Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I-Team Report: Drew Park Update #2 in Tampa by Enzyte Bob - The Nitty Gritty

Doc here with the important follow-up I-Team Report by Enzyte Bob on the Tampa LE crackdown on Fantasyland and Fantasyland II that took place within the last 30+ days.

Enzyte Bob requested copies of the arrest reports from the Tampa Police Department, and they have now arrived at Enzyte Bob's compound in Florida.  He has analyzed the reports, and summarized his findings.  The results are fascinating to say the least, and back up Bob's original theories as to how the accused were charged.

Here we go...


I have received, copies of the reports from the Tampa Police Department dealing with the arrests at Fantasyland in the mail upon my return to town today.  I was somewhat surprised at the amount of information I received, as it dealt with more than the physical arrests on which my request was based, but apparently, they are cross-referencing the cases.  Thus, request one, get all.  I will summarize and quote from the reports as necessary, but in spite of the fact that this is all public record, I shall not provide names or identifying information beyond the general.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A total of nine, yes, nine,  individuals were arrested; one 21 year-old, white female and men ranging from 41 through 74.  Four of the men were in their 70's (attaboy guys!!...possibly inappropriate, given the situation).  The female was listed as a "stripper" from a local Tampa men's club and one of the men was a local lawyer.  I suspect the cops took great pleasure in making the arrest of a local lawyer.

The mechanisms by which these people were arrested followed, pretty much, the pattern I advised the young lady on the Fantasyland website to avoid.  The police report states, "This assignment [of two undercover police officers] was to combat open sexual activity/lewd activity, addressing a complaint of open sexual acts and prostitution."

The 21 year-old  stripper and her 41 year-old male companion went into the room off the main theater at Fantasyland that has the glass partition between it and the main theater.  They did not pull the curtain and could be seen through the window.  She performed oral sex on him, he fingered her and they both engaged in intercourse while visible through the glass.  The male was arrested and booked, the female was arrested, issued a summons and released...bush bond?...but I digress.

Four men were arrested because they jerked off while they watched the couple in the exhibitionist room.  Others were arrested for just jerking off while watching the porn on the big screen.

So, it would seem, based on the above, that the police are, in fact, picking the easy, low-hanging fruit, in that they are arresting the men and women who are engaging in sex very openly that can be observed from very public areas.  The term "open and notorious" comes to mind.  This tends to be supported by later actions of the police on their second round of arrests.

Friday, April 1, 2011

On this evening four men between 26 and 40 were arrested.  A Hispanic female entered the "couples room" at the rear of the main theater (This room contains both a big-screen TV, showing porn, and also a couch and and a mattress.)  In a statement to the police (more on this later), she stated that her boyfriend, in Washington, was on the phone while listening to her have sex with other men in the couples room in Fantasyland.  The four men arrested were not arrested for having sex with this woman.  They were arrested because they stood outside the door of the couples room listening, with their cocks in their hand, jerking off or came out of the couples room with their cocks still hanging out of their unzipped pants.  Those arrests not associated with the couples room in this fashion were just jerking off while watching the porn.

Oh, the woman and one man that was in the couples room with her, but did not come out with his pee-pee hanging out, were detained, but not arrested, and were released after making statements.

My Comments and Conclusions

The man and woman that were released were asked (probably coerced, by threats to arrest them) into making statements, but were released after stating they did not know they were engaged in illegal activity (which they were not, otherwise they would have been arrested).  The police apparently took some liberties with correct statements of the law and told them that their activity was against the law.  Under the police interpretation of the law, having sex in a private area of a public place, is illegal.  Thus, people renting rooms in motels could be arrested.  I think, not.

The couple was in a room with an expectation of privacy.  The door was closed, the window in this room can only be seen through from inside to outside, so their activity was presumably private.  They could even lock the door and allow in only persons they wanted.  Any person that came into the room, given the nature of the establishment, arguably consented to seeing the exhibition, thus, they were not arrested.

If you jerk off in a "public place" like the main theater in Fantasyland, you risk being arrested and likely convicted of a crime.  If you are in a room that has a door, you limit access to those that you invite in or you are in a booth with a gloryhole, you are probably safe.  If you are in a theater area, open to the public, you may have a problem if the PoPo show up.  If you go into one of the more private rooms and are just a little bit selective, you are not likely to suffer the same fate.  The proof, in my humble opinion, is the fact that the man and woman that remained in the couples room and were never seen from a "public" place in Fantasyland, were released.  I would argue that, had they invoked their Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent and asked to call a lawyer, they, probably would have been released without making any statements. 

Oh, and just a note, even the Supreme Court of the United States has stated that a U.S. citizen is not required to produce identification upon demand of the police (they do have to give the police officer their correct name, however, not their address or any other information) [see:  LARRY D. HIIBEL, PETITIONER v. SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF NEVADA, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, ET AL.  U.S. SUPREME COURT, 2004... ], but again, I digress.

I shall keep an eye out for more information, but suspect that this gives us a good idea of how LE is dealing with the situation.  However, as I suspect they are monitoring this and other websites related to Fantasyland, I suspect they may be on to our intelligence gathering and that we are now more educated consumers of "this thing of ours."  Fantasyland will be under scrutiny and care must be taken.

Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... There is a lot here to digest. I asked Enzyte Bob some follow-up questions prior to publishing his report.  Here are the Q's and the A's:

Question: Any mention of Fantasyland's website or my site in terms of probable cause to investigate?

Answer: No mention of any kind regarding either the Fantasyland website or your blog.  The "P.C." for the investigation is based on "complaints of prostitution and lewd and lascivious/open sexual conduct" according to the reports on both days.
Question: Any mention of keeping the investigation ongoing?

Answer: There is nothing that indicates an ongoing investigation, although, I got the overall impression that this is a catch-as-catch-can kind of operation; unfortunately, random and unpredictable.  The April 1 report did refer to  "ROC Squad 131" (Rapid Offender Control).  I did some research and found the following on the Tampa P.D. ROC Squad: Rapid Offender Control Officers, known as ROC, focus on high crime areas called Offender Control Zones.

The Good Doctor's orders in terms of Tampa's Drew Park area (remember, there are 4 adult theaters with a very short distance of each other: The Playhouse, Thee Love Shack, Fantasyland I and II) are to use extreme caution.  I am in complete agreement with Enzyte Bob's suggestions above.  Private rooms should  be OK. Don't confuse should with are.  Do you want to take that chance?

Is there any positive to take from this?  Enzyte Bob's conclusion is that the actions were the result of a complaint being filed.  The local LE need to investigate the complaint, and take action where appropriate.  This method is no different than similar adult theater/ABS situations in different parts of the country in the recent past: 1) A complaint, 2) An investigation, 3) Action.  Eventually, the focus of the investigation will cool off.

Also keep in mind, this is Tampa, which was once the focal point of adult theaters in the entire country.  The heat has been on and off this area for a few years now, and has put a damper on what was the #1 spot for this thing of ours.  The laws are different across the US when it comes to adult theaters, as evidenced by Portland and other areas.  Looking at my Power Rankings will indicate what areas are best suited for a positive adult theater experience.

Until then, we (Enzyte Bob and myself) will keep a close eye on new developments in Tampa and this thing of ours.

Lastly, keep in the back of your mind the following in terms of Tampa: When in doubt, don't.