Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Fantasyland in Tampa, FL

Doc here, a man who some say can sing the songs of whales (above water only), with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Anaconda.

Anaconda ventured to the Sunshine State of Florida, and just by accident drove to Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa. And my accident, I mean planned for months.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc,

I happen to be in Orlando for business this week and I absolutely would not miss the opportunity to pop my FantasyLand/Tampa cherry. I've been looking forward to this trip for months!! 

I finished up my work obligations and headed West on Route 4 to get the fun started. I rolled into FL1 around 8:30 and there were a fair # of cars in the lot, but it didn't seem like it was packed, so I wasn't sure what was in store. I chatted with the clerk a bit and let him know it was my first visit and to get the layout. I had been tweeting back and forth with FL theater (& Journal) vets Jean and Scott trying to set up a meeting, but alas, weeknight play is not for everyone. But they did advise me to make sure I got the scoop on going between FL1 & 2, which I did, of course. So, I paid my $19 and into the theater I went. 

Not much was going on for a while, just a bunch of guys wandering around. I figured I'd give it at least an hour before I tried to move over to FL2. Traffic picked up and there were several couples that came in. Unfortunately, 2 locked themselves in one of the private side rooms (separately) to just play with themselves, and a third couple with a very attractive woman sat in the main theater, but didn't play at all.