Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flash Report! Darknight Visits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with a great report from one of my favorite adult theaters in the entire country - The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, CA.  Frequent contributor, Darknight, has submitted this super report, and you are in for a treat.

Here he is...Darknight.


Hi Doc,

Made the journey from Ontario, CA to San Diego on Friday 3/23 to see some a long time friend here visiting.  On the way back I stooped and checked out the Jolar Cinema and adult store at around 8pm.
I paid the $10 4hr fee and just before entering a couple was exiting. She was an exotic beauty! I later discovered from the regulars who later welcomed me into the brotherhood that she was giving her man a bj while displaying her beautiful tits.

After entering, I passed the first theatre (there are two theaters side by side), and all double seats were occupied so I went on to the next one. This theatre had just 3 guys scattered and no couples in it, so I sat in the back alone.

After about half an hour a couple walked in, followed by the zombies. They came straight back, and she sat next to me on my right and her man on her right and I had one seat to my left and the wall. She looked like Courtney Cox and was dressed to play in short jeans skirt and black buttoned sleeves.

Immediately all the seats were filled! Her man started out caressing her legs, then then crept up to her shaved pussy. He looked over and smiled at me to give the silent signal, so I slowly unleashed the knight saber. She looked over at it and stared the back at me with a smile. Next, her man unbuttoned her blouse (with her help), and displayed my guess beautiful c cups with nice half inch nipples. I complimented her and asked if I could touch them to witch said I could only watch and touch myself. I said great,and continued stroking for her enjoyment.

Then, to my surprise, she asked if she could touch me. I thought for a full half second and said go for it! This time the zombies all got up and headed for us, and spooked her and her husband. He gave them a stern warning and they dispersed back to their seats, so she continued stroking my now solid bronze hard dick.

While this was going on, in walked another couple! The guy to my left gave them his seat - she was also wearing short jeans skirt and v neck white tee shirt with huge D cups and no bra. They both looked about 30s, Hispanic, black hair  pulled back in a pony tail. She sat on her man's lap and immediately pulled her skirt up and started playing with herself.

At this point, I thought to myself I have hit the porn theatre jackpot my first time here! I should wear a suit more often to these places! Next the female of couple 2 came over and said something to couple 1 and they started playing with each others tits. The Hispanic girl then spread Courtney's legs and started licking her pussy. She let go of my cock and started squirming and moaning and grabbed the ponytail. Courtney's man then got next to her and reached under her skirt and started finger fucking her while she ate his girls pussy. Spanish girl now started moaning loudly as she was being finger fucked and started coming hard.

Courtney now started rubbing her clit bringing herself to orgasm while back to jacking my cock to explosion. This was absolutely wild! Courtney and her husband immediately thanked the couple and left and the ponytail girl proceeded to give her man an intense blowjob.

It was now time for me to head north. As I stepped out, I stopped and chatted with the regulars. I'm now known as the guy as I was reefed to by one of them. We shared stories about this thing of ours then I headed out onto the dark 15 Fwy.



Another great job from Darknight!  Thank you sir for the effort you put into your reports, and the description of the fringe benefits that occurred in the line of duty.


Flash Report! floyd Visits The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a great Flash Report from our good friend floyd.   We are back in Portland, and the action is heating up!

So adjust your eyes to the darkness inside the theater, and enjoy the latest from floyd.

A Three-fer Wednesday at the Paris Theater

When the Good Doctor calls for reports, the chroniclers of this thing of ours should be prepared to leap into action!  When I read the latest call to action, it occurred to me that I do indeed have one “in the can,” a theater-sex experience upon which I have not yet reported.  So here it is, and I hope you and your readers enjoy it.

It was a week ago Wednesday, around 1:00pm, and I had just finished lunch at my desk in my office just south of Portland’s downtown.  I idly checked Brent’s group to see if any flags were flying (indicating the presence of couples or the occasional single lady) over the world famous Paris Theater.  It was early for daytime action, although there are occasional lunchtime rendezvous that can be pretty hot.  I checked back at around 1:15 and sure enough there was a red flag that had posted at 1:05pm!  As I prepared to shut down my computer and take the quick streetcar ride and short walk to the Paris, up popped red flag #2 at 1:16.  I rushed out the door.

Arriving at the theater and buying my “daily membership”(Paris is run as a private club, which is what makes it all legal in ultra-liberal Portland) I proceeded inside. 

It was very dark in the theater, and my vision was made worse in that it was a rare day of bright sunshine outside.  As my vision returned, I saw that there were only three or four guys in the whole place, but there was definitely one couple sitting right inside the entrance to the main couples area in the rear. They were just sitting there chatting quietly, fully clothed, and none of the guys were paying any attention to them at all.  I saw no sign of the second couple.

