Tuesday, June 22, 2010

House Call! Saturday Night @ CTs, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of The Good Doctor's House Call @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Now where were we?  Oh yeah, the very sexy Tina was on the exam table, bum in the air, skirt hiked up, and getting it doggie style by a guy who looked like Super Dave Osbourne (complete with truckers cap and determined motions).
At this time, in came a regular couple at CTs by the names of Chyna and Leroy.  Chyna is a young curvy reddish-brown haired girl, and is a very bad girl.  Chyna is also very bi, and my hope was that she would introduce herself to Tina and bust out her "bi" side for something different.

Luck was shining on us in the crowd, because Chyna indeed introduced herself to Tina.  And by "introduce", I mean leaned over and open mouthed kissed and made out.  Out of all the hard core fucking, and sucking going on, this is one of two memorable scenes for me.  After their make out session, Chyna had Tina lay back on the exam table and proceeded to lick and suck Tina's wet tight pussy.  I am not sure who was enjoying it more: Tina, Chyna, or the 20 or so guys watching this spectacle.

After Chyna finished her tongue bath of Tina, "memorable moment #2" took place.  Tina spun around to put her lovely bum back in the air while on the exam table, and in a sweet yet slutty voice said "Come on boys"... Leroy was next up, and proceeded to fuck Tina hard.  The next 15 minutes or so were a blur, with plenty of fucking and sucking by a few guys. 

Tina was ready for a break, so up stepped Cookie, a middle aged and well perserved woman who wasn't too keen on the exam table.  She gave it the all-American try, but after 10 minutes, hopped off.  She went back to the gen pop in the back of the theater and teased the guys and her guy (a Gandalf the White look-alike).

(we cut to the Grand Finale)  Tina, as a grand finale, wanted to perform and star in a circle jerk, with a dose of Bukkake thrown in for good measure.  Well, John brought out her towel, put it on the floor, and the circle jerk started. 
By my count, Tina took 9 loads of cum all over her sweet, sexy, and now sticky face.  This reminded me of a similiar scene I witnessed at The Jefferson Theater in Portland my first trip there.  That time, it was "Slave Girl" who was the evil temptress. 

After doing a great impression of a glazed Krisy Kreme, Tina was done for the night... She is an all-star, ladies and gentlemen.  5 Stars!!!

After Tina's wrap up, I headed back to the Lizardo 3000 for the Long drive back to The Valley.  It was another great night at CTs.

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Important Update on CVE in Gastonia, NC from Alex and Lauren

Doc here with an important article from Alex (from Alex and Lauren fame) about what is currently going on at CVE in Gastonia, NC.  What Alex has to say is important, and it may mirror what is going on in different parts of the country as we speak.  As much as we like to have fun here at The Journal, please keep in mind that "this thing of our's" is an endangered species in many (if not most) parts of the USA and Canada.  The story Alex weaves for us is a cautionary tale.  Alex, you have the floor:

Hello Good Doctor,

Yes, indeed, we are still alive and kicking. A bit overworked lately which, sadly, has cut into play time and has left even less opportunity to write about the times we do get out for a bit. Enough whining.

Things have been interesting at CVE lately, but for all the wrong reasons. I have written a bit about it on our site (http://1playfulcouple.com/), including my take on the whole thing. There are a couple of things that have put CVE on the radar of public observation.

First, a couple was asked to leave the place one night in December. You know a couple has to be way out of line before management is going to ask them to leave. Couples bring in the masses, after all. This particular couple had already had a run in or two with the management, which is very relaxed, and that particular night they (apparently) made some bad decisions. Things turned ugly pretty quickly so they were told not to return. He took his case to the internet, posting all kinds of innuendo, accusation, rumor and scandal about the place, threatening to have every cop and city official running through the place in no time. You know the internet. One rant starts an avalanche. For the past 6 months he, or those in his corner, continue to post some pretty wild accusations and "facts". There have been numerous reports of raids and arrests. One of them supposedly happened while Lauren and I were there. The end result is that many people, particularly couples, have read all this nonsense and are afraid to return.

I chatted with the owner of the place the other day. Other than being frustrated with a guy who has access to the web, he is not particularly concerned. City officials have inspected his place, law enforcement is aware of the business ( he has been in the Adult Entertainment business in Gastonia for years) and there does not seem to be any sort of pressure from the city to do anything.

The other issue stems from another adult bookstore in town that has been forced to close due to a zoning ordinance, which stated that an adult business could not operate within so many feet of a residence, a church, etc. When the ordinance was put into effect in 1994, businesses had eight years to comply. The owner of the business challenged the ordinance. After 16 years, he has lost the final battle and has to close his place at the end of this month. He is not going quietly. He posted a rant on his store's website saying that if he has to go, his competition should have to leave, too. Although they are in compliance with the zoning rules, he claims that they violate a "one use" ordinance, which states that only one kind of adult business can operate under one roof. His complaint found its way to the local paper.

