Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flash Report! The Hot Streak Continues for JaxBchBum @ Theater X in Orange Height, FL

Doc here... As the weather here in the northern states gets colder, migratory species start heading south for the winter.  It also appears that many of those species are now visiting the adult theaters in The Sunshine State, as couples activity seems to be on the rise. 

Just ask JaxBchBum.  He is on a Bob in Biloxi-like streak of seeing and participating in some good times, and this report is another good example.

So my friends, slap on some SPF 60, put on your Ray Bans, and enjoy the latest song-stylings from JaxBchBum...



Had a most entertaining day last Friday at Theatre X in Orange Heights FL (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) with a doubleheader (pun intended) and my lucky streak remains intact; although I know it is only a matter of time before the dry spell returns. 

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
Finishing up my meetings in Gainesville Friday afternoon, I arrived at Theatre X about 5:30.  Go in the theatre and only a couple other guys in there - well at least I beat the weekend rush!  Sit back and relax and within 30 minutes a young (early to mid-30s) couple comes in.  She is attractive with a nice body, wearing jeans (ugh) and a clingy sweater (a cold wave had moved into north FL and temp was in the 50s).  Shoulder length dirty blond hair, cute face.  He appears a little older and looks somewhat latin/hispanic.  They sit down on the inside couch of the second row. 

For about the first 10 minutes, they don't do anything but occassionally chat with one another. Meantime another guy comes in and goes in front of them and sits down on the other side in one of the chairs in the little recessed alcove.  I was afraid his presence might intimidate them, but that was to prove not to be the case.  After a bit, she reaches over and unzips his jeans pulls out his cock and starts stroking it.  Pretty soon afterwards, she bends over and starts sucking on it and I mean SUCKING.  No pretense at discretion as she was making slurping sounds that could probably be heard out in the parking lot. 

He looks around and sees that many of us are stroking away, so he stands up and pulls down his jeans so everyone can watch her go to town on his cock.  After a bit, he pulls her to the standing position and slips down and then takes off her jeans and yellow panties.  She sits back down in the couch and he gets on all fours and starts eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  She pulls up her legs above her head to give him complete access.  She had a beautiful smooth pussy and she was enjoying the attention.  Then he moves forward and begins to fuck her from the kneeling position.  Then it is back to the standing position for him with her sitting on the couch and slurping away on his cock.  He was at least 7" and she was able to take the entire length. 

They both stand up and embrace with him running his hands all over her (but still with her top on).  Then he moves her to the chair on the other side of the couch next to the guy and starts eating her again.  Over the next 30 minutes, they try all kinds of positions sucking and fucking.  I kept waiting for him to give the guy seated next to them the signal to touch or join as they both seemed to admire the guy's big, thick cock he was stroking; but they never did. 

Finally, she kneels backwards in the chair and he mounts her from behind and fucks her until he comes.  Only once did he lift her sweater so we could see her beautiful round,firm tits and that was for less than 30 seconds.  They dressed and left after receiving a number of thank-yous from the appreciative guys.Well, that would have made a visit complete, but there was more to follow. 

About 15 minutes after the couple left, another couple entered.  They were younger than the first couple - late 20s I am guess.  She was quite attractive wearing a green halter top that tied behind her neck and jeans.  He was wearing a polo shirt and shorts.  The theatre had gotten a little busier with single guys sitting in all the couches on the back two rows, so the couple went to the only open couch on the first row.  While not that great for watching the movie due to its closeness, it is great for this thing of ours as the light from the screen and the lack of any couches in front casting shadows makes it the best illuminated spot in the theatre.  Within a couple of minutes, I see her head disappear below the back of the couch.  One guy moved from his position in the back of the theatre and went in front of them to the other side of their couch.  I watched for any reaction, but there was none, so I moved to the single seat against the wall across from them. 

She was bent over sucking his cock and he had untied her halter top and pulled it down exposing her nice C cup tits.  After a bit she sat up and he leaned over and started to work on her tits and got her nipples nice and hard.  She laid back and was enjoying the attention.  A couple of the guys sitting on the couches behind them stood up and watched while stroking away.  He reached down unzipped her jeans and removed them and her panties.  He then got on his knees and started licking away on her pussy. She supported her legs high in the air by spreading and holding them to give him deep and full access.  Like the other couple, he then moved to fucking her from the kneeling position. 

After some intensive fucking, he sat back and she bent over and started sucking him again.  They appeared to love being seen but gave no indication that they wanted any others to join in - so we stayed on the sidelines and watched and enjoyed.  Back and forth between sucking and fucking and then she apparently got him to come while she was sucking him.  They dressed and left - again to a number of compliments.  Well, a double header, it couldn't get better than that could it?

As a matter of fact it did!  It was getting to be about 9:00 and the theatre had thinned out to one other guy.  I am sitting there and couple #2 reenters and sits down on the couch next to me.   I was surprised, but delighted, to see them and was hoping for a close-up encore.  After a couple of minutes, he reaches over unties her halter and starts rubbing her tits, then leans over and starts licking and sucking her right nipple.  This evidently got her aroused as the next thing I know she is standing up in front of him and starts doing a strip tease.  Off the halter top comes and she begins rubbing and licking her tits asking him "Do I look sexy??" to which we both said in unison "VERY". 

Then it was unsnapping her jeans and slowly lowering the zipper in a seductive manner while swaying her hips.  Then slowly lowering her jeans showing off her panties.  She turns around and waves her panty-clad ass at him so he reaches up and starts to pull them down.  She stops him, pulls slightly away and then slowly lowers them.  The other guy in the theatre had moved behind them so he could see as well. 

She removes her jeans and panties and does a slow dance making me wish there was a dancing pole in the theatre as I know she could give it a good workout.  She had a well-toned body and loved showing it off.  She has a narrow landing strip of pubic hair above her pussy.  She dances for a bit and then sits down in his lap and reclines her head.  He evidently is still spent and hasn't recharged as he just caresses her pussy lips and breasts for about 10 minutes.  I have a great view and taking it all in.  She asks him if he wants to go to a club and he says yes so she gets up to get dressed.  I tell her how sexy she is and how much I enjoyed watching her.  She said that I was welcome and that next time she would bring her lesbian friend and they would really liven things up.  I can't wait and sure hope I am there when that happens.

Just as the second couple was about to leave, an older couple (50s) arrived.  Unfortunately, I had to head back to Jacksonville and wasn't able to stay and see if there was going to be a tripleheader that night.



Doc here again... Sounds like it was a good night for voyeurs at Theater X.  Great shows, with plenty of playing.  Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another great report from one of the longest tenured reporters here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

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