Monday, April 30, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 4/28/12

Doc here with this week's Bob in Biloxi report.  Our good friend has been on a roll lately, and last week's walk-off grand slam report is still getting a ton of page views.

This week's report is another solid one, with Bob spreading the love (and baby batter) all over the beautiful gulf coast.

So let's have a warm welcome for this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

The Gulf Coast is OPEN for business!! Last night was awesome on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Lot’s of couples out, however most were shopping. But several players as well.

Bob in Biloxi
Starting with a beautiful brunette that one of the scouts got with prior to my arrival. She and her man took up residence in the ABS peep show booth and serviced two lucky guys (one was the scout of course). He described her as petite with long brunette hair dressed in CFM (come fuck me) heels and a short mini capped off with a button down blouse. He said she was young (30’s) and gave awesome head. They left after providing two lucky guys with her talent. I guess her “gaydar”/ “confused” folks intuition went off.

Next up prior to my arrival was a blonde lady who actually checked into a booth. One of the scouts told me she and her man were inside for a couple of hours providing pleasure to all that wanted it. Not much of a description on her, other than she was very “doable”.

En route to the Coast, another scout called and told me yet another smoking hot blonde was at the theater and I had better get my ass there ASAP. I was still 30 minutes out and told him so. About 5 minutes later he called back and said they were leaving, but wanted a group of “totally straight” guys to come by their room for some fun. Ok, I know theater/ABS sex is the bomb, but for most women, I think they like to be comfortable and the bed beats a couch/seat any day of the week. The only problem with a bed is she can’t show off to a crowd. I now know this lady wasn’t all that interested in showing off, she was playing to be pleasured.

The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
The scout called me back with the hotel and room number, and I arrived about 10 minutes later and knocked on the door. Her guy opened the door fully clothed and I saw the lady nude on the bed with the scout between her legs fingering her asshole with a condom. More on that in a bit. So I came in and she looked up at me and smiled. She said she was 44, she had blonde hair, perky C-cup tits, a tuft of blonde hair above her clit. Judging her height at about 5’3, weight around 110lbs, she was indeed petite and attractive.

This blonde also seemed to be enjoying the scout's action of  having her clit licked and asshole massaged, as he was knuckle deep and then some in her brown eye. Her man was filming the event, so I disrobed and knelt on the bed next to her head. She instinctively reached for my cock and started gently stroking it, followed up closely with her tongue and lips. Yes, she had talent.

After a few minutes of this, she gave her man a look and he asked me if I wanted to fuck her? Uh, yes, after all that is what “this thing of ours” is about. I told him I wanted her to be on top. She must have liked that idea because a huge smile came across her face. After donning Bob’s signature non latex polyurethane condom, she proceeded to mount my soldier who was standing at attention ready for duty. The look on her face was priceless, as she winced as my cock touched bottom, a sure sign from her knowing I wasn’t slacking off!! That was followed by a loud moan and a huge smile, as she slowly started her grind and pump, her large tits swaying in face.

If I could have but one wish, I would have the power to simply touch a woman on the shoulder and give her a earth thundering orgasm. I would be touching every woman I see, simply because all of them deserve one. And they’re much easier to live with afterward.

Back to the cowgirl ride... I didn’t  know it, because I was talking some serious shit to her and had her both laughing and moaning. The husband had moved the camera to her rear and was filming, while the scout was back there and told me while she was riding my cock he inserted a condom covered finger in her ass and she was fucking both my cock and his finger. I never felt his finger, I guess I was so into her I was oblivious to anything but her pleasure!

I let her ride my cock for around 20 minutes, then noticing she was getting tired pulled her down on my chest and started pumping her. I love vocal women! She held on to my shoulders and nuzzled her nose under my chin as I started pumping that pussy, the more she moaned the harder I hit it, she began shaking all over as I loaded a ton of special edition Bob’s baby batter into the polyurethane non irritating cum catcher!! She just cried out and moaned, her body was shaking while she was making cooing sounds of a woman that just enjoyed herself. She and I were also covered in sweat. Yes the air conditioner was wide ass open too!

She sat back up on my poor soldier and shook her pretty blonde hair, her tiny hands on my chest and looked down at me smiling, and she asked if it was good for me as well? Uh yeah!!! Off to the bathroom we went, soap and shower, thanks all around, numbers exchanged, nice pat on the ass and this reporter was off to the theater!! Later the scout arrived and told me he was able to fuck her ass, as tight as her pussy was I don’t think I could have gone into that realm. That’s when I learned he was also DP’ing her with his finger. I’m glad I didn’t know, I probably would have kicked him.

