and reserve it if
they knew they were coming.  He said it's easier having that room to choose through anyone of interest, since it's a separate ticket cost to enter that room for both singles and couples. He suggested
that if we were serious about adding participants, to drop a note on their Yahoo Group (SummitNewsOhio) beforehand, and even letting him know any preferences, such as age, race and such for him to make suggestions to the patrons, and/or moderate while we were in the private room.  He suggested the private theater might also be better to also start with, due to the volume of interest we would generate within the public theater.  Erik mentioned that the patrons will listen if we as them to back off, and if not, to immediately seek him out and her will throw them out.  He pointed out that has yet to happen on his watch.  Prices were $11 for single, $16 per couple for the "public theater" and the same, additional prices for the "private theater".  The clerk mentioned that couples typically spend up to 2 hours in the private room, and are courteous to others who also wish to use it.

Tuesday is Gay Night and Wednesday is Couples Night which included free entry for couples.  Erik mentioned that the most couple activity usually takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings between eight and ten PM, which might explain the heavy sausage count while I was there...  But then again, many here on the blog mention to be patient and good things come to those who wait, so I didn't judge them at all for lurking and trolling around.  

As I thanked him I couldn't help but think that the couples who frequented the Summit go there with a purpose to play and include others within their play.  I also thought that my lady and I would
have every opportunity to either respectfully dip a toe in, or go overboard completely at The Summit Street News. I was exhausted from travel and had another 40 minutes to the hotel, so I decided
to thank him for his hospitality and take my leave.  While walking to my car, the couple was slowly walking to what seemed like their Harley.  As I passed them, it was clear by her body language that the woman either had enough action that night, or wasn't as interested as her man was, to go back inside. 

Overall thoughts on the recon visit was that the staff was very pleasant and interested in couples having a positive experience there.  My lady and I maybe passing through in the end of August, and have a stop at The Summit planned if we do.

Father G


A big thank you to Father G and his excellent Field Report on The Summit Street News. If you are part of a couple, and have questions about adult theater, etc., then you have come to the right place. Father G's report covers many of the questions you might have (both specific and general).

Father G, we are looking forward to your next sermon.