Sunday, July 29, 2012

Post # 1000! Laney From Texas Visiting CTs Adult Theater In Gary 8/21 -8/23 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with Post #1000 here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and why not celebrtate it with an announcement from Laney in Texas!

Laney will be visiting CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN from August 21 through August 23.  These will be daytime visits (nooners), so you better ask your boss for an extra long lunch those days.  Also, more details to following in the coming days.

Those who have seen Laney in action in Gary, Portland, Dallas, or Hartford, know that she is a dynamo in the gang bang scene. But don't take my word for it, here is a statement direct from Laney:

Hello from Texas.  I will be back to see you guys in August. I would like to break my record again.I will be doing nooners only on August21st thru 23th. Please help me by telling everyone you know that I like suck,fuck and you can cum on me anywhere you like. Can't wait to see you guys. 

Laney from Texas

Here are 4 new images of Laney, doing her thing (click to enbiggen them!)...

Flash Report! Bud Fox Reports From 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a first time report from freshman reporter, Bud Fox.

I had the pleasure of first corresponding with Bud when he had some questions about adult theater etiquette. Armed with that knowledge, he is now in the front lines of this thing of ours, and doing a great job.

On this Friday evening, I happened to stop by for a visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  In my conversations with a few of the other regulars, Bud introduced himself and we had a terrific conversation.

Well, he took The Good Doctor's advice, and it yielded big dividends...

Here is Gordon Gekko's protege, Bud Fox, and his first report.



It was a pleasure meeting you at 15th last Friday, 7/20th. Your blog has been a great guide for a rookie like me.  I have give you credit.. You always say be patient... And you were right..

Here is my report...

It's was a Friday night at 15th Ave, and for a Friday it was pretty full. There was a bachelor party next door, and the theater had a few couples but nothing really going on.. You always say to be patient, and you were right.

While taking a break outside, a beautiful young lady late 20s drives up, and met her boyfriend/companion.  They came inside and rented a room in the spa. They didn't even go into the theater, they went straight into the spa where she changed into a thong and nipple clamps bra.

The crowd followed and she led her man to the bleachers section, where they started playing in front of the crowd. She then instructed him to fuck her, and he followed her orders. After fucking her for a bit she asked (more accurately, demanded) for more cocks at the ready.

She had many suitors and the fun began... Her male friend finally gained his strength and fucked her good.. As did others in the crowd (ed note- The rumor that The Good Doctor was the 3rd guy to fuck this sassy brunette doggie style with a handful of her hair in his fist cannot be confirmed, nor denied).

She then needed a shower, so the party went into the shower area. Then it was back for some more fun.. This time at the bleachers, two sexy African American women and their male companion in addition to about 10 to15 guys were watching and looking for the opportunity.  All three ladies began bonding and one of the ladies was not ready to jump in. She was timid at first, but that changed later on..

A pussy eating challenge took place, and two of the women had men between their thighs. The crowd grew hungry, so the main attraction went back to her room and a line of men where ready to assist the brunette. She selected a few in the room, and then later came out for another break/ shower and some movie time in the theater. The other ladies where in the shower area taking care of business. And the timid woman in the beginning let go and started fucking a few of the guys.

I was waiting for the main attraction.  And I was happy to get selected to be one of the few guys to be able to enjoy some time with her.. At this point she was fucked to oblivion.. So her man and her asked if we would like to jerk off and cum on her tits.. We all said yes .. And one by one.. We gave her our baby batter.. It was my first load and it was a lot.. She enjoyed as did I.

I thanked them both and walked out into the July night.

A good night at the 15th. Thanks again for the amazing information.

Bud Fox


Excellent job, Bud. It was a good evening on Chicago's far west side, and I'm glad you were patient, and cashed in at the end of the evening.  Keep the reports coming, sir. 

When it comes to this thing of ours, "If you aren't inside, you're outside."


Tour of Duty 2012: Chapter 10 - Red Panty Theater in Azuza, CA

Red Panty Bookstore and Theater
530 South Citrus Ave. Azuza, CA

  • $12.00 admission.  24/7
  • Small bookstore and theater
  • Worst excuse I've ever seen for a porn theater.
  • This is a 6'X20' room that has been divided in half buy a wall with an open doorway between the str8 and gay sides.
  • Plastic patio chairs (4) on each side.
  • Sliding wooden door for entry, with no newcomer warning at all.
  • No public restroom available.
  • Don't waste your time, or your gas, bothering to go to this dump.