Thursday, January 17, 2013

House Call: Zeta Saves The Day @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a quick House Call report from this past Saturday 1/12/13 @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western burbs.

It's been awhile since The Good Doctor gassed up the Lizardo 3000 for a trip to 15th Avenue on a Saturday night.  The weather in Chicagoland was unseasonably warm, and conventional logic would dictate that it might be a busy evening at this terrific facility.

One of the things I have learned in my many years in this thing of ours, is that you can never figure when a good evening/day will occur.  What seems like a great evening turns out to be a dud, or awful weather evening which normally would keep anyone off the roads ended up being busy at an adult theater.

If it wasn't for a last minute Hail Mary Pass in the wee hours of Sunday morning, this evening would have been a "dud for the ages".  Business was slow, and the 3 couples that did attend were content with themselves.

15th Ave Adult Theater
So what happened that saved the evening?  Well, hop up onto my adult theater knee, and I'll tell you...

The Good Doctor was talking to two fellow colleagues (all 3 of us being veterans in this thing of ours) in the common area when the door chime went off, signaling that someone was entering the store area. "S" looked up and said "Look who it is. It's Zeta." 

Now Zeta is someone I have heard about for the last few months at 15th Avenue, but had never seen in person.  I knew she was a hot Hispanic woman, who wears fashionable dark rimmed glasses, and who loves what the Vikings refer to as "cum baths".

After paying their admission, Zeta and her guy "C" walked past us and into the theater.  Now since the theater was almost empty (most folks had given up on the evening and left), they quickly left the theater and headed back to the spa area.  After a few minutes, we all took a walk back there, and they had disappeared. No sign of them at all.

Now let me describe Zeta to you: Gorgeous long black hair in a ponytail, big dark eyes behind those dark rimmed glasses, maybe 5'4" in heels, slender, long sexy legs, small C boobs, an outstanding ass, and possibly the smoothest skin I have ever felt (which all of us commented on).

Well kids, don't despair. It turns out Zeta and her man ducked into a bachelor party that was taking place in the party room adjacent to 15th Avenue after being extended an invitation. 

Pop quiz time: 
Question: What is the golden rule of adult theaters I preach to you, the good readers of The Journal?
Answer: Be patient, and good things will come you way.

And they sure did.

It was well past 1am when Zeta and "C" returned to the theater, and there were about 8 of us that welcomed them back with open flys arms. After we introduced ourselves (she preferred to call me Mr. Doc, which I kind of like) and engaged in some flirty conversation, Zeta let it be known that she wanted cum all over her face.

She motioned a few of us over, where she kneeled down and proceeded with a circle suck.  It wasn't long before one volley after another splashed across her face, as she rubbed the cum on her mouth, neck, and down the front of her tight striped dress. 

After all the desired shots were delivered and caught, it was time to call it a night for all concerned.  I thanked the lovely Zeta and "C", and made my way back to my trusty Lizardo 3000 for the long drive back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).

That last minute Hail Mary Pass? It was a completion for a TD.


Field Report (& A Warning): Circus Cinema in Denver, CO

Doc here with a Field Report from new reporter Casualguy, and with that report a word of warning.
If you have frequented Circus Cinema in Denver in the past, or do so currently, please read this report.
I have recently relocated to Denver and am in the process of exploring the area. I have been to the Circus Cinema a half dozen times all during the day on weekends. I have only spotted couples once and no action at all.
However, I have seen a lot of police activity! They seem to drop in regularly and one day they popped in 3x in the course of a four hour visit. The theater does have cameras with monitors in each theater so keep an eye out. The cops sneak in without a lot of hoopla and nail the occasional unsuspecting patrons. Not sure if they are less persistent late nights when apparently most of the couples action occurs but I would be wary.
Bonus: Houston
After recently relocating from Houston..a place called Smoochees seems to be the most active in that town from what I saw...Very small but interesting with fetish booths adjacent to theater section. However, did hear a number of horror stories of couples being busted there in the past so was always cautious.
Thanks and will keep you posted! 
Doc here again... I have added Circus Cinema to The Journal's No-Fly Zone roster.  Thanks to Casualguy for the head's up on both Denver and Houston.