Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flash Report! The Falcon @ The Buford Highway Twin Cinema in Doraville, GA

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter The Falcon.  This report focuses on the Buford Highway Twin Cinema just outside Atlanta, GA

Take it away, sir.



I made a visit to Atlanta a few weeks ago and took two days at the Buford Highway Twin Adult Theater.  The theater is as it has always been two movies both were straight this week.  Couples are still free in theater one but must pay if they want to visit both theaters.  The $16 fee gets you both theaters.  I found the theater cleaner than the last time I was there.  They have put some new seating in theater 1 especially in the couples section.  I think they are trying to entice more couples.  While the big man running the theater seemingly does not like couples, they are the biggest draw to the theater.

Buford Highway Twin Cinema
Doraville, GA
On Friday night it was a complete bust.  I stayed until midnight and saw not one couple, and there were not very many people period.  There was a cross dresser that looked quite nice.  The confused boys were playing near the rear of the theater but no couple action.

I returned on Saturday night about 7 PM and it was dead until 9 PM when a couple came in and sat down on the second row.  The men were very respectful but some did move closer to them.  They just watched the movie for a long time then she started rubbing his pants and eventually got his cock out for a round of hand and blow job.  I must say this couple was one of the nicest looking couples I have ever seen in an adult theater.  They seemed to be late 20's and she was beautiful.  Her legs were perfect and she had a great looking chest even though she did not get it bare.  The young lady went to the ladies room and removed her panties came back and started to play.  She was trying to get him to play but he just sat and let her work on him.  She did eventually get on his lap and played with him but he seemed disinterested.

After about an hour of playing they moved into the general area and she gave him a great blow job and they left.

There were other couples in too, an older black couple came in and she got topless and serviced her man.  They did not play with others or show very well.

There were two other couples that came in and just played with each other a while and left.

All in all it was an enjoyable night.

The Falcon


Doc here again...Many thanks goes out to The Falcon for another quality report. Keep them coming, sir!