As I said, I chatted with the owner and the zoning people were out not long ago to look at CVE. Apparently they come through from time to time. They seem to have no issue with how the business is set up.

This is a long, dry tome with no exposed tits or throbbing hardons, I realize. But for "One of America's most trusted authorities on the current state of adult theaters", I thought you might want the details. More than that, I think these things should remind us that our "playgrounds" are often at risk these days. Adult theaters are few and far between. Only a fraction of those that are open are "couple-friendly" and many of those face pressure from politicians, preachers and the recession. Let's remember to support them. Learn the names of your city, county and state officials who have made a target of adult establishments and vote accordingly at the next election. (If you don't know their names, ask your local adult business owner. He/She will be happy to tell you!) Participate in city and county government meetings when these issues come up for public debate. And, by all means, support your local business financially.

OK, Doc. Enough of that. I promise to write something a bit more salacious next time. If you deem this worthy of your readership, so be it. If not, I feel better just getting it off my chest! I suppose a few minutes with the Doctor is supposed to have that effect, right?

Doc here again... Excellent advice from someone who is an expert in "this thing of our's".  My advice is to re-read it again later, as it's outstanding food for thought.

Also make sure you check out Alex and Lauren's site at http://1playfulcouple.com/

House Call! Saturday Night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN - Part 1

Doc here with a House Call report from CTs Adult Theater and Bookstore in Gary, IN.

CTs is located by the Gary International Airport in a heavy industrial section of the city.  It defines the term "stand alone", since there isn't another structure outside of the airport itself for at least 1/2 mile.  The parking lot is huge (several tractor trailers would have no problem parking there), and pretty well lit.  The address is 4620 Industrial Hwy, Gary, IN.

I would not be out of line in telling you that CTs is probably the most hardcore adult theater in the country right now.  It was the scene of Robin's marathon gang bang of last year, attaining a number that probably will never be broken.  CTs transformed from a strip club (CTs is an acronym for "Club Topps", the former strip clubs name), to an adult theater/bookstore in the mid-2000's.  The owner, Pete, is an awesome guy who works very hard at recruiting couples and at times single women to journey to Gary.  By the way, he is very successful at it.
It is not unusual to have couples from way out of town visit CTs, especially during the weekends.  It also helps that there is a large nudist colony due south of Gary in Lake Village, IN.  It's not unusual to see a few slightly sunburned folks romping in the friendly confines of CTs theater. 

OK, enough background info.  The Good Doctor, fresh from a week on The Isle of Stugots, was ready to take pen in hand and report from the field.  He was also ready to try out his new toy, a fresh Twitter account.  I have wanted to live blog from a theater since the start of The Journal, but the right tool would need some research before trying it out.  I settled on Twitter because of the ease of remote tweeting, despite the 140 character limit. 

I eyed CTs as a good place to start, since it is only a 90 minute drive in the Lizardo 3000 from The Valley.  But honestly, the big reason for the tweeting event was a publicized return of one of the hottest adult theater women I have ever run across: Tina.  Tina and her guy John were one of the first regular couples that would visit CTs when it opened as a theater.  Regular was maybe once a month, sometimes days, sometimes evenings.  The visits became irregular a couple of years back, and for the last 18 months, nothing. 

So when The Good Doctor read that Tina and John would be making a return to the hallowed halls of CTs, I made arrangements for my Saturday coverage duties at The Practice, so I could be free Saturday night...For Tina, and for Tweeting. (an archive of the Tweeting Event can be found at https://twitter.com/LizardoJournal).

A brief description of Tina: Italian, long dark curly/wavy hair, very Marissa Tomei-like.  Voluptuous body, sexy eyes, nice natural boobs, and a great bottom. But what puts Tina in my Top 5 All-Time Theater Girls is her attitude.  This girl enjoys every second of the hardcore fucking and sucking she can get, and her sexual appetite is voracious.  The other part that is important is that her guy John directs the action and controls the crowd picture-perfectly.  Hubbys and boyfriends could take a lesson from him.  A perfect compliment to each other.

At 7:30 Saturday night, Pete (the owner) put out the bat-signal that Tina was in the house until 10PM. The Good Doctor arrived at 8:15PM (bad traffic as it is getting out of The Valley) to find a lot of cars in the parking lot (unusual for this early in the evening).  Upon talking with Pete, The Good Doctor was informed that Tina was "warming up" in the glory hole booths.  CTs has 4 booths, all with GHs.  I took a peak behind the wall where the booths are lined up, and the line was 5 deep. 

About 15 minutes after of the Good Doctor arriving, Tina made her way to the theater and onto the notorious exam table.  Bent over with her ass sticking high into the air, Tina took guy after guy, slamming into her very wet pussy, while taking a cock into her mouth at the same time.  She was hitting her stride.  At times she would flip over, and throw her legs onto the shoulders of the next guy while she was being drilled.  John was checking to make sure guys had the condoms in place, and Tina was busy taking loads of cum everywhere...

Good times.

I will take an intermission here, and be back later today with Part 2

Stay tuned.