Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visit Announcement: S&K Visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT (12/1) at 10pm!

Doc here, a man who some say has gotten more guys laid than 1-800 Flowers (Thank you Khal!), with a last minute Visit Announcement that will be a great start to your December.

My good friends S&K (and myself) will be stopping by 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT, Thursday 12/1/16, to take in a movie or two at 10pm. They would love to have some fellow movie lovers join them for a showing of "It's a Wonderful Bukkake Life."  

S is a smoking hot red head (you may remember her from one of the sexy outfit contests The Good Doctor hosted earlier this year at 15th Ave.), and a very bad girl. 

Non-latex condoms are the order of the day, gents. 

As always gents, remember the following rules:
  • Be respectful.
  • Be patient.
  • Listen to our instructions.
  • No crowding, otherwise you'll be out of the mix. 

Join us tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater tonight, Thursday 12/1, at 10pm. 


Field Report! The Beard Sweeps Through the Mid-Atlantic for 3 Visits (BNA, Annabelle's, CVE)

Doc here, a man who some say once devoured 14 water ices in one setting, triggering a brain freeze some argue he never recovered from. 

The Good Doctor thinks you'll enjoy this report from first-time Journal scribe "The Beard".  The Beard hit a few of the Mid-Atlantic's most notable adult theaters, and has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal, deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college. His beard has also been known to hypnotize women. Fact.

The Beard visited some of The Good Doctor's favorite places in the late Spring: BNA in Berlin, NJ, Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC, and CVE in Gastonia, NC. 

Please welcome to The Journal, The Beard.



Here is my report from the week of traveling down south earlier this year. This may be old news, but might be of help to some people as they hit these locations.  

Friday - Berlin News Agency 

Arrived about 9:30pm a little later than I like (damned Turnpike traffic),  and seemed to had just missed a couple. No big deal since I have almost never left BNA on a Friday or Saturday night unhappy. 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Taking a lay of the land the theater to the left was empty and the first cubicle in the front had a well dressed younger lady and her guy hanging out. The next two were occupied buy other guys and the fourth to the right had a group with a lady not to my liking. They are regulars as I have seen then before and only get down every few months. 

A little while later an older couple comes in and walks around for a bit and finally settles into the 2nd cubicle. They have some fun with a few guys, with a large group surrounding them and I'm blocked out and resigned to watch. They have their fun and must have left while I was in the next cubicle. 

While that is going on another couple comes in and joins couple in the 1st cubicle and after awhile the female half of the couple decides to play, as she takes off her top and starts to orally pleasure some of the gathered masses, me included. She was doing a fine job and the lady from couple # 1 gets up and starts playing as well. By this time I had let another guy enjoy what I had and moved on to her friend who by this time was taking on guys from both ends. I patiently waited my turn and was rewarded by an awesome BJ and then suited up, moved around behind her and hit her doggie. When I completed, I thanked her and retreated outside for a smoke and to regain myself.