Thursday, June 6, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! A Special Day for Gemini (and Jordan) in Portland

Doc here with an amazing Couple's Flash Report from the insatiable and lovely Gemini.
Gemini's hubby, Jordan, was celebrating his birthday on Monday, but it was Gemini who blew out the most candles.  This is a report that deserves your time to digest.
The Good Doctor suggests two cans of Fresca by your side to keep you hydrated.
This is Gemini's best report yet... Enjoy!
I realize I have been writing a lot lately, and at the risk of becoming “ho hum” boring, I would like to share today with you.  It was exceptional for me.  It involves a van, a theater, and five men – which is my record day.
Today is Jordan’s birthday.  Now you would think that we would spend the day doing things just for him.  But instead, this man whom I adore and have loved all of my adult life, decided to bestow gifts upon me instead.  Not the kind you buy in stores, but memories of pleasure. 

Unselfishly, he put this day aside to have me experience some new and exciting things.  I don’t usually talk about our personal life, but I will say that I feel especially lucky to have him as my husband, as he gives to me in abundance in every aspect of life.

The Real Gemini
Our day started off with a couple quick errands.  I noticed he was texting quite a bit, but had no idea to whom.  We swung by Starbucks and he asked me if I remembered R from the Paris.  Of course I did!  How could I forget that tall, blond drink of water?  “Well”, he says, “if you are up for it, we are meeting him for lunch. 
I guess not really lunch, but he is going to jump in the back of our van during his lunch break and you guys are going to have car sex.”  “Um, yeah, of course I am up for it.  But this is YOUR birthday, not mine.”  “I know”, he says, “but I set this up for you and I thought it would be fun, new, and different.”   This is not what I was anticipating for the day, and found myself a little nervous as we drove to meet R. 
We found a nearby parking garage and parked at the end of a middle level.  I stowed the middle seats and set up cushy blankets as we waited for his arrival.  It wasn’t long before we could see R making long fast strides towards our car.  He climbed in the back with me and I asked him how long he had for lunch.  30 minutes.  Damn.  I was hoping for an hour, but we will make it a quickie. 

Jordan sat in the driver’s seat and adjusted the rearview mirror for optimal viewing, while R and I quickly discarded most of our clothing.  His cock was just as I remembered – standing tall, proud and responsive to even a glance.  It turned me on to know how much he wanted to be with me.  As I moved my mouth towards it, R reached over and ran his fingers between my legs.  “You’re so wet!” he gasped.  “Yes, I know” I murmured as I treated myself to his offering.  Sweetly he said, “Let’s move this way so Jordan can see better.”  He sat on the back bench while I knelt on the blankets below and began licking his cock and balls.  I sat a little higher and put his cock full into my mouth, sucking and stroking.  As I worked faster, he grew even harder. 

On our last encounter, I didn’t stop and he came quickly.  This time, I wanted to feel his member inside of me.  As if reading my mind, Jordan offered him a condom – the black wrapper of course, as the colored assortment would not fit.  R quickly put it on and had me get on all fours.  We were sideways in the van so Jordan could see the penetration. 

R started out nice and slow to allow my body to get accustomed to this large cock.  It didn’t take long before the van was a’rockin.  After a couple minutes, he said he really wanted to come in my mouth, so we rearranged with him on the bench again and me on all fours with my ass towards Jordan.  I couldn’t get enough of his cock as my saliva dripped over him and I slurped and sucked. 

