Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Attractions: Laney Hits CTs Adult Theater Tomorrow @ Noon (w/pics)

Doc here with a reminder that the very sexy and insatiable Laney from Texas will be at CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway in Gary, IN this Thursday through Saturday, July 21 - 23rd, 2011. The fun starts Thursday at noon...

Here is the latest from Laney on her visit, plus more pics of her (click to enlarge, they are hi-res):

It's Laney and I will be arriving Thursday at noon and I have a surprise for all that will be at CTs Thursday at noon. There will a little show for all that will be there. I have a female friend thats wants to eat my pussy while all the guys watch. She is new to all this so she has requested that everyone stand back and watch while she plays with me. Please don't touch her while she playing with me. When she is though I will be all yours.

Please remember condoms must be woren when playing with me. Looking forward to the Thursday nooner

Field Report: Tomkat (on the prowl) on The Fairmount Theater, East Haven, CT

Doc here with the latest Field Report from senior reporter Tomkat (on the prowl), this time on the Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT.  Looks like a scary place, but is it?

Here is Tomkat and his report...


Hi Doc,

I paid a visit to the Fairmount Theater, 33 Main St. Annex,  East Haven, CT while prowling the Connecticut coast on a recent weekday afternoon.  This was my first visit to this particular establishment.  Here is the good, the bad and the very very ugly!

The Fairmount is conveniently located off I-95.  The theater has on-premises parking that is subject to video surveillance.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you value your car and it's contents.  A sign by the door says they are open late.  That's always good for couples.  But, they play gay movies on the weekends.

I entered the theater and approached the clerk.  Inside was a limited selection of videos and a few sex toys.  I paid the $10 admission to a clerk who seemed very gay to me.  I  was directed to a doorway covered with a shabby curtain.  I stepped through the make shift portal into darkness.  I took the nearest seat and allowed my eyes to adjust.  The movie showing was straight porn, depicting rich guys fucking maids.  After a few minutes I was able to take in my surroundings.  The theater is medium size with about 25 rows of about 15 seats.  The place is filthy and smelled of a combination of mold and dried cum. There were about 10 older pole cats playing with each other's poles.  After about 20 minutes, the movie changed over to a "chicks with dicks" genre.  

I wandered out to the video store/lobby.  Near the front door, I noticed another curtained doorway marked "private video booth".  I went over to check it out.  Stepping through the curtain, I found myself in a 20-seat mini-theater showing gay porn. The chairs looked new and the room smelled liked it had been freshly dry-walled and painted.  Since gay porn is not my thing, I went back to the main theater.  The gender-bender flick was still playing.

By this time, I had seen enough or so I thought.  I stopped in the men's room to empty my bladder in preparation for the long drive home.  The men's room absolutely reeked.  I've seen litter boxes that smell better!  I took my leak being extra careful not to touch anything but me and left.

The bottom line is the Fairmount is a filthy decrepit theater that caters to the M2M crowd.  There is no accommodation for couples.   The sleaze factor looms large here.  I doubt any couple who ventures in there would stay long.   I wish I could provide a more optimistic report.  But, I gotta call 'em like I see 'em


TomKat (on the Prowl)


Doc here again... Well, it looks like The Fairmount is the leading candidate for the Hall of Shame for 2011.  Reading the report, it reminded me of my several trips into the Apex Theater in Baltimore.  Aside from the fact that The Apex is a large theater (an easy 600 seats or more), the descriptions could be interchanged.  I swear I can still smell the restroom of The Apex, and it's been 9 months since I have been there.

Thanks to Tomkat for taking one for the team inside The Fairmount Theater, and for the new pics of the theater.

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Try it.


Flash Report: SFMan Reports on Saturday Night 7/16 @ Secrets In Oakland

Doc here with an outstanding first time report from SFMan and his observations at Secrets Adult Theater from Saturday night in Oakland, CA.

It's good to have you aboard, SFMan!


Here's a little narrative of my Saturday adventure at Secrets, 201 Broadway in Oakland.

Drove over from Southern Marin and arrived about 1:15pm, entered the dark theater and stood by the back wall to let my eyes adjust. There is a regular who sits in the last row to the left, last seat next to the wall who gives blowjobs. He had a welcome participant.
Oakland, CA

Not much else going on. Approximately 15 minutes later a couple entered. Not Dino and his lady, but a tall blond, 40'ish, short curly hair, shorts, high heals and a loose fitting blouse. Her guy, about 50, 5'10" led her over to the corner to the right and they stood there about a minute before she had her shorts unbuttoned and he was feeling her up. I moved over and stood next to them, stroking, hoping for an invitation. She reached over to pull out his cock and started stroking him. She was going to get on her knees but they decided to move down to the seats.

When they sat down, she immediately pulled her beautiful breasts out and began giving him a blowjob.
Someone leaned over to let the guy know there was a row of seats that had more room in the front and they moved down. She was bent over and the guys started the grope fest while she was administering to her guy.

She helped us remove hershorts (no panties on underneath) and we all had access to the beautiful pussy. I put a raincoat on and tried to fuck her but for whatever reason she wasn't lubricated and neither was the condom, so penetration was futile. After several minutes the dreaded limp dicks syndrome took hold anyway. But, we all had fun playing in one fashion or another. Her guy laid her back in the chair and gave her a good tongue lashing and she eventually got off. She stroked a few guys and he sucked a little cock and that was about it.

During all of this Dino and his lady walked in. I let them know about the couple and they came down and observed for a minute or two and then settled in a few rows back and got comfortable. After the first couple left I got comfortable in a seat in the row in front of Dino and his lady. From past experience I know it takes them awhile to get warmed up, so I left them alone.

The eventually struck up a conversation with a gentleman behind them and I guess they hit it off. They retired to the arcade, just the three of them. I left just after that.

Another fun day at Secrets.


Doc here again... Thank you again to SFMan for a terrific first time report! You would think an area as liberal as the Bay area would be filled with adult theaters, but alas it is a one-trick pony with Secrets in Oakland.  We are looking forward to SFMan and his Bay Area reports moving forward.

Speaking of Secrets, I have a "Preview of Coming Attractions" coming up in the next day or so about a visit there (Secrets) on July 29th that is not to be missed. Details, pics, and video is forthcoming at The Journal.

Lastly, The Good Doctor is still badly in need of adult theater reports.  Please e-mail  Lon Chaney Jr. The Good Doctor at with your report, and I will do the rest for you. Editing, grammar, formatting... All you do is provide the words.