Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor... Gangham Style

Doc here... The original Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy guy, with a quick note from The Valley near the small women's liberals arts college...

I just wanted to thank my good friend and colleague Brent from Portland for minding the store this past weekend while I was away traveling with the Lizardo clan to the Sena Mounds. His posts about  new reports were much appreciated.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record of kazoo favorites, The Good Doctor is in dire need of new Flash Reports, Blasts From The Past Reports, and announcements of upcoming adult theater visits.  Despite receiving two new reports today (thank you!), they will go up on Friday, leaving your old friend in the white suit out of pocket (again).

So pretty please, with sugar on top... Submit a report to The Journal of Adult Theaters, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  E-mail me at, and lets get this going, Gangham Style.


Flash Report! ASSLVR Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego & HEB in Seattle

Doc here with another quality report from ASSLVR. This time we get a two-fer from him... One report from The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, the other a report from Airport Video in Everett, WA.

Here he is...ASSLVR!


Hey Doc,

Sorry for the tardiness of these reviews but I thought I should get caught up before I undertake my next Swing Shift adventure. More on that event at the end of these reviews. Here are my reviews of both the Jolar Cinema in San Diego and Airport Video in Everett.

I visit southern California with some frequency and decided to make my way to Jolar Theater in San Diego. The theater is perfectly described in previous post so I will not get into the set-up. On entry I noticed some guys hanging around by a SUV out front in the parking to the left of the building. Didn't pay much mind to this and entered the building. Really enjoyed the sexual vibe of this place and could sense the anticipation of the regulars when couples entered the theater. About 6 couples had come in but nothing really happened except some light petting.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
I spent about 30 minutes inside and decided to go out for some air. That is when I noticed what was going on next door. In the SUV was a couple and the woman was totally naked with her ass in the air. She was blowing her hubby while another guy outside of the car was fingering her pussy through the window. I went over to watch and hopefully join the fun.

She was in her 50's and in great shape with a tight body. She really enjoyed getting fingered and would really let out load grunts every now and then. Hubby was encouraging her and also invited others to join the fondling. He gave me the note so I started to rub her tits thru the back window. This went on for about 15 more minutes until she came. We talked a bit and they where obviously regulars. She was tired and wanted to go home and I had found out they were in the theater for a few hours. When I spoke with the other guys, they come by once a week and she usually takes on three of four guys every night. Unfortunately the rest of the evening was uneventful but the vibe for this "Thing of Ours" is definitely in the air at the Jolar.

I bounced back and forth between the other theaters in San Diego but neither had the same vibe or couples traffic that the Jolar had that night.

A few weeks later I found myself in the Seattle region and decided to check out Airport Video in Everett. As soon as I got there I notice a couple talking in the parking lot. I hung around a while looking at the novelties while they talking in the parking lot. When I noticed they were on their way in, I headed for the theater in the back. Not fully checking this place out before hand, I didn't notice the booths to the right when you walk into this establishment.

Airport Video
Everett, WA
Sure enough after 20 minutes in the theater and no show from the couple, I ventured out to see where they had gone. Finally notice the entrance to the booths and decided to check them out. In my experiences, I've never had any glory hole action and never really found it that appealing. Well the couple was in one of the booths having fun with the guy in the booth next to them. After he left, I decided to check things out. The girl was sitting on her boyfriends lap with her shorts down and he was fingering her pussy. She said to slip my cock thru the hole which I did.

She then proceeded to give me a very rough and painful hand job. I would have to pull back occasionally due to the pain and have her start over. She realized this and started to go softer on my Johnson. I pulled back to lube up my cock with my spit and she reached thru and started to play with my balls. This felt very good with her alternating between my cock and balls. She then pulled me back thru the glory hole and then applied some lubricant. I'm note sure if the rough play was intentional but the sensation of the lubricant was incredible. I could also hear her moans as her hubby was rubbing her pussy as she jerked me off cumming all over her hand. I then thanked her zipped up and left.

Being so close to Seattle I had to check out HEB and went back a forth a few times but with no other action that night. I must say I do like the "Fight Club atmosphere" as the Doc previous described at HEB. Definitely need to go back again to these two hot spots.

After travelling a bit and experiencing the vibe in these locations, I've decided to try to initiate some events at Swing Shift Theater in Richmond Hill, Canada. It will definitely be a challenge but after some initial inquiries, I believe we maybe able to get something going. I've made contact with a number of couples and single women, one couple I previously wrote about, and will see how it develops. Hopefully I'll be writing future reviews of these gatherings.

All the best.



Doc here again... ASSLVR is slowly becoming one of the most prolific reporters here at The Journal.  I am also glad he is trying to rev up the scene in Toronto's northern suburbs at Swing Shift Theater. 

Keep up the great work, sir.