Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flash Report! JaxBchBum On The Hot New Theater in Palatka, FL

Doc here with a Flash Report from veteran field reporter (and good dancer by the way) JaxBchBum on the new adult theater in Palatka, FL (about 30 miles south of Jacksonville).  I have been hearing rumblings about this place, but now we have some solid intel from the front lines.

Here is JaxBchBum with his tale of debauchery from Palatka:
Had a chance to get down to the "new" adult theatre in Palatka on a Friday evening after a couple of weekday evening visits proved to be busts. This place has been around for years (located at the intersection of FL 100 & FL 19) but was only the retail store and arcade.

Several months ago they remodeled the store and converted part of the space at the back of the store to a theatre. Small theatre holding about 25 people, accessed via a short hallway where there is a chime that sounds when someone enters the hallway to give a little warning. Only real downside is that it lacks the couches like at Theatre X in Orange Heights, but has the high-back plastic chairs. At least they are the heavy-duty ones that are nice and sturdy. Set-up in the theatre is that you enter at the front of the theatre by the screen. Center aisle with a row of 3-4 chairs on one side and 2-3 chairs on the other. There is a little recessed alcove at the back of the theatre with 3 chairs Admission for singles is $6.50 and couples are free at all times. They show a wide mixture of films - mostly straight porm but every now and then will throw in a bisexual or CD film as well. Management is super cool and if the film is one not being enjoyed, they will generally change it.

Anyway, arrived about 7pm on a Friday evening and there was a couple sitting up against the back wall on the right side of the theatre. They were young (late 20's - early 30's); both were a bit on the thick side. Will refer to them as Couple #1. Seated next to them against the wall was an older guy with a huge cock just stroking away but they seemed to pay him no attention as she was seated so she was actually turned away slightly from him. She was wearing a modest skirt and button-up blouse. Wasn't sure if they were going to play or not as they were chatting and offering commentary on the film; but after a bit I noticed she had her hand in his crotch rubbing his cock through his shorts and he was stroking her thigh. This continued on for a little bit and I thought that was going to be it. After about 30 minutes, they moved to the 2 chair row right behind me with her sitting directly behind me against the wall and he was sitting on the aisle. I had my chair turned slightly to get a little better angle to see without being so obvious. Their crotch rubbing continued; although he did reach over and unbutton her blouse and would rub her tits every now and then.

Soon after another couple entered the theatre and the atmosphere heated up. They were an older couple (late 40s - early 50s) but she was fit and trim with a kick-ass look like Danish actress Brigitte Nielson complete with the short blonde hair. She was wearing a long clingy black dress that buttoned up front. At first they sat in the middle of the theatre. She unbuttoned the bottom part of her dress and started playing with her pussy. The guy kept turning around looking at the couple behind me; but what I soon realized was that he was looking to see if the back row (the row behind the couple) was emply. As soon as the guy seated there left, they made their move and went to the back row. In less than a minute he had her dress unbuttoned and was rubbing her smooth pussy. The couple behind me noticed this and got a bit more intense. She unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock and started stroking it while he flipped up her skirt and started rubbing her smooth pussy. Meanwhile, the Brigitte unbuttones her dress all the way, pulls it open so it rests on her shoulders and stands up. She stands in front of her man (who is still seated) facing the screen and he begins exploring all her body with his hands. This sets off the couple in front so she bends over and starts sucking her guys cock. He reaches back and flips up her skirt and starts rubbing her exposed ass. Of course all this action has everyone else in the theatre stroking away but all were well mannered and didn't get up and crowd them.

So while lady #1 is sucking hubby, Brigitte moves forward, shucks her dress completely and is watching the action. Her hubby stands up, unzips and starts rubbing up against her from behind. Brigitte obviously enjoys this and begins pressing back up against him but then moves forward so her thighs and pussy are rubbing against the forearm of the Couple #1 guy. At first he seems a bit shocked and leans over and says something to his lady who is still face down on his cock. She lifts her head, looks at Brigitte, smiles and goes back to sucking. Guy #1 evidently took this as approval so he slightly adjusts his chair and begins rubbing Brigitte's pussy, thighs and stomach. She opens her legs and he traces his finger up her smooth lips and then gently presses in.

Meanwhile, Brigitte's hubby is still pressed up against her from behind and rubbing her nice small perky breasts. Lady #1 stops sucking, leans back in her chair and her hubby gets down his knees in front of her and starts eating her pussy. Brigitte is getting more and more turned on and after a brief spell where she turns around, gets on her knees and sucks on hubby's cock, she is back up with her pussy rubbing against the shoulder and back of head against lady #1. Lady #1 evidently loves the attention as she alternately reaches down and pulls hubby's face tighter into her pussy and looks up at Brigitte and smiles.

Brigitte reaches down and slowly caresses Lady #1 shoulders and then moves down to her breasts. Lady #1 is in heaven. Brigitte bends over at the waist and hubby starts fucking her from behind while she starts flicking Lady #1's nipples with her tongue and then starts sucking. This goes on for about 10 minutes with both couples getting more and more excited. Brigitte starts to moan as hubby continues to fuck her from behind while reaching around and rubbing her clit. This turns on Couple #1 so that he gets back in his seat, pulls down his shorts and she mounts him facing Brigette. She is riding his cock while Brigitte continues to moan. The two ladies kiss each other and shortly after all of them have simultaneous climaxes. WOW! What a night. This went on over a 2 hour period of time with some interruptions when someone would enter the theatre.

