Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flash Report! Last Week's Bob in Biloxi Report for 3/31/12

Doc here with catch-up time... I didn't get an opportunity to get last week's Bob in Biloxi report up, so here it is.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that 3/31 wasn't that exciting an evening.

Don't take my word for it....Get the word direct from our good friend Bob.


Hey Doc,

Lots of traffic on our beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend. Sadly no players, lots of lookers though.

Maybe that will transition into players one evening? Four couples showed at various times at our little Gulf Coast Adult Theater. No couples at the ABS while I was there, although I did miss one by about 30mins. Otherwise the ABS was a happy fella confused folks party.

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Down at the theater one of the regular/semi regular couples told me that a lady came in Friday night and put on a show with her man, but group participation was forbidden. About 10:30pm last night a blonde lady about 5’7 dressed in a leopard print mini and black crotch less pantyhose showed up with her man, she fucked and sucked four guys and her man.

The problem with that is I believed she fucked some of the confused guys bare (very foolish if you don’t know who you’re dealing with of course).So this author didn’t find relief at that party. it’s rumored that one of the confused folks she fucked is carrying a bug so I fail to understand this ladies. At least be smart enough to ask the person’s status!! Kind of hard to lie in a crowd of people that know what you’re about. Doubt should have been ringing off the wall with her last night, so when in doubt play it safe!! Geez!

Two of the other couples that came in and sat down looked extremely nervous and only stayed a few minutes, but they did venture down the street to the ABS. Again I think they were a bit out of their element and did not go to the booths. Both looked very hard though, but in the end maybe they just didn’t have the courage to take that final step?

Summer is just getting here, so I believe it will be a banner year for theater/ABS play in our quaint little town. Time will tell,  but in the interim there’s still not a damn thing worth watching on TV Saturday nights anyway, so I might as well enjoy the people watching at the smut establishments!!



Doc here again... While this wasn't a night for the ages, it still provided a bit of excitement.  However, stay tuned for tomorrow's Bob in Biloxi report from this past weekend (4/7).   Things get better.  And by "better", I mean Bob gets his weeny tooted.