Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! The Lovely Lucy Visits The Midtown Adult Theater in Tulsa

Doc here with a fantastic first time Couples Flash Report from The Lovely Lucy. Lucy and her lucky hubby visited the Midtown Adult Theater in Tulsa, OK, and this is their report.

Enjoy (I did!)...


Dr. Lizardo,

Tuesday (9/4) my husband  and I decided to go to Tulsa for sushi. We live in a smaller town south of Tulsa where sushi is not available. On the way we decided to change our lunch plans to a great little Irish pub close to the down town area.

While we were eating and throwing back a few Guinness', we decided to go  to this really neat retro club that we have been to a few times before concerts. We had a couple more Guinness there.. why stop now, we were on a roll! It was probably around 3:00 pm at this time.

One block up the street there is an adult theatre called Midtown Theatre. I have to admit at this point I was not a big fan of adult theatres. I thought of these places as sleazy and dirty, but my husband had got me in there on two occasions. The first time we just looked around.  It looked like any other sex shop I have been in. The strange looking man working behind the counter.  Movies categorized by fetish or likes, and toys of all kinds hanging on display.  The second time he paid $8.00 to the guy at the glass counter where all the creams, enhancement vitamins and VCR cleaner are displayed to enter the theatre. I had no idea what to expect.

Midtown Adult Theater
Tulsa, OK
There were three theatres: two are for straight people and one for gays. We chose the straight theatre on the right side. We walked through a big door that seemed heavy and made quite a noise as it opened and closed. I just remember being scared and thinking what kind of weirdo actually comes in these places and why? (ed. note: Me  ;o) ) I mean our TV is bigger than the screen that was playing some average porn; nothing special about this place were my thoughts.

We go into one room, watch some of the movie and I suck my husbands cock until he cums all over the floor. I chalked it up to an experience and didn't give it much thought after that. So on Tuesday around 3:00pm I was feeling good after all the drinks, and suggested we go to the theatre. I could tell by the look on my husbands face he was confused, but quickly took me up on my offer.

We went straight to the theatre and they let him in for free this time. I was thinking, business must be so bad they let men in for free now. We walked behind the same door and went into theatre number 2. To our surprise there were two men sitting on the back row, each on the far side of each other. We sat down for a couple minutes, and my husband said "let's get out of here". I was thinking, OK.. that is strange, but was not disappointed. He pulls me into the first theatre where I had sucked him off the last time we were there.  Again the movie was lame, the screen was small, but I was more comfortable this time.

He unzips his pants and pulls out his already hard cock for me to touch. I grabbed it and started playing with it while he watched the movie. A white guy wearing a really nice white pressed shirt with cuff links walked in the room, and said "can I watch"?  My husband grabbed the back of my head and I started to suck his hard cock. The well dressed man who was very handsome pulls out his cock and starts playing with his dick. Then a nice tall black guy walks in the theatre and stands on the right of me and pulls his cock out too. I do not know what came over me, but I had three cocks in front of me so I go for the well dressed guy and he gives me a signal that he is there to watch my husband.

So I turn to the guy on my right and he shoves his big black cock in my mouth. This is the first black dick that I have ever seen..let alone had in my mouth. Then if that were not enough a fourth guy walks in and stands behind me. I took turns sucking off my husband and the other guys in the theatre. The man behind me asked my husband for permission to suck on my nipples as he played with himself. All the guys came and I let my husband cum all over my breast as the other men came on the floor. I must say for a Tuesday around 3:30 pm that was an awesome experience. We are planning to take a trip to Dallas next month for another adventure. I will let you know what happens.

Note: The theatre is open 24 hours a day. They have three theatres with three rooms in each theatre. The chairs are probably six rows deep with eight chairs to a row.



Doc here again... A big thank you to The Lovely Lucy for her great first report here at The Journal.  Outstanding stuff my dear... Please keep dragging hubby back in there, and hopefully you will have even more experiences with anonymous cocks in the theater. Your reports are always welcome here at The Journal!


Flash Report! Gloryhole Hannah Returns (with 21 NEW XXX PICS!)

Doc here with the return of New Mexico's naughtiest girl, Gloryhole Hannah. It's been a little while since her last report, but she more than makes up for it  with this scorching report and even hotter pics from the actual event (make sure you click the pics to enlarge them!).

Fasten your seatbelts for this one...


Hey fans, Glory Hole Hannah here with another glory hole report.

Well on August 14th I made the trip to Albuquerque NM. It's a pretty good drive so we got a room right away. There is a nice place that you can look from the window and see the porn store, as I like staying close.

After the hot tub and a few drinks I got dressed in a super tight mini skirt with no parties, no bra (of course), and a tight little top, and also a set of black pumps.

We drive the quick two minutes to the "Big Eye", and  I grab my over sized purse which I manage to cram a fold able camping chair cut down to be the right height for the gloryholes, my baby wipes, tissue, and mouth wash. Then I'm off to walk around the store so the guys can get a good look. After paying the 3 bucks to enter the arcade, we head straight to our normal booth but this night there is some gay guys there, so we move to the other side and settle into a booth.

As soon as I get naked, there is already a hard cock sticking through the hole for me. I immediately start sucking it deep and hard, stroking him from the tip to his balls when I realize this booth has two holes: one for his cock and another for his balls. I managed to pull his balls through and work them over good. He then asked to finger me so I stood up an let him stick his arm threw the hole. He was a little rough finger fucking my  pussy with his middle finger. Suddenly he pulled back an here comes his cock through the hole again! I only got to suck it for a couple of seconds then he shot so much cum in my mouth I almost choked on it! I pulled back only to have him shoot more on my face! It was fucking great! So he zipped up as I cleaned my face.....

