Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reminder! Velvet Skye in Las Vegas @ Babes Adult Theater Monday 8PM

Doc here with a friendly reminder...

Attention ladies and gentlemen, and all the ships at sea... Our good friend (and Canada's greatest natural export) Velvet Skye (her website can be found here) will be making a visit to Babe's Adult Theater in Las Vegas this Monday January 3, 2011 between 8 and 9pm.  Velvet (and Mr.Velvet) will be looking for couples.

Here is the 411 on Babes:
5901 Emerald Ave
(corner of Russell and Stephanie)
Las Vegas, NV

The Scoop on Babe's Adult Theater:
2 Theaters located inside the ABS on the right hand side of the complex.  Very couples friendly, and extremely clean.  Plus, Monday night is usually couples night at Babe's (can anyone still verify that fact?). In The Good Doctor's opinion, the best adult theater in the Vegas area.

So pop on by Babe's next Monday and say hi to Velvet Skye!  As the pics below show, she is a very friendly woman to say "hi" to.


A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio

Doc here with a few quick notes before we start the first work week of 2011.

Bexley I and II
Bexley, OH circa 1984

  •   The Spotlight Adult Theater through Wednesday is The Bexley I and II, located in the Columbus, OH suburb of Bexley.  The date of the photo above is 1983, which coincides with the exact time I visited this adult theater when I was in med school.    This theater was the most beautiful adult theater I had ever been in (and nothing has unseated this ranking since then).  Two large theaters, each seating at least 300.  This was like going to a General Cinema, only to watch Vanessa Del Rio get DP'd instead of some G-rated fare. During my several trips there, there was plenty of couples play in the theater, even during the day.  Another regular feature of The Bexley I and II were personal appearances by porn stars... Now keep in mind, Hustler Magazine was published in Columbus in it's early days, this Columbus had a healthy adult lifestyle scene.  I missed an appearance by Annette Haven by 2 hours once.  This theater was demolished in 1997.
  • A big thank you to my good friend Major Voyeur. His outstanding blog, The World of Major Voyeur, named The Journal of Adult Theaters "Best Fellow Blogger" .  Make sure you check out his blog, and the two sister sites he has up and running.  You can find the links on the Link-O-Rama sidebar.
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Now onward and upward into 2011.