Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bedtime Stories with Sweet Temptation - Moving to the Blues

Doc here in the fiction section of my local library, and I present to you the 2nd Bedtime Story  from regular Journal contributor, Sweet Temptation.

If you liked her first Bedtime Story, you will LOVE this one.  Trust me on this.

Take it away, Sweet Temptation!


Moving to the Blues

We follow the sound of the music down the street and find the source in small club. The musicians have drawn quite a crowd and I can hear why, they are hot. The perfect blues trio; drums, bass and guitar. Not a table in sight, so we work our way over to the bar and order drinks. Sparkling water for him, mojito on the rocks for me. He takes my hand and says “Let’s try back that way.” He leads me to a back corner where there is one forgotten high top with a lone bar stool. He lets me sit because my boots are starting to make my feet ache. Now I can really start paying attention to the music.

I have a confession to make. Blues music, really hot slow blues music, makes me horny. Not the scratchy Delta blues, not the honky-tonk Memphis blues, but deep down, dirty, soulful Chicago style blues. There are certain guitar notes that make my nipples hard; and when the guitar player bends the note and gives it some vibe the feeling goes straight to my clit.

The Real
Sweet Temptation
And this band has everything I love. My man wraps an arm around my waist, pressing up against my back and we sway a little to the music. He sets his drink on the table and his other hand slides up and down my thigh. My skirt may be long, but has a generous slit up one side and soon his fingers are on my bare skin. He starts tracing slow circles up my inner thigh, finger tips cool on my hot skin.

The trio starts another song, opening with a ringing guitar note that has my clit standing up for attention. Sensing my excitement my man gives one nipple a little pinch and it’s all I can do not to moan out loud. Meanwhile his hand has worked its way to my panties. He cups and presses my crotch and my pussy responds; opening and wetting the fabric. One finger traces the elastic and slides underneath. I open my thighs more. He rubs along my slit, separating my pussy lips and dipping into all the moisture there. The guitarist bends another perfect note as a finger plucks my clit. I respond with a small gush of wetness. I’m leaning back into his body. I can feel the hard press of his dick against my lower back. His lips are against my ear whispering to me. “Stand up.”

As I stand up he slides onto the stool behind me. Before I know what’s happening he’s pulled my skirt around to place the opening at the back and pulled me backward onto his lap, my thighs draped on either side of his legs. I hook the heels of my boots on the rungs of the stool to keep from falling off. I don’t know how he’s managed it, but his dick is out of his pants. He draws my panties to one side. His warm hard cock now slides along my slit, riding the slick wetness, taking unerring aim on my cunt. I lean forward against the table and press my hips back. With a bit of maneuvering the head of his cock pushes into my cunt and sits there, throbbing.

The music gets my attention again. The bass player has opened a pulsing riff that seems matched by the pulsing cock inside me. We are barely moving, a real silent fuck. The music takes over for what would otherwise be the thrusting and pounding of cock and pussy. The trio presses on, building and jamming. The drums pound like the beat of our hearts; the frantic strumming on the guitar matches the fingers strumming on my clit; the throb of the bass mimics the throb of cock. It’s almost as if my man and the band were fucking me, all of us in this together. And suddenly we’ve reached the peak together, band synced on the last notes, my pussy clenching around the cock that’s shooting its load inside me.

Gradually he slides out and we quickly readjust our clothes. Appetites satisfied but wetted at the same time we leave. As we’re working our way to the door we pass the band on its break. “Nice set” I say.

Sweet Dreams,

Sweet Temptation


Doc here again... Many thanks to the lovely and very dirty minded Sweet Temptation for another great piece of fiction.  Keep them coming, Miss!


Couple's Flash Report! Chrissy & Mike @ The Art Cinema in Hartford 3/15/13 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a great way to start your hump day: A Couple's Flash Report from "Art Addicts" Chrissy & Mike.

Chrissy & Mike are becoming regulars at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and now it appears they are mentoring new couples who are visiting this top-notch adult theater.

Here is Chrissy & Mike and their latest report.


Good Morning Doc,

Chrissy & Mike here with another report from the fabulous Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.
We had planned on trying to attend Friday, 3/15/13 but our meet and greet with a group went so well that we closed out the restaurant and went to a hotel for the night. (It felt nice to have that alone time with my husband!) Since I was due to work all day Sunday, Saturday night was kinda in the air but we did end up going.
We arrived around 8pm, later than usual because we went to visit a friend first. I wasn't in my normal attire, I was wearing a nice pink sweater and a pair of jeans (nothing fancy). We checked out the main floor and there was an older couple putting on a show. Of course there were so many watching and participating that I really couldn't get a good look, mostly because I am so short (5' 2") LOL!
The Real Chrissy

We opted to check out the balcony and WOW was I pleasantly surprised. There were about 8 or 9 couples up there! We went to the first row of the lighted balcony. After a few minutes Mike asked if I would suck his nice long cock and of course I did!

