Sunday, May 1, 2016

Smut for a Sunday Evening: May Day Edition with 43 XXX Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say can whip up a stuffed ravioli meal that would make a grown man cry in just under 20 minutes.

It's Sunday.  It's also May Day.  The day in which many countries celebrate by dancing around a maypole.  I have seen pics of this activity, and for the life of me don't understand the appeal.  Of course, this is coming from a guy who for the last 25+ years has roamed just about every adult theater in the country, taking notes and reporting on them.  I am sure the maypolers wouldn't understand my actions either. So we're even.

Bottom line is that May Day is a Spring holiday. A day to celebrate the wonders of nature. And for The Good Doctor, a day to publish some of the top adult theater-related images that have been submitted to him.  Nothing poached from the interwebs. All home grown.

So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy a spring-flavored edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.


Smut for a Sunday Evening: May Day Edition
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Box Score: Saturday Night 4/30/16 at Secrets in Des Moines, WA by Lunchbox

Doc here, a man who some say once participated in a salmon throwing competition, only to be disqualified when caught dope-slapping Contestant #4 mid-hurl.  He was then escorted to the door and shown out.

One of the best stories in this thing of ours is the emergence of Secrets in Des Moines, WA as the go-to destination in the Seattle area in this thing of ours (address in the Adult Theater dB). 

Secrets has been given high marks from some of Portland's finest reviewers and participants (such as Brent in Portland and the amazing Gemini).  It is also on the very short list of the Good Doctor to visit in 2016. 

Things have been hopping at Secrets, and this Box Score courtesy of Secrets staffer Lunchbox certainly paints a great picture of last night's fun and frolic.

Take it away, Lunchbox!

She's Back & Better Than Ever! Slut Diane's 2nd Box of Chocolates with 9 Great Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say can bounce back and forth through time, and with that document it all on his Twitter feed @LizardoJournal, with the return of my good friend, the super sophisticated and super naughty Slut Diane

Diane is a legend both in the Chicagoland area, but also points south as she and The Mr. travel pretty extensively. Her presence at adult theater events (she attended  15th Ave. Adult Theater's Mardi Gras Party a week ago Saturday night), as well as private GBs are both memorable and ball-draining. 

You see, Slut Diane has a sweet tooth.  A sweet tooth for chocolate. Dark, light, you name it. The contrast of Diane's very fair skin against bulls of varying degrees of darkness is a sight to behold. And ladies and gentlemen, her appetite is pretty insatiable. 

Please welcome back to The Good Doctor's Journal, the gorgeous Slut Diane!


Slut Diane's Sweet Tooth Gallery 2
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