Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flash Report: Mocha Pickle Reports On CTs Adult Theater in Gary on 6/23

Doc here with an excellent first-time report from Mocha Pickle (maybe my favorite pen name of 2011 so far...). The scene is CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. Mocha Pickle stepped out of retirement and filed this entertaining, yet hot report of the scene this past week at CTs.

Take it away, MP!


Been awhile since I’ve toured the Chicago-Indiana theater scene.  Melrose and CT’s are my hunting grounds, along with a few adults-only nudist camps.  Dr.Lizardo put out the call for reporters, so I came out of retirement to report on this thing of ours.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
I hear a hot girl named Lisa will be at CTs in the early evening of the 23rd of June. I arrive early, and the theater is empty… except for “Anne” and her old man in the back row.  After politely asking if she’s playing, she pops out a boob and says “That’s why I’m here!”  I suckle and nurse her silver dollar nipples, then we move to the gyno-table where her old man gives me a condom to wrap up.  I plunge in, seven inches, balls deep.

Anne’s moaning.  I’m long dicking her, punching that womb, but I can’t get the can’t cum.  Performance anxiety?  Like I said, it’s been awhile.  I hop off.  Since no one else is in the theater wanting to fuck, Anne and I get to talking.  She’s wondering where everybody is.  I just keep rubbing her titties and feeling her big ass.

Soon, she gets bored, and she’s outta there, her and her old man.  Cute gal. Older.  Round in all the right places.  I hope to see Anne again so I can butter her little face.  Anyway…

Guys start coming, waiting for “Lisa”, the main attraction. “Big George” ambles in, cane in hand, and lets us know she’s on her way. But first, a few rules…

She wants a hard fucking from any and all cummers.  A hard dick, a condom and some lube and you get the fuck of your life.  Also, she’ll suck the chrome off your trailer hitch, but absolutely positively no cumming in her mouth.  Everyone agreed and Lisa entered the theater...

Foxy, sexy, and smoking.  Literally smoking.  Loved the cancer sticks.  She asked if we minded.  Fuck no. She could’ve been on fire and we wouldn’t have cared.  She promptly stripped down, hopped on the gyno table and spread her creamy thighs for a little tongue-in-the-taco action from big George. The rest of us were getting ourselves hard, stroking off to the show.  Lisa was giving free tongue baths to the fuck sticks to the left and right of her head.

The first guy jumps into the saddle and, after a few minutes, I swear he blows so hard he has an aneurysm.  He literally fell out of the pussy, it was so good.  Trembling, he staggered out.  Hope he made it home.

The next guy gave it three good pumps and was done.  POW!  Said he hadn’t had any pussy in two years.

A few more came, saw, and were conquered by Lisa’s devil snatch.  She continued to bob her head on various meat whistles.  Hypnotized by her soft vanilla ass, I started to rub it and cup the cheeks in my hands.  Soon, my Viagra cock was between those wonderful lips and oh goddamn the rules, no cumming in her mouth.  She said she wanted cock in her pussy.   I couldn’t.  NO CONDOM.

I left before she and George did.  Lisa was still taking on cock, but a previous sore boob-to-bicycle handle bar injury was starting to be too much for her to bear, so I’m assuming she didn’t stay the whole night.  But she was a real trooper and did many of us a great service buy draining our nuts.

The lesson is, if you’re gonna dabble in this thing of ours, play by the rules, play fair and everybody will get a turn at bat.

Thank you George and Lisa.  See you next time at CT’s.

Mocha Pickle… out.


Doc here again... Awesome first-time report from Mocha Pickle.  I hope this is the first of many more to come, since after 3 reports he will have his own custom banner to accompany his reports.

Do you have an adult theater report?  I am still in desperate need of reports... So, if you do (just like MP did), please email them to Charles Atlas The Good Doctor at I will put the window dressing on your words, edit and format them, and WALA!  You are now a reporter for the web's one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.