A couple started to walk up as if they were leaving and the male half "S" stopped in front of us. It wasn't long before he asked if he could finger my pussy. I have to admit that I wasn't completely in the mood yet and thought to myself "oh sure, I am not even wet and someone wants to finger me, go figure!" 
As soon as he did that he said "You guys are famous! I read all your blogs on the Dr. Lizardo page"! I stopped and thought "he knew me by my pussy?"  So of course I stopped what I was doing and we talked with him and his wife "K" for a while. They told us they had read all the reports I sent in and that it was their first time there. He told me his goal was to play with me and make me squirt, which as you know is a pretty easy thing to do.
The Real Mike
I really feel bad that I soak all of Ernie's chairs there, and now I intend to bring a towel after what I saw Saturday night. We swapped off in the balcony, "S" fingering my pussy hard and fast (just the way I like it) and making me squirt multiple times.
Mike had "K" bent over the seat and was showing her how it feels to have a Prince Albert in her pussy. Both of us women were pleased by the others husband for a while and when we all decided we needed some air, that's when I realized I should really bring a towel or two for every visit.
For all of those that have been in the balcony, I am sure you noticed the lighted section has a cement platform.... Well after squirting a good 4 times I had not only soaked the chair but there was a puddle on that cement slab. Luckily I had tossed my jeans and shoes to the side because if I hadn't they would have looked like I pissed myself! We all laughed about it and proceeded to get ready  to go outside for some air.
As we walked down the stairs I was surprised, yet again! There was a line of guys at the end of the stairway waiting for us. They saw we were headed outside and a couple of them sighed in disappointment. I felt bad and told them we will be back in a few minutes. 
About 5 minutes later we entered the main floor and while "K" and Mike both used the bathroom "S" and I waited at the stairway. It was then that one of the guys from the week before (the squirt drinker) came up and said "If you squirt tonight I want to drink it", and without missing a beat "S" said "oh no, your all mine tonight!" I just laughed and replied with "well you both can fight over it".
Mike was walking up as I gave my reply and was a little guarded because he didn't know what was going on so I had to fill him in, and by the time I was done with that "K" made her way back and we all went to the main floor. We had to make our way around our normal isle because the other older couple was still there giving a show. So, we went to the other end of the wide isle.
It was then that our friend "Mike" came up, hugged me and said "there's my girl!" To help "K" feel comfortable with the group of men that were wandering over from the older couple, I sat next to her. Instantly our friend Mike started rubbing my shoulders and head and the group of guys were not only feeling me up but fondling "K". She was loving it and so was I.
Her husband "S" knelt down between my knees and started to finger fuck me again, fast and hard. I had to have squirted at least 3 more times between his fingering and kissing me. While I was being pleased immensely by "S", Mike was eating "K's" pussy and fucking her. I am not sure if they had discussed rules before hand but I heard her say "cum in me" (which is no big deal because Mike had a vasectomy over 15 yrs ago), but I then heard "S" say "cum on her tits" so that was a bit confusing. But either way Mike didn't finish and I was asked to go down on her. I told both Mike and "S" that I would only do that if "K" wanted me to and of course she said she did want me to eat her pussy.
I got down on my knees and it seemed as though a spot light had been turned on!  I swear everyone turned on the flashlight app on their fancy phones! It was so bad that I couldn't open my eyes without a glare! I felt bad for "K" too because It was her first time there and they were kind of obnoxious with the lights. I don't mind one or two but when your blinding people that's a bit much! I do have to say she has quite the tasty pussy and I enjoyed every minute of licking her juicy goodness from her love box!
It was a good 10 minutes before the house lights came on to warn us they were closing, and when I sat up "K" had told me I was the second woman she had been with. She loved my skills and that next time she would reciprocate the favor! She leaned in and kissed me which as soon as our lips unlocked I noticed our friend Mike to my left. I felt the need to introduce him since he gives such great massages and "K" thanked him for rubbing her head and shoulders. He later told me that he loves watching women kiss and that kissing photo's are what he collects!  
We all got our stuff together and I gave "S" and "K" our email address. We plan on getting together again soon. Maybe at the theater and then a hotel room, who knows!
So for all those couples and single guys that want to meet us while at the cinema, don't be afraid to say hi; it could lead to a night you will remember! I am happy to have been there to ease "K" into the atmosphere of the main floor and hope that more women become eager to give it a go. Just remember though, that if your a couple, always set your rules together before going to the cinema that way no one gets upset or confused. Also, if you would like to know when we may be attending again please check out Hartford, CT Craigslist and look for "Art Addicts". We are planning on going again Wednesday night 3/20 night, so I may have another report for you sooner than usual.
Until then, stay healthy and horny!
-Chrissy and Mike
P.S. Can you believe it's been a month since we were at the Valentine's Event? Time sure flies when your having fun!
Doc here again... If you find yourself near The Art Cinema Wednesday night, I think there just might be a horny girl waiting just for you. 
Thanks again to Chrissy & Mike for the great report!