Seems like as soon as the door slammed from him leaving, there was number two. He was an older guy maybe 60, he was trying to get hard so I told home to let me try. I sucked him soft for maybe 5 seconds and he was rock hard! A couple more strokes an he dumped his load deep down my throat! He tasted sooo good I wish I would of got to have more in my mouth than straight down my throat lol...He was super shy and bailed fairly fast...

The third guy was already rock hard as soon as he unzipped, so I asked for his cock and he gave in pretty quick and let me suck it. Again I was playing with his balls with my hand an sucking his cock deep when without warning he gave me his sweet load, he shot 5 good squirts in my mouth, this time I let it run out of my mouth an down my tits an onto my already wet pussy...

My fourth guy for the night was a really sexy tan younger guy, he pulled out a 8 inch UNCUT cock..FYI uncut cocks are my favorite!!!! Anyway he sticks it threw the gloryhole an I go to town sucking licking and stroking it..It's a real treat to find a uncut cock so I was taking my time playing with him til I heard a crowd of people in the hall so I decided it was time for more cum...I stroked his cock and made him shoot all over my tits...

Well guy number 5 comes in an has an even bigger UNCUT cock! I'm in heaven tonight!! He didn't last long (just how I like it).  He lasted almost 1 minute till he gave me a nice load that I eagerly swallowed!

On to guy number 6 (a well dressed guy, pretty handsome)... He comes in as I motion for him to give me his cock and... Omg he uncut also!!! I put his cock in my mouth an immediately knew he had been jacking off for hours (I know the taste LOL), and it doesn't taste good so I decided to just jack him off...a few strokes into it an he started cumming an shooting at least 6 inches it got all over my nose in my left eye an all the way on my shoulder! I had to use several baby wipes to clean up after him.

Guy number 7 was sooo ready he barely got his cock threw the gloryhole an was already shooting  his load..I had to dip down an catch it in my mouth...his tasted soo good!

Guy number 8 had an amazing 10 inch cock! I sucked on him and stroked him for at least 5 minutes. My arm started getting tired, and I guess he noticed so he jacked his cock off onto my face! It was super hot an made my pussy soo wet I had to reach down an rub my clit. It didn't take long and I was cumming soo hard!!

Guy number 9 was one of my regular friends "discreet87106". He has a perfect cock it's just the right size an has no trouble getting hard as a rock for me! He knows I LOVE cum and I'm really into this to get as much cum as I can so he made it 58 seconds an gave me 6 huge squirts of cum in my mouth..it was fucking great! I swallowed it all and would of loved some more from him!

The tenth guy to visit me at the gloryhole that night had the smallest cock I've ever got to play with and amazingly it turned me on soo fucking much!!!! I could take his cock.and his balls in my mouth at the same time!! I deep throated him an then swallowed his cock and balls, he had my mouth crammed when he started cumming, it shot right down my throat. I didn't even get a chance to swallow it was a straight shot to my stomach! Feeling super full it was time to take a shot! I had brought in some vodka (heheh).

 Guy number 11 just wanted to jack off an let me lick the tip of his cock, his precum tasted really sweet then he covers my face with thick shots of cum!

The 12th guy had a huge cock but he was so nervous he couldn't stay hard or cum an he left about 3 min into it..I waited a few min but everything was quiet so I cracked the door and peaked out but there wasn't a sole left in the place...I cleaned up an used my mouth wash, got dressed and headed to the car.

We were parked in the back lot of the Big Eye which is pretty private. I had to pee soo bad that I just put one leg up on the bumper spread my pussy lips and pissed a long arc to the ground..after cleaning with my baby wipes I realized there was a guy in the car next to us who watched it all....He was jerking his cock super hard so I put a leg up on his hood an rubbed my pussy for him, fingering my cunt an my ass at the same time! He didn't take long to cum....I blew him a kiss an got into our truck...
We returned to our hotel, an after a shower I was still sooo horny my hubby and I fucked on the balcony, the bed, the sink, the table, the shower....and still super horny. I got the "Emails from the Gloryhole..." I ask them to give me their email on a piece of paper before they stick there cocks threw the gh so I know who from my website (Yahoo Group) shows up.

Anyway I get the emails out and go threw till I find the one that matches up to the cock I wanted the most from the gloryhole...Well a few emails later an he's at our room...He comes in and we have a few drinks on the balcony then it's onto the fun...

He started out by licking my pussy and making me cum right away...then I sucked his cock till he got rock hard...after getting a condom he started fucking me from behind, he made me cum so fucking fast! Well he fucked me in every possession we could think of, he made me cum at least 10 times!

By then my pussy was so sore and sensitive he put me on my back and fucked me hard as fuck then pulled out an shot his load all the way from my pussy to my chin!!! It was a giant cumshot!! We were both so warn out we collapsed! After another shower and a drink I was ready for bed.

By this time it was 5 am.. I felt completely satisfied had my fill of cock and cum... At least until my next visit to the gloryholes!!!

~Gloryhole Hannah~


Doc here again... In the words of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, "Holy Shit. Is that a report, or is that a report?"

A huge thank you to Gloryhole Hannah for another 5-star - first person report. Hannah is a very naughty girl, and if you ever get a chance to encounter her in New Mexico (or anyplace else she may visit), do it.  All you have to do is give her what she wants.