Thursday, April 29, 2010

Profile: The Metro in Toronto, by Amber Aldrich

Metro Theater
677 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Doc here with a report from  north of the border by Amber Aldrich, who describes herself as an "adult theater aficionado, but I'm also a retired psychologist".  I have read her articles over the past few years, and they are something to behold.  She can offer insight to "this thing of our's" no one else can.  You may see more of her work in the future here at The Journal.

This is a repost of a response she gave a reader in a Yahoo Group about the Toronto scene.  Her reply:
My favorite theater is the Metro on Bloor St. It's a large theater, very dark inside. There's an area in the center isles near the front where the backs of a few seats have been removed, perfect for a woman to bend over. If your wife's like me she'll like the ability for hands to reach her from all angles, and there will be a non-stop lineup behind her for her pussy. Unlike a lot of adult theaters, most of the guys in the Metro are straight and are there for quickie blowjobs from the few gays that hang out there. So when a woman walks in they go nuts, especially if she heads right to the "rape stand", as we affectionately call it.

Another nice venue for you to try is a sex club on Lakeshore that has a markedly "adult theater like" atmosphere on Sunday nights. Essentially it's an adult theater without the movie and with a lot more women. Lots of large dark rooms with beds and couches in them. I like getting it totally anonymously and from behind, and there's one room in that place that's pitch black dark and has a number of couches with big cushy arms to bend over. On a typical Sunday night there will be 10-15 women there and maybe 50 guys.

If you want, let me know when you're in town and I'll guide you.

Great work Amber!  We look forward to more insight from you down the road.