Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Coming Up! 15th Ave's Holiday Ball on December 7th in Chicago

Doc here... For more details on 15th Ave Adult Theater's Holiday Ball, please check out 15th Avenue's new website at , and click the Events Tab.


Flash Report! The Watcher Encounters The Kalamazoo Couple @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary

Doc here with the return of my good friend, The Watcher. The Watcher took a sabbatical from this thing of ours, but is now back and better than ever.

This report is from several days ago at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. The couple highlighted in this report I know as well, and The Mrs. is VERY HOT.

Take it away, sir...


Hey Doc,

Good to be back in the game.  I bring you a report from a mid-day gang bang at CT's starring the ever popular Kalamazoo couple.  I got word that the couple would be arriving at CT's promptly at 11am, so I arrived a few minutes before.  There were only a couple of guys there, but I figured with a publicized arrival - more would be there soon.  Right on time, the couple walked in, and I remember how lovely Mrs. Kalamazoo was.  I had experienced this same couple a little less than a year ago at CT's.