Suddenly, I felt penetration from behind!  Jordan knew he couldn’t leave the front seat in case security came by, so he brought along my favorite toy!  Oh my god!  He reached down and fucked me and had me coming over and over as I worked my oral skills on R.  Finally, R knelt in front of me as I sucked the juice out of him.  There was so much that it filled my mouth and spilled on his leg and my hand.  I swallowed what I had and went back down to gingerly clean him up with my tongue.  Then I licked what I could off my hand.  I think if he could, he would have come again right then (haha).  We quickly got him dressed, exchanged hugs and thank-you’s and got him back out with 8 minutes to spare for his lunch.  Not much time to eat, but I hope it was worth it. J

Jordan then asked me if I wanted to run by the Paris.  Wow! Really!?  I never say no to the Paris.  We found a parking spot right in front of the door.  There were only 3 men there when we arrived.  They flew a flag, and soon there were over a dozen men in attendance. Another couple showed up and joined us in the Oasis.  We chatted as they wasted no time getting undressed and headed to the Arena table.  The crowd was extremely respectful as they watched the husband take out small toys and delicately began penetrating her.  Men watched and lined up for a chance to play.  Jordan and I also stood nearby watching the scene unfold.   As the wife lied on her back, the husband selected suitable partners for her.  As it turned out, she was not able to take large men. 
We glanced around the crowd to see if there would be suitable partners for me as well.  I noticed one man in particular.  He was the only one sitting a few rows back, unexposed.  He looked like a confident, clean black man, and I smiled at him.  Just then the wife said to her husband “Is the other gal playing, because this one is too big for me.”  Jordan and I looked to see another black man standing at her face while she stroked his cock.  “D!” Jordan said, “Is that you?”  He looked up and smiled as I saw a familiar face. 
Jordan and I nodded at each other and I made my way over to the Exam area.  I laid the sheet across the bench as D began to unbutton his jeans.  I realized I would need a pillow and asked the newly gathered crowd of men if someone could grab one off the stage for me.  The man I smiled at earlier quickly obliged.  He handed me the pillow over the rail and I bent over to thank him with a kiss on the cheek.  He smelled so good, that I went back in for another and decided to unbutton my blouse for him.  With my breasts directly at his face level, he released them from my bra and had a moment to fondle and suck them.  I realized D was waiting patiently, but I didn’t want to stop this encounter either, so I invited him in to the Exam area to join us.  I’ll call him “R”. 
Now I had D sitting on the bench and R sitting on a seat directly across from him.  I placed the pillow between them as they both displayed their enormous BBCs for me.  (Holy cow, I am tingling now just thinking about it.)  I took turns doing my best to fit each one into my mouth.  As I worked on R, I could hear D already unwrapping a condom.  My heart was beating fast knowing I was about to check an item off my bucket list with these two magnificent men about to penetrate me at each end. 
I climbed onto the bench on all fours with the men quickly moving into position.  R’s cock was at the perfect height as he stood in front of my eager mouth.  D slowly slid his cock in as I gasped.  He worked into a steady rhythm that pushed my mouth forward onto R’s cock with every pass.  It was like a well-crafted clock with every piece hewed and synchronized in perfectly timed motion.  The only break was when I would need to pull my mouth off of R long enough to exhale and moan. 
D’s pace and his own moans built to a crescendo as he exploded inside of me.  By now, R was ready to take his turn.  Still standing at the end of the bench, R was extremely hard as I turned around on my back and spread my legs for him to enter.  He drove his cock deep inside of me.  Ahhh! 
D cleaned up and returned his cock to my face, undiminished by its recent release.  As R continued to thrust into me, I looked up at these two men and knew I would recollect this moment many times in the future and the thought would evoke a surge of adrenaline for me.  (In fact, I must take a short cigarette break now… ok, whew!)  I had my right foot on the rail as D held up the other.  R continued to fuck me like a prize fighter.  Jordan went to get water and later told me he knew I was enjoying it intensely by my loud screams he could hear clear out in the lobby.  I loved the feeling of R’s big hard cock filling me up and slamming deep inside me.  My body responded with a surge of orgasmic pleasure.  Soon, R followed with his own intense delivery.  He had no sooner stepped away as D was ready for another round.   D plunged back in and again propelled us into orgasmic unison.
At this point, I was ready for a short break.   I wrapped the sheet around me and after catching my breath, made my way to the ladies room for clean-up.