At the theater, the young chick from last weekend came back. She’s brunette, very early 20’s, blue jean skirt, red tube top, heels. She hasn’t done anything yet, but she likes looking around watching guys stroke. I was sitting about 5ft from her on another couch, and she and I would do the whole eye contact thing for a sec. I smiled, she looked uninterested and would look away, then she would look at my crotch then my eyes then away. This went on for several minutes until another blonde walked into the theater.

Gulf Coast Theater, Interior
Biloxi, MS
This blonde and her man, walked in and went directly to the front couch. She was about 5’6", very buxom, big ass, slender waist huge EE pumped up tits, pixie cut blonde hair. She had on a leopard print skin tight dress and CFM heels. He proceeded to untie her blouse and peel off her top while she was still standing. Out came my cock so both could see it. The brunette now had a clear view of it as well, the man with the buxom blonde looked at me and waved me over, and told her to suck that big cock.

Ok its not that “big”, but it’s also not that little either. As I like to say, bigger than most, smaller than a few. I digress... She went at it like a porn star. I love it when a woman moans when she sucking cock, more of a connection I think. Of course she immediately drew a crowd and soon there was eight guys standing close flopping/fapping as three of us were in very close proximity so she would go from one to the other. The guy she was with tapped me on the shoulder and handled me a magic marker and asked me to write my name on her back while she was sucking me. OK, so I wrote Bob was here and he started laughing. Soon she was just too pre-occupied and I bailed to the side, a few minutes later guys started cumming on her tits (at his direction) and she was digging it too! A couple of confused black guys moved in and were waved off, the guy saying sorry not her thing. After about eight loads on tits he allowed one very confused white guy to move in and lick the cum off her tits! Whew!!

At this point the young brunette got up and walked out, it seemed the buxom blonde stole her thunder and no one was ogling her anymore. If only she had displayed some interest, she could have stolen the show back! As things were heating up, still another blonde escorted by her husband came in. My cock was now back firmly in Ms Buxom’s throat as we made eye contact. The other blonde smiled at me when I winked at her, I motioned for her to come stand beside me, she just shook her head no. But then after the guy asked me to fuck Ms. Buxom the other blonde made eye contact again with a smile this time. And this time she moved to the side of the couch pretty close to me, but never next to me. All the time I was fucking Ms Buxom she never took her eyes off me, her eyes were smiling, as some of the guys started stroking her and rubbing her tits, but she never lost eye contact with me. Its very erotic fucking one woman from behind while looking directly into another woman’s eyes.

There were guys standing next to her with their hands down her pants, mouth’s on her tits and except for closing her eyes and moaning on a few occasions her eyes never left mine. It was too much and pulled out and unloaded on Ms. Buxom’s ass cheeks!! Soon clean up boi was there licking up my baby batter. I exited stage left and went and cleaned up, and as I came back Ms. Buxom’s hubby was balls deep in her and I sat on the couch behind them watching. I looked to my left and Ms Eye Contact was sitting over with her husband surrounded by confused folks looking for a hand out (and getting NONE) she smiled back at me and gave me a “thumbs up” and another smile. I returned both the smile and thumbs up.

I left after a bit and went back down to the ABS, but nothing happening there. Last week the young brunette and her man came down after leaving the theater, but as you re-call never went in the back. They were nowhere to be seen last night however. I guess Ms. Buxom really snatched her thunder? Oh well, I still hope she comes back. Nothing happening at the ABS hetero style so out to the bitching Silver Ingot HD for some R/R. I waited until about 11pm when a scout arrived and told me the blonde (Ms Eye Contact) never did do anything after I left but he talked to her in the parking and she said she would be back another weekend every soon. Let’s hope so, as she is a sexy lady.

Last count was six couples at the theater, two at the ABS. Pretty good showing so far, but we need a lot more couples playing. We have enough gay/confused folks (thank you) that the only thing missing is a Portland style venue of regular players. Friday night reports seem to be overwhelmingly gay/confused, so I still believe Saturday venues are still the best for hetero action as well as interaction with couples. Single ladies would be a great attraction too!!

There it is in black and white, Doc.  Hope our readers have a great week and venture out next weekend partaking “in this thing of ours”. Stay safe and until next weekend, I remain your faithful reporter here on the beautiful Gulf Coast!!



Doc here again... Thanks to our good friend Bob for another 5-Star report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.  This guy has been on-fire lately, between cranking out terrific reports and and having some unbelievable luck.  Yes, we all want to be Bob when we grow up!

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