Friday, April 19, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Lonely Tina and David @ Adult Pleasures in Toledo (w/PICS!)

Doc here with an excellent first time Couple's Flash Report from Lonely Tina & David.

They visited the Adult Pleasures ABS in Toledo, OH, and this is their story.



Hello Doc,

Greetings from Toledo, Ohio. My wife Tina and I have enjoyed your site for the last few months and would like to share one of our eperiences.

One Friday night in february we were both feeling a little frisky and decided to head to Adult Pleasures in Toledo. We arrived a little after 8 and the place was empty, just the clerk. Not a very friendly clerk, as he informed us that couples were not allowed into the booths. But after a 10 dollar tip he changed his tune.
Lonely Tina
So we headed into a booth, checking to make sure there was a gloryhole before we entered. Locked the door and started a movie and waited.. Tina was dressed in a short leather skirt, heels, garters and stockings. 5 minutes later a man entered the room next to us, in his 50s , very small penis. I recorded with my phone as my wife sucked this mans cock until he blew a load inside her mouth and left.

After that she sucked off 2 more men and then a huge black cock stuck through the hole. She smiled at me and grabbed his cock and went to work. After 15 minutes of sucking and him fondling her she could no longer take it. Her skirt came up, pantys down and she guided his black tool inside her. Me, still holding the camera nearly came in my pants as I watched my wife take this black man deep inside her. Finally she turned around and jerked and sucked him until he came all over her face.. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lonely Tina and David

Lonely Tina Gallery (Click thumbnails to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... Many thanks to Lonely Tina and David for this great report!