Upon my return, I found D ready to go again.  Unbelievable, this guy.  “Ok, how do you want me?  Sunny side up, doggy-style, against the rail, up against the wall, standing on the chair arms, what?  Ha ha!”  “Up against the rail!”  I obeyed his wish, grabbed the rail and bent over with my legs apart.  My breast were swinging freely as he began to fuck me for the third time.  The men at the rail where given permission to fondle the ladies as D drilled me from behind.  I yelled at D to fuck me harder as I bent all the way over and placed my hands flat on the ground in front of me.  Jordan was to the side of me and I could hear him and D both say “YEAH!” as the fucking got harder and faster.  I thought it would take D a long time for his third go around, but again he surprised me with a loud roar and a thunderous explosion. 
He went to go clean up and I stood by the rail talking with the guys.  A man in a blue shirt was sitting in a loveseat and asked if he could come in.  Hell, why not?  He came in, bent me over the bench and rammed his rock hard cock into me.  By now my pussy was swollen and he was a tight fit.  He thrust like a jackhammer into me until he came.  Then he zipped up and left.  I didn’t even catch his name. 

The crowd was thinning now with just a few men still left at the rail.  I struck up a conversation with a man who was dressed as if he just stepped away from his office to watch the show.  Quite possibly he did.  He was interesting and polite.  So what’s a gal to do, but invite him in?  B sat on the bench next to me and apologized that he could not fuck me because he had already cum with the other couple down at the Arena table, but asked instead if he could go down on me.  I respectfully declined, stating that I had been playing so much, I didn’t feel fresh enough – even though everyone used condoms.  He endearingly answered, “Aw, c’mon….all the kids are doing it” and laughed “I don’t mind that you’ve been playing.”  I chuckled with him, but again declined and he went back outside the rail. 
By now you would think I was done.  But no.  Now I wanted a little clitoral stimulation.  My favorite is when I can manipulate my clit while a man has his fingers inside me.  I turned to B and said, “Are you good with your fingers?”  “I’ll let you be the judge of that”, he said as he hurried back in.  I lay back as he got down between my thighs and inserted a finger, then two.  He maneuvered them just right as I joined in on my clit.  It wasn’t long before wave after wave engulfed me and my body convulsed with one intense orgasm after another.  B knew exactly how to find my G-spot and get me to involuntarily squirt. 

He resumed fucking me with two fingers, and then three.  I felt like at one point it could have been four.  It was such debauchery goodness.  By now he couldn’t help himself and began eating me and fingering me at the same time.  He would come up for air and I massaged myself again, then he would go back to my swollen clit with his tongue, flicking it, licking it, and sucking on it.  Over and over I came in powerful climax until I could no longer continue.   I had to tap out.  In all my time of playing, this man is second only to Jordan with these skills perfectly suited for me.   They helped sit me up and my head buzzed with elated wooziness. 

At the same time, D came back in.  He sat on a chair next to the bench and to my amazement and bewilderment; his cock was as hard as ever.  It had never subdued!  “You aren’t ready to go again, are you??” I asked.  He nodded so I said, “Ok, low and slow.”  He gently fucked me until I finally begged him to go faster.  He continued to fuck me loud and hard until he screamed like a lion and produced his fourth and final load.   I have no idea if he could have gone again, and one of these days we’ll have to have a marathon to see which one of us can last longer.
Feeling drunk with satisfaction, I am not sure of the details of the next hour other than there was clean up, pizza and the drive home.  I can never thank Jordan enough for this exhilarating day!!  It was HIS birthday, and he let me have this afternoon.  What a wonderful man!  But now….being Gemini Too…. my birthday is next week, and I have plans to visit the Paris again.  We are not sure what day/time, but will keep you posted.  It is now 1 o’clock in the morning, and it has taken me two days to write this.  So I am going to creep into bed with sweet dreams and hope you do to.

Nighty night,

Doc here again... Wow.  A huge thank you to Gemini for an outstanding report. We appreciate you letting us peek into your lives and the lead-up to your visit to The Paris that afternoon. An amazing adventure...

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