Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Feature: "Blast from the Past - Atlanta" by JaxBchBum

The Belvedere Theater
Atlanta, GA

The good Doctor is pleased to present a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: Blast from the Past.  This forum will discuss the late, great adult theaters from the near or far past.

Kicking off this feature is an article by JaxBchBum, concerning the former scene in Atlanta, GA. 

Here is Jax with his report...

The Atlanta XXX theatre scene sure has been a rollercoaster the last 30 years. I remember in the mid-70s when there were dozens of adult bookstores / arcades and 5-6 standalone adult theatres. Then the Atlanta government establishment started a protracted effort to shut them all down and after many years, finally succeeded leaving only Buckhead Theatre. Development pressure as Buckhead became the "hot" upscale area killed the Buckhead Theatre. Belvedere and Buford Highway Twin Theater in the DeKalb County suburbs endured years of strong legal pressures and seemed to be holding their own until both closed within the last year. Interesting thing is the re-emergence of the adult "bookstores" and arcades with about a dozen of them in Atlanta area.

The Belvedere in Decatur was owned by the same lady who worked for years at the adult theatre that used be operate in the Buckhead entertainment area of Atlanta. Great lady who always looked after her customers in flashing the lights if someone came in that she thought might be police. DeKalb County made a concerted effort for years to shut the theatre down, but she fought and won. Even got to the point where she was having to constantly having to show soft porn due to police coming in; so she set up a secret location for her regular customers to go where we could see the "good" porn movies. The couples that would come in to the warehouse location would always provide a great time. Belvedere used to be a great couples spot as it was a formerly a regular twin theatre (like the Buford, but even bigger) and there was a swingers-friendly nightclub nearby. But then the neighborhood started to decline a little and couples thought the Buford was a bit safer, plus they got free admission, so they started gravitating to the BHTT. Just a real tragedy of what happened to Addie's son (Ed. note... The owners son was shot and killed during a hold-up of the owner after closing one night.  The theater closed for good shortly thereafter).

The big guy at BHTT (the manager) could be a real pain coming through with his flashlight. I was there once at BHTT when DeKalb Vice came in. Couple was playing in the general section and all these guys were sitting nearby. I was down across from the couples area and was about to move closer when I noticed all these guys coming in from both aisles which my gut instinct said that was odd, so I stayed where I was. 15 seconds later the lights come on and they announce themselves. They hauled off the couple, and about a dozen other guys. Just knew the TV stations were going to be outside, but they weren't, so dodged another bullet.

I hope to get to Pure Pleasures in J-Ville next Friday evening, and will send in a report of what I hope will be an action filled evening.

Doc here again...Great job Jax on your report.  Fast forward to today...There are new owners of the Buford Highway Twin Theater, and they are trying their best to re-open the theater.  The county is pushing back, and they are now involved in legal action.  The Journal will update the situation as new developments occur.

Do you have a story from the good old days of adult theaters from the 70's, 80's, 90's, or 00's?  Drop the good Doctor an e-mail at, and I will publish your story.

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