Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House Call with The Good Doctor: San Diego, Redux

Doc here with the first of a batch of "House Calls with The Good Doctor" that are in the hopper.  Two weeks ago I was on the west coast visiting several patients and attending seminars.  I covered the entire western seaboard, from southern California to the Pacific northwest, before heading back to the valley. Due to time constraints, I was able to cover 2 different adult theater hubs on that trip:  San Diego and Seattle.  Portland would have to wait until next time.

Part 1 of this article will focus on San Diego. The San Diego plan was as follows: Visit all three theaters and see if things were better or worse than the last House Call in April of this year.  The Good Doctor again fired up the Lizardo 3000 rental car and off we headed for stop #1, Adult Depot.

Adult Depot
3489 Kurtz St.
San Diego, CA

Being a Saturday night, my extensive medical training has taught me that the odds were pretty good of a story to report back to you, the good readers of The Journal.  The parking lot at Adult Depot is large and in the rear behind the store itself.  The lot was 2/3 full when I arrived...A good sign. 

Upon entering the theater portion of the facility (two theaters joined by a hallway), there were plenty of guys milling about, but no couples.  After 30 minutes, The Good Doctor picked up his stakes and moved onto destination #2, the Barnett Superstore.

Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
3610 Barnett Avenue
San Diego, CA

Being such short distance apart, makes the inevitable shuttling back and forth between these two theaters pretty easy.  Barnett is easily the nicest and largest of the 3 theaters in SD.  Two seperate theaters, with 35-40 full size leather recliners.  Not too shabby. 

Walking into the theater area (you need to be buzzed in, another nice feature all 3 SD theaters have), there was an ecletic mix of guys, two TV/TG's, and a couple sitting in the back row.  They must have just gotten there before me, since they were just settling into their seats (which I later spotted to be a bench instead of the recliners mentioned earlier).

I entered the theater and sat in the row in front of them, keeping a very safe distance.  Afterall, I was there to observe and report (my duty to The Journal).  After a few minutes, an older guy sat next to them.  He was much more interested in watching than anything else, and he lasted 10 minutes or so before moving on.  Next up on deck was a younger guy who sat next to them, and decided to put on a show for the couple instead of vice-versa.  They seemed to ignore him, and within a few minutes, the guy and woman changed places on the bench.  It was nicely coreographed, and they didn't miss a beat in the switch-a-roo.  This seemed to puzzle the younger guy and he moved away.

Next up to plate was an older guy, who looked like Robert DeNiro in "Heat".  This guy moved much more deliberately, and slowly started rubbing the woman's leg as her guy began to lick her shaved pussy.  (At this point of time, I will usually point out a celebrity look-a-like for the woman in a scenario.  It took awhile to come up with one, but I'd say a slightly heavier Bonnie Hunt is pretty close. She was wearing a black dress and no panties from what my trained eye could see.).  The heat was cranking up, and the peanut gallery (minus the TV/TGs, who were busy amongst themselves) moved in for a closer look. 

The younger guy re-appeared and positioned himself between Bonnie's legs and began to finger fuck her very wet pussy (the squishing sounds were great).  I assumed he was getting into position to mount her, but he pulled away and moved aside (I later noticed he was probably more interested in guys than Bonnie...Enough said). 

It was at this juncture that Robert DeNiro made his play...Bonnie was laying down on the bench now, with her head propped up a bit on something.  DeNiro moved in and planted his cock into Bonnie's mouth, getting quite the treatment from her, including an apparent aggressive face fucking..  This went on for a bit, and then after some whispering between the two he put on a condom and as we say, DeNiro was off to the races. 

After the deed was completed, DeNiro and Bonnie exchanged parting pleasantries, and the next gentleman took over.  This scene repeated itself 2 more times before Bonnie and her guy were content.

The Good Doctor, ever the efficient time-manager, noted that he needed to vacate and head to #3 on the SD theater list, The Jolar.

The Jolar Cinema
6321 University Avenue
San Diego

The Jolar is an interesting place, from The Good Doctor's perspective.  The front of the facility is an ABS.  They also have live booth girls, who will entertain you through a thick piece of glass.  Travel through thr portal from the ABS, and down the hallway, you will be buzzed into the theater.  The set-up is almost identical to the theater set-up inside Deja-Vu in Las Vegas.  Two theaters, side-by-side, again with leather recliners.  One theater is twice the size of the other (30 seats versus 15 seats).

Saturday night couples are free.  Only one problem...No couples were there when I made my guest appearance.  There were more than a few single guys, milling about, waiting for a two-some taking advantage of the freebie.  Unfortunately that night between 10:30 and 11:30, there were no takers.

The evening started with much promise, but ended with a wimper.

The "vibe" was off that evening.  Brent in Portland and I have had many discussions about the "vibe" inside adult theaters...It's either there, or it isn't.  The vibe inside the old Jefferson in Portland was awesome.  Same with The Paris, and at times, The Oregon in Portland also carries a strong vibe.  Tonight, in San Diego, outside of the DeNiro/Bonnie encounter, the vibe was missing.  Mileage always varies when it comes to "this thing of our's".

Adult Depot: Recommended
Barnett Superstore: Highly Recommended
Jolar Cinema: Has potential, but the lesser of the 3 San Diego theaters

The Good Doctor will be back in the San Diego area next month, where I will once again make a house call and check in on it's theaters.

Have a report?  Please e-mail The Good Doctor at  It's easy...Try it!