Friday, July 26, 2013

Freeze Frame! The Very Naughty Koral in Portland with 21 Pics!

Doc here, your humble kaiju, with another chapter of Freeze Frame! 

This chapter spotlights the very sexy and incredibly naughty Koral in Portland, OR.  Koral and her guy Sam have been long time contributors to the Journal, and I believe that Koral deserves a Freeze Frame report she can call her own.

Here we go!


Freeze Frame with Koral
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Flash Report! J. James on Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a Flash Report from first time contributor, J. James.  He visited Xposed Adult Theater, and came away with more questions than answers.  That typically is not good news.

Here we go!


Hello, Doc.

J. James here with a report on my recent trip to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas.

I was there from about noon until three P.M. on a Saturday. Granted that isn't the best time to go most places, but it was the time I had available, so I went. I've been a dozen or so times to the Lido, and I wanted to see this place to compare. As you may know, Xposed has two theaters in house and an arcade, along with the usual preview booths, toys, and DVDs. I didn't try the "other" theater as, shall we say, "those aren't the droids I was looking for." The arcade was crowded with men hanging around, but I didn't see anything that made me want to join them, and I was out of there quickly.

Xposed - Theater Interior
The straight theater (or whatever they call it) cost $12; I paid the man, and he buzzed me in. I found a nice sized screen and a number of clean, comfortable couches. The movie itself was OK -- not all that great but certainly not all that bad. The theater is undergoing some sort of construction or demolition or both; I couldn't really tell which. What was missing was -- other people.

For about half the time I was there, only one other fellow was there, and he positioned himself on the far side of the room on the one couch where I couldn't see what he was or wasn't doing. Well, that is AOK by me. My motto at the adult theater continues to be "live and let live." Other than him, I saw no other patrons. I spoke with him briefly on his way out, and he did say that "sometimes" there are women there. I was patient for as much time as I had, but there was no reward this time.

Shortly before I left I did see one thing that concerned me: a store employee came in and asked us to leave for 15 minutes while he did some maintenance work. I wandered back to the retail area and returned to the theater after 15 minutes. Some new lighting had been turned on, but what really concerned me was that a uniformed law enforcement officer was walking out of the secure area with the store employee. He didn't act pissed, and he didn't have anyone with him. As far as I know, he left when he got to the front of the store, but, still, I was uneasy.

I had high hopes, but now I'm wondering.

J. James


Doc here again... Thanks to J. James on his first time report...Nicely done sir!  Keep the reports coming in!

Very curious activity at Xposed... I wonder what it means, short and long term?


Flash Report! The Cunning Linguist @ Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY on 7/16/13

Doc here with a report from a week and a half ago that I have just finished the editing. I am slowing getting caught up with reports...
This report from The Cunning Linguist came in on 7/16, and once again points out the problems existing at Video Liquidators on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY.  This place has a lot of potential, but they apparently hire the WORST staff in this thing of ours.
Check out TCL's epilogue.
Hello Doc,
Just got back from Video Liquidators on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo where we had a short-lived couples sighting. 
I finished early with a meeting and decided to take a flyer to VL, which was close by.  The lot was PACKED, always a good sign. 
I paid my $15 (for both theatres) and found the couple in the gay theatre (not sure why). They were in the front row.  She was on his lap and they were canoodling.
I had played with her before, about 6 months ago - a nice hand job before she blew another guy apparently with such skill he had a body-shuddering orgasm.
Video Liquidators
Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY
In any event, no play this time.  She is mid-40's, about 5-2, thin and was in a nice sundress.  I can tell you from experience nice B-cups.  Her man is about 10 years older,  with a beard.
The penis gallery freaked them out (and me, too).  Guys were crowding them, standing in front of them, and trying to blow the other guys who were watching.  I was content to stand back and enjoy her legs in the dim light of the theatre, and if signaled (like I had been before) join in.  But the penis-gallery ruined it. 
They bolted after about 20 mins.  She does have a a nice frame which I enjoyed as they walked out.
Also, more problems with the VL front desk.  This time, its the tall, skinny, emo looking dude who wears a hat and those oh-so-cool dark rimmed glasses.  He was making fun of the guys (us) who follow the couples "like zombies".  I'm sorry his band sucks so bad he's gotta work the day shift at the porn house, but don't make fun of the customers who pay your (most likely meager) wages.
That place is just not friendly to this thing of ours.
Your humble scribe,
The Cunning Linguist
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Cunning Linguist for his solid reporting.  When I was back in WNY last weekend, I purposely skipped Video Liquidators for the reasons above.  I instead went to Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, and had a nice visit (House Call Report coming soon).