Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking News! Fire Department @ The Closed Paris Cinema in Worcester, MA

Doc here with breaking news from this thing of ours... You know The Journal has a far reach when breaking news occurs at an adult theater, and The Journal has a reporter on the ground reporting from the scene.

Senior Journal reporter Tomkat has reported and also sent in a photo from the scene of fire department activity in Worcester, MA @ the former Paris Cinema (the spotlight adult theater on the right hand side of The Journal).

Here is a photo from the scene (from 45 minutes ago):

Here is the quick report from the scene from Tomkat:

Tomkat's sources say there were reports of smoke coming from the building.  But so far they haven't found any fire."

The local newspaper, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette also has the following:

WORCESTER — A section of Franklin Street across from Worcester Common was temporarily closed this morning after firefighters converged on the former Paris Cinema. About 10 a.m. a passerby reported seeing smoke coming from the vacant building.

The report appears to be unfounded; crews searched the building and found no sign of fire.

Meantime, a crowd of onlookers gathered. The many people who regularly visit the common turned their attention to the collection of fire and police vehicles that hurried to the scene.

Doc here again... Looks like a false alarm.  We will keep an eye on the story and report back with any updates.  Huge thank you to Tomkat for his outstanding work!  Kudos sir!

The Journal is now just like a CNN operation...Field reporters deeply embedded on the front lines, bringing you the latest.  And now I will throw it to Anderson Cooper, who is reporting from the front lines at Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle...