Friday, June 8, 2012

Flash Report! Daytime Fun @ The Paris In PDX By floyd

Doc here with a great daytime Flash Report from Portlandia, courtesy of our good friend floyd. The Paris is hopping these days, and between floyd and Brent, we have it covered for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Here is floyd...


Hi Doc,

It’s a quickie report from your loyal daytime correspondent from Portland, OR. Action has been slow daytimes, but not today!

At 12:43pm, today (Tuesday) the Red Flag flew over the world famous Paris Adult Theater in Portland, OR, indicating that a couple had arrived.  It’s Rose Festival time in Portland, when there are tons of tourists in town, many of whom wander in to the Paris and stay five minutes. So my expectations were low,especially since daytime action has been all but nonexistent for the last few weeks, which is pretty strange with all the tourist activity and better weather, which in years past has brought theater visitors out en masse.

I got there a few minutes after 1:00pm. She was a thirty-something brunette, nicely built with big natural tits and a cute ass.He was a big, good-looking guy. They are obviously theater regulars, although I don't recall seeing either of them at the Paris before.  My guess it's a FWB situation.  I was told they started out in the couples’ section but by the time I got there she was spread-eagled naked on the arena table with only a guy or two watching. Her guy ate her pussy, with her being very noisy, and then fucked her mish for a while, with her shamelessly making most enjoyable fuck noises. He took a break to eat her some more, then sheathed back up and did her doggie, with the few guys who were watching (including floyd)  playing with her big sensitive nipples.

He did this routine twice more, probably losing his erection after a while each time I would guess, as I don’t think he came. I think we all know "condom impotence!"  He offered to let others fuck her, but amazingly there were no takers.  Tobe honest, there was more gay action between guys not even paying attention to the babe getting noisily fucked than there were hetero watchers.  Very strange for the Paris.  This reporter would have jumped right in, but I left my chemical assistance tablets in my other jacket, and I need them these days when using condoms.  I did make an effort, however, and managed to get it in missionary-style for a few seconds, but alas.  She seemed disappointed that there weren't more guys to bang her, and this when there are thousands of guys complaining that they can't get laid!  What a country.

He took off the condom after the last loud pounding session and jerked off facing her tits, and finally put a giant load all over them. They were cleaning up and dressing when I left at 2:05pm.

Another daytime bonus play at the fabulous Paris.



Doc here again... Thanks again to floyd for being "floyd-y on the spot" for us at The Paris Theater in downtown Portland. The scene at The Paris is at times beyond description, but thanks to floyd and Brent, their translations always make perfect sense.