Looking forward to my next visit although it will be hard to top this one.

Wow, looks like The Good Doctor needs to add this theater to his bucket list.  It is always good to hear about a new theater, with good management, and hot couples attending.  Thanks JaxBchBum for another great report!

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Round 2:Top 3 Adult Theater Women from Brent in Portland

Doc here with the Top 3 Adult Theater Women nominations by none other than Brent from Portland.  As with several of the authors of upcoming reports, Brent has been part of "this thing of our's" for many years, and has seen it all.  His essays are still the gold standard of adult theater reporting.  On top of all that, he is an excellent driver.

So, hailing from the Pacific Northwest, here is Brent's Top 3:

The following women might not be the three all time great theater sex women, but, I have vivid memories of the nights that they played, especially the first two.

Brent's Three Memorable Theater Sex Women

1. New Years Eve Girl, Albuquerque NM , New Years Eve 1993-1994. Pussycat 1 Theater

Young, beautiful, mother of three (I found out later) she wore a white mini dress. She looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt/ Katy Perry. Husband was good looking. It was their first visit to the theater. She
fucked and sucked anyone and everyone on a slow New Years Eve at the theater.

They almost did not get in. Clerks gave them trouble for some reason. She was super horny and very vocal about it. She did guys bareback. She sucked and jacked while she was getting fucked.

When they first came in- the theater was empty. It was just me and a few other guys. Somehow word got out and by the time they left, there must have been thirty guys in there. Everyone who walked into the theater had a startled look, like, ‘Is this pretty, sexy, girl really getting it from three schlubs at the same time? And loving every minute of it?

For me, their visit was so unexpected and exhilarating that I came while jacking it and watching her take the first bare cock into her wet pussy.

Their visit marked the beginning of a pretty good three and a half year run of couples sex action at the adult theaters in Albuquerque, especially The Pussycat. I befriended the clerks and they used to page me whenever there was action. The night manager was also couples friendly and because of that more couples frequented the place

By the way, The New Years Eve Couple were semi regulars for a few months at various theaters around the area.She was a little more selective in her choice of men than she had been on New Years Eve, but she still managed to get fucked by a lot of grateful guys. Then, just like that, they disappeared. We would cruise the parking lots of the theaters , hoping to spot their late model white Jeep Grand Cherokee.

2. Jenna at The Jefferson Theater, Portland, OR
Jenna was not her real name, but was the one she went by when she played at The Jefferson. She was a beautiful woman , about 35 years old who played at The Jefferson Theater in Portland from 1999 through the early 2000's . She looked a little like Angelina Jolie/ Suzanne Hoffs of The Bangles but with lighter hair. She had long sexy legs and a great ass. She loved getting fucked in all of her holes. Her preferred method was bareback and her preferred color was black. She would take on a small army during her visits. Her disposition was always warm and loving. She would wrap her arms around you and kiss you passionately while you fucked her come filled pussy. She also loved women and had some memorable encounters with women at The Jeff. She was featured in a story written about The Jefferson in Foreplay magazine in 2001. The story was written by a hot couple from Coos Bay who were meeting another hot couple for a hot time at the theater. Hot hot hot.

That night, Jenna’s Birthday, was one of the most memorable theater sex events in the storied history of that theater. At one point I was sitting next to Jenna and her husband. I was playing with Jenna when a Salma Hayeck looking woman crawled up to us, started making out with Jenna and with me . Then she slid her head down my body and started sucking my cock. After a while she turned her attention back to Jenna. It was that kind of night.

3. Voodoo Girl
They were both watching Voodoo Girl aka Tacoma Gang Bang Girl get fucked and sucking off a number of guys. Voodoo Girl, later invited a bunch of men to come into the Friends section of the Paris and jizz all over her tits. That woman becomes gloriously alive and tingly when she is getting fucked and sucking strange cock inside of an adult theater. Last night at The Paris her face was one big glowing sexy smile looking up at all of the cocks that were about to send their pay loads down onto her.

Whenever the subject of memorable adult theater women comes up, her name is usually mentioned by at least one person. She looks a little like Sarah Silverman. She loves to suck cock and get gang banged. She does the former activity so expertly that you forget you are wearing a condom. She gets you hard and ready with her mouth, rocks you long and steady with her vagina.

She and her man are well known in The Northwest although they don’t visit The Paris Theater as often as they used to. When they do, their visits are planned events. They almost always notify the group. When she and her man show up, they always attract a lot of guys and couples. She plays safe and sexy ( years ago they played commando and sexy- but times change). She likes girls as much as she likes guys. Some of their past visits were marathons, fucking and sucking all weekend to well past sunrise on Sunday morning.

I hope this helps. There are so many others. For sheer numbers, J, the lady who looks like a sexy matronly librarian has been getting fucked in adult theaters for so many years that her number must be in the thousands. I left her off my list but I bet she appears on others.

I hope you find this useful.

Thanks Brent for an outstanding rundown of your Top 3.  I have seen Voodoo Girl at The Paris, and she is everything that Brent has said she is...
There is still time to get a Top 3 submitted for inclusion in this series of articles.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at