Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash Report! Sunday Brunch with Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre (with Exclusive New Pic!)

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from the incredibly hot Hawaiian Eyeful.
Last Sunday morning, as The Good Doctor was enjoying Bloody Mary #2, I saw a Hawaiian Eyeful Flag pop up at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR at 10:35am. This was unusual, and sparked my interest in what was being served at this brunch.
Now we know.
Here is the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful and her report...
Due to flight delays, we arrived at the Paris Theater much later than we anticipated.  We were hoping to catch the crowd left from Saturday nights’ activities, but had also been forewarned that Sunday morning could be a bit sparse.  Of course, knowing that this was also the day for the AFC and NFC Football Championships what could one girl expect competing against one of men’s other favorite past times? 

I made my way to the front of the theater and began to lay out the sheet for the arena table.  It was then I noticed a couple of men in the back.  I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet as I knew the pleasures that were about to cum.  I slowly began undressing myself, fondling my girls while I began to suck my fiancĂ©’s already hard cock.   Climbing onto the arena table, I continued to suck his cock and lick his balls.  I begged for him to enter my pussy as I wanted to be pounded till my juices were overflowing. As he entered my most intimate place, I waited until I could wait no more and released my juices until we were both wet with cum. 
Exclusive New Pic of Hawaiian Eyeful
As I began to clean up my cum from his cock, I felt someone sliding their hand up and down my leg, edging closer and closer towards my pussy.   Someone had finally joined us.  I could see that he must have been enjoying the action that had taken place as his cock was already out and ready for me to partake.  As he began to finger my pussy and my fiancĂ© continued to bite and twists my nipples, I took the gentleman’s cock and began stroking and sucking it ever so gently.  With each continued stroke, I could feel his cock growing harder and longer as it began to fill my mouth.  His cries of pleasure made me want to fuck even more.  
Before I knew it another man had joined in on the fun.  He began to lick out my pussy with vigor which sent me into another world of ecstasy.  Realizing who had just joined us, I knew that the “mechanic” would enjoy the sweetness of my cum as my juices began to overflow onto his face.  He continued to pleasure me and I knew I needed to be fucked once again.  I began to suck his cock, swirling my tongue over the head.  In just a matter of time, he entered my wanting pussy, fucking me missionary style like there was no tomorrow.  I was a lucky girl.  Cum to find out, he had enjoyed the previous night at the Paris Theater, however choosing to come back Sunday morning once the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag alert had been posted.
After the ‘mechanic’ pulled out, I climbed on top of my man and began fucking him.  The mechanic then asked if he could DP me.  Never having done so before and with some trepidation, I was willing to give it a try.  After all, what girl has never fantasized about having two men in her at the same time?  As he began licking my and finger fucking my virgin ass, I could feel myself getting more excited with anticipation of what was about to cum.   What a sweet decadent feeling being sandwiched in between two men feeling both their hard cocks.  What girl wouldn’t explode with cum after enjoying two hard cocks pumping her at the same time?
Of course there is the ultimate…. a cock in my mouth along with one in my pussy and ass.   Are there any guys available to rise to the occasion?  I am not quite there yet, but know that as adventuresome as I am, my time will cum.   When I am ready, will I have enough volunteers to fulfill my desires? (ed. note: The line will be longer than VoodDoo Donuts next door).
As we were finishing up, another gentleman had arrived. he was visiting from quite a ways out of town, and had heard of me from the blog (ed. note: How cool is that?). He considered himself one lucky guy as he was thinking what is the chance of meeting up with me on a day he decides to visit (I guess football doesn't keep all men away). :o)  I was thrilled to know that I would be able to fulfill this man's fantasy.
While I lay on the arena table, stroking my pussy and catching my breath, the guys continued to jack off.  Before I knew it, someone was asking if they could unload on my tits.  I thought, “heck, why not”.  As his load hit my tits, I realized another man right next to me, was ready to unleash his load on me.   His moans of pleasure as he released were unrecognizable.  Unfortunately, not only did his load hit my tits, some got misplaced and hit my face.  With the exception of the stray squirts I received on my face, it was an experience to remember.  Wow, what an awesome feeling to receive the warm loads on my body.

As we were preparing to leave another man had arrived.  Even though the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49’s game had already started, we stayed a bit longer.  Who was I to deny myself the pleasure of blowing another cock?   So to my delight, I enjoyed myself sucking and stroking his cock while I got mounted again by another doggie style.    As much as I enjoy sex like the next girl, I also do enjoy my football, so we finished up, packed it up and headed out. 

What can I say about the Sunday Brunch Crowd?  Even though low in numbers, the pleasures and adventures I was able to enjoy could not be repeated.     Thank you gentlemen for providing two new “firsts” for me.
Aloha until my next visit  :o)

The Hawaiian Eyeful       


Doc here again... I, for one, cannot wait until your next report and pics come.    Thank you again, Hawaiian Eyeful!