As I became fully acclimated to the darkness, I suddenly realized that what I thought was a single guy sitting about halfway down towards the front was actually a couple leaning into each other.   About five minutes after this discovery, they rose and made their way to the couples area, where they sat at the opposite end of the back bench from Couple #1.  I could now make them out much more clearly.  They were both older, and she was tall and quite attractive, with shoulder-length dark hair streaked with grey.  Couple #2 was an Afro-American pair that looked very young.  He was in droopy jeans and a black long-sleeved T, medium height and thin.  She was a knockout; maybe 5’ 5” tall,with round hips and a nice set of tits. She was wearing bright white skin tight jeans, a light blouse, and a cardigan style white sweatshirt, unzipped.

Couple #2 began making out and soon his big black cock was out of his pants with her tiny hands stroking it.  This had progressed into a lean-over BJ when I saw one of the daytime regulars enter the theater and join me at the rail, immediately whipping it out and starting to jack while watching the blow job action.  I know he was hoping the same thing I was, that she would get naked and show us that killer young body.  After a few minutes, Regular Guy zipped up and walked right into the couples’ section and sat down next to the older Couple #1!  I assume her knew them since he once again whipped it out and started jacking hard.  She watched for a few minutes and she started jacking him off.  After 5 minutes or so of this, she bent over and started sucking him off.  Hubby never budged, and actually looked a bit disinterested, watching the movie instead of his wife’s oral antics.  Clearly theater sex veterans.  She sucked him for a few minutes and  then he got up, re-zipped, and rejoined me at the rail, I guess preferring to watch the young couple over getting his meat eaten by the Older Girl.  It seemed an odd choice to this reporter, but whatever floats one’s boat I suppose.

A tall thin guy that frequently shows up when daytime flags fly came in, dressed for business in a dress shirt and tie and dress slacks.  After watching from the annex, which affords a good view into the couples’ section, Older Girl beckoned him into the couples area.  He was sitting next to her with his cock sticking straight up when Couple #3 walked in. 

They were surprised to see two couples in the back and took seats over in the now-empty annex.  He was a small thin thirty-something guy and she was a younger BBW with a cute face and a big ass.  They watched as Older Girl again bent over to suck the lucky Business Guy’s dick.  She sucked him for a few minutes then sat up and whispered something in his ear, which although I couldn’t hear it had to something like“Why don’t you fuck me?” based on what happened next.  He dropped his pants all the way and unbuttoned his shirt about halfway, starting at the bottom, while she quickly slipped out of her loose-fitting sweats, under which she was completely nude.  Even though she was no spring chicken, she had a nice body with big hangers and a hot looking ass. 

After a quick suck ensured a fully hard dick, she climbed on and buried it in her cowgirl style,and bareback.  It was a slow-grind fuck with no pounding or bouncing and, surprisingly, no sound from either of them.  Couple #2 continued the blow job action, alas with her still fully clothed, although his hand was down the back of those white jeans. Business Guy came with a small grunt, hopped off, and grabbed some towels to clean up.  Older Girl stayed naked and sat next to her guy.

Regular guy and I returned to watching Couple #2, where she had stopped sucking him and was now furiously jerking him off.  In a couple minutes he arched his back and shot an enormous load all over himself and her hands.  Older girl got dressed and they prepared to leave.  Couple #2 hit the towels too and cleaned up, just as Couple #3 took Couple #1’s spot in thecouples’ area.  He dropped his pants and blow job #4 of the afternoon was underway.  She was a very enthusiastic cocksucker, very noisy and slurpy.  After the black couple left (still without giving us a look at that great body) Couple #3 moved over,with him sitting in the “recliner” at the far end and her lying face down onthe bench.  It looked for all the world like they were settling in to watch the movie and that the playing was over, when he suddenly got up, dropped his drawers, and reached over and pulled her sweatpants down, revealing her big naked ass.  He stroked himself hard and got on top of her and stared fucking her hard with no preamble. It took him only about two minutes to blast a load into her from the rear, and then they proceeded to clean up and leave.

Final score: 4 blowjobs, 1 cum shot, 2 quick, mostly silent bareback fucks, and 1 fully naked Older Girl.

Not bad for a quiet afternoon at the Paris, eh Doc?




Thanks floyd for another great daytime report from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.  Hopefully you picked up a donut on the way back to the office.

Reports are still needed here at The Journal.  floyd heeded the call to arms, and now it's your turn.  Please send your reports into me at   I